Linux Laptops

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Years ago it used to be that installing Linux on a laptop was a manufacturer unsupported thing that only hackers do. Nowadays, there are dozens of system manufacturers emerging that treat Linux as a first-class citzen and ship the machine pre-installed with a variety of LInux distros. Here is my list of Linux Laptops that I’m aware of.


A promising new contender into the linux hardware space


Custom laptops shipped with Pop_OS!

I bought a Bonobo WS in 2018 and I’ve enjoyed just about everything but the HiDPI display

Ministry of Freedom

100% Free Software, including drivers (e.g. WiFi) and applications. Libreboot BIOS replacement and Trisquel GNU+Linux operating system pre-installed, endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. Profits fund Libreboot, lead by Leah Rowe who also operates Minifree. Other GNU+Linux distributions are also compatible.

Purism Librem

Linux notebook with an unmatched emphasis on personal privacy


Budget friendly ARM laptops


This is an incomplete list of every current-gen linux laptop out there, but it’s a good start. I will be updating it as I learn of more laptop vendors in this space. Feel free to let me know of other vendors that belong on this list!

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