Installing OpenBazaar Beta on Ubuntu (Early October 2015)

I’ve been super stoked about OpenBazaar from when I first saw video presentations in 2013 teasing about it. As a freedom lover, I’m huge into cryptocurrencies and peer to peer, decentralized software. I’ve been a long time user of eBay, and have never been happy with it or paypal. Should it deliver on it’s promises, OpenBazzar makes so much sense to me, and I’m really looking forward to selling products there.

A few months ago I had tried using OpenBazaar (v0.4 I believe?), only to set up a shop and realize my shop wasn’t being displayed on other people, and I couldn’t see any other shops. When I first ran the software, I could see shops, then a day later they all disappeared. I quickly abandoned the idea of being one of the first shops online, but that’s ok, I jumped the gun since it was advertised as a developer preview only.

It’s been awhile, and there’s a new iteration of the software being developed. I figured I’d give it a whirl and see how it’s progressed.

Given the rapid development of OpenBazzar, these instructions will probably be obsolete soon, but I thought I’d make note of the process I used to get the beta version, in case I want to do it again soon or someone else needs some clues on how to install it themselves. The commits I used were and Note I didn’t specifically choose these commits. At the time, on or around October 5th 2015, I just did git clone , fetching the latest version of master.

Another note. This installation process is useful for preview only. Don’t expect to get a store up and running at this point. On these versions I installed, I was unable to create an item because I couldn’t upload an image.

Now on to the install process! I’m drawing from the of the client and server.
Install some system dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev libffi-dev python-pip python-virtualenv

make a place for openbazaar

$ mkdir ~/openbazaar
$ cd ~/openbazaar

get sources

$ git clone
$ git clone

lets install the server first. lets make a virtual environment for it

$ cd OpenBazaar-Server
$ virtualenv observer

activate the virtual env

$ source observer/bin/activate

install python dependencies. this will take awhile

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

there is a missing dependency in the above requirements.txt, so install that too

$ pip install pylint

if those dependencies install without error, go ahead and compile. this will take a LONG time.

$ make

for me, compiling took about 2 hours. you may get an error such as

FAIL: Detected 1603 files with errors.
make: *** [pycheck] Error 1

I think this should be ok, as pycheck is a code quality review tool, and it’s success is not required for OB to run. Go ahead and start OpenBazaar now

$ python start

you should see server output similar to the following

________                      __________
\_____  \ ______   ____   ____\______   \_____  _____________  _____ _______
 /   |   \\____ \_/ __ \ /    \|    |  _/\__  \ \___   /\__  \ \__  \\_  __ \
/    |    \  |_> >  ___/|   |  \    |   \ / __ \_/    /  / __ \_/ __ \|  | \/
\_______  /   __/ \___  >___|  /______  /(____  /_____ \(____  (____  /__|
        \/|__|        \/     \/       \/      \/      \/     \/     \/

OpenBazaar Server v0.1 starting...
Generating GUID, stand by...
2015-10-07 09:16:07-0700 [-] Log opened.
2015-10-07 09:16:07-0700 [-] Finding NAT Type..
2015-10-07 09:16:15-0700 [-] Restric NAT on
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [Server] [INFO] Https response from 200, OK
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [Server] [WARNING] No known neighbors, so not writing to cache.
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] OpenBazaarProtocol starting on xxxx
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Starting protocol <wireprotocol.OpenBazaarProtocol object at 0xb6285f2c>
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] WSFactory starting on 18466
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Starting factory < object at 0xb6288e6c>
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Site starting on 9000
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Starting factory <twisted.web.server.Site instance at 0xb62726ec>
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Site starting on 18469
2015-10-07 09:16:16-0700 [-] Starting factory <twisted.web.server.Site instance at 0xb6272e8c>

now that the server is running, switch over to the client directory

$ cd ~/openbazaar/OpenBazaar-Client

install dependencies and start the client

$ npm install
$ npm start

The openbazaar client will run and display on your screen. Enjoy the preview of OpenBazaar!

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