#Jamuary2020 Recap

Jamuary is a month-long challenge created by TrueCuckoo. I took part in Jamuary this year, and commited to create one music jam for every day of the month.

I learned a lot from Jamuary. I learned more about song structure, chord progression, vocoders and VOCALOID. I made some tracks that I’m very proud of, some of which I think are the best I’ve ever made. 27 is my favorite!

Jamuary wasn’t easy. There were days I didn’t feel like sitting down and investing the time into producing a track. Some days I copped out and tweaked an old track and released that instead of creating something new.

I learned that my mood can affect the outcome of a track. When I was feeling sad, I would prefer minor chords. When I was happy, I would prefer major chords. Day 18 was an especially bad day. I poured my anger and frustration into the music, and I think that feeling is preserved quite well.

I hope you enjoy this music!

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