May 16 2021


The wedding livestream… omg what a fail.

  • GoPro 1 stopped recording & streaming 5 minutes before wedding. Couldn’t get the GoPro app on my phone to re-find the
  • Gopro. Decided to just record instead of stream from that camera.
  • Gopro 2 video recording & streaming stopped 5 minutes into the ceremony.
  • Groom’s mic was intermittent, cutting in and out. The only good audio I heard from his mic was, “this confetti is going to take awhile to get off”
  • Bride’s mic either got turned off or the signal was too poor and just disconnected.
  • 1 of 2 phone hotspots disconnected repeatedly
  • Something about OBS added a bunch of unfamiliar audio output devices to my system sound… I couldn’t figure out how to hear anything via my monitoring headphones for the entire duration.
  • There was no live video or audio for 95% of the livestream. It was mostly a 44 minute silent slideshow of the bride & groom.

So yeah… I think there were too many people in the audience with WiFi hotspots enabled on their phone. Complete saturation of the spectrum to the point where the gopros couldn’t stream video.

Also there’s this stoopid caveat to the GoPro app. In streaming mode, it’s one phone per one gopro. So that means that I had to borrow my cousin’s phone to press the start stream button on one gopro, while my phone pressed the start stream button.

I bought some $10 software which supposedly works on 32 bit RPi which pairs with multiple GoPro cameras and can start the stream simultaneously on all… but it was so flaky and unreliable at connecting to the cameras that I couldn’t use it.

I was super disappointed in myself because I did so much prep work but didn’t test enough. I did get a decent video put together in post, though.

Lessons learned… Gopro has great video and great features but wifi streaming near a crowd is not good. If I ever do a livestream near a crowd again, it’s going to be hard wired video. Also gopro’s app sucks for my rtsp use case LUL.

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