Microsoft MapPoint 2011 on Windows 7 Professional

At work we run vehicle tracking software from Kenwood called KAS-10. KAS-10 connects to our Kenwood radio system and receives position reports from mobile radios. KAS-10 has a dependency of Microsoft MapPoint, but not just any version of MapPoint, it needs MapPoint 2011.

Under Windows XP, MapPoint 2011 installs without a hitch. Most business workstations today though have Windows 7 or higher, and MapPoint 2011 is compatible but getting it installed caused some headaches for me.

Here are some problems you may run into:


One of the prerequisite components failed to install. Setup will now exit.

This error is irrelevant for Windows 7 because all the prerequisite components are already available on windows 7. The problem here is that the wizard wasn’t made for windows 7 and doesn’t recognize the newer versions of the prerequisites that are bundled with windows 7.


Run the MapPoint installer without running Setup.exe. Setup.exe is the wizard which handles prerequsites, then calls the MapPoint installer if prerequisites are satisfied. We can simply bypass the prerequisite checks by running data.msi located in D:\MapPoint\MSMap where D is your DVD drive letter. Make sure to run data.msi as an administrator


“A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer support for more assistance. Error 0x80070005”


Did you run data.msi as administrator? If you did and you still get this error, the work around is to call data.msi from command prompt with administrator privileges. If you don’t know how to do that, here’s how:

  1. Right click on command prompt (cmd) under Start > All Programs > Command Prompt and click “Run as Administrator”… Once again, it is imperative that you run as an administrator!
  2. In command prompt, switch to your DVD drive by typing in D: where D is the drive letter of the DVD drive with the MapPoint disk.
  3. Change directory to MapPoint\MSMap by typing in cd MapPoint\MSMap
  4. Execute data.msi simply by typing data.msi
  5. Click through the MapPoint installer and click “Repair” when given the option. Wait for MapPoint to completely install.
Be sure to run cmd as an administrator
Execute data.msi

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