#Jamuary2020 Jam 24

VOCALOID 4 LYFE! This one was pretty time consuming to make. Mad props to all the VOCALOID producers out there who tune VOCALOIDS and make them sound fantastic. I takes a lot of time and dedication to make the vocals sound phonetically correct and good. I didn’t quite get there.

The lyrics are based on fanfiction. Vocaloid pairings amusement park style! XD Lol. by twistedrockstar

Creative Commons Zero (public domain, No Rights Reserved)


[Verse 1]
KAITO: Are you sure it's safe?
Miku: Yes of course it is safe.
KAITO: What if the carriage breaks?
Miku: It's just a big wheel, made from hardened steel.

[Chorus 1]
Waiting for the ferris wheel how
(Thrilled|scared) to ride the ferris wheel now
See the smiling rider's faces
(We are going to see the places|Hope I am in god's good graces)

[Postchorus 1]
Miku: Give me your hand, it's our turn!
KAITO: We're going to die!

[Verse 2]
KAITO: We are getting locked in
Miku: This is going to be so fun!
KAITO: Just one fall and we are done.
Miku: Quit thinking of death and dying!

[Chorus 2]
Up and down the ferris wheel wow
(smooth and breezy up so high now|will we live to tell the tale now)
cycling round the ferris wheel how
(alive|alarmed) I am to be here now.

Miku: we're almost to the top! I think we're slowing down!
KAITO: I am freaking out, I don't want to be here!
Miku: Kaito, stop being a baby! We won't be up here for long!
KAITO: How do you know? The ride could be broken for all we know!

[Chorus 3]
Up atop the ferris wheel wow
(see the city sights up high now|I feel trapped I cannot breath now)
back and forth our carriage rocks and
(kaito's|i am) frozen in (his|my) seat.

[Verse 3]
KAITO: That's it we are dead.
Miku: Did you even hear what I just said?
KAITO: Dying from a fall I've always dread.
Miku: Kaito... *Chu*. I love you.

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