Mon Apr 6 2020

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I got an offer for this shitty electronic drum set.

My shipping fee was way too low. I had it set at $12. Luckily someone sent an offer rather than buying it outright. This gave me a chance to package it up and determine exactly how much it will cost to send. $34.44 is what it’ll cost me. I lowered the asking price from $9 to $4.42 with a $3 minimum. I doubt this will sell because it’s damaged, but I’ll keep it online until the end of April when my 50,000 free listings expire. I’m going to do a mass pruning at the end of April. I put a reminder to myself on my calendar.

I slept for about 12 hours today. I wasn’t very comfortable in my bed. I shouldn’t even say bed, I don’t have a bed. I wasn’t comfortable on my camp pad. Maybe I should blow some more air into it.

I was all sweaty. My bedding was all damp. I should have washed my blankets yesterday, but I only washed clothes.

I could use some bed sheets. I haven’t had bed sheets for many years, and now I’m missing them. Bed sheets are so much easier to wash than blankets are.

There, I added some bed sheets to my amazon wish list. I have family members who have this list bookmarked, they’ll eventually see that I want bedsheets! Bedsheets are one of those things that is really hard for me to buy for myself. If I’ve got money to spend, I want fun stuff! Trading cards and snacks! LOL.

My birthday is coming up. I already know one of the thing’s I’m getting, because my sister A. asked me what I wanted from my wishlist. I told her what I wanted most and later while I was editing my wishlist, I think Amazon spoiled the surprise with a message saying that the item I was looking at was not showing me the full details because it might have been purchased. So I think I know what I’m getting, a lapel microphone which I’m going to use for my gaming/Discord voice chats.

Speaking of Discord, Nerds United is hosting a TableTopSimulator meetup this Saturday, to make up for our loss of in-person gaming meetups due to SARS2! We’ve had a back and forth conversation about purchasing a 4 pack of TableTopSimulator, and the conversation seems to have come to a standstill. Should I just go ahead and purchase the 4 pack?

I’m trying to be patient and exercise teamwork. Perhaps I will @ all the people planning to buy a copy of the 4 pack, and let them know I am purchasing a 4 pack unless they have an objection.

I re-read the text conversation. I think my verbage suggests that I was going to buy a 4-pack if people were interested. There are 3 people interested so I think I’m just going to buy it and work with the copies that I end up with, dispensing them to the people who pay me $8.11. If I have extras, I can sell them on G2A. If I don’t have extras, I’ve made a good chunk of my money back, and I got a discount on the game that I need to stay connected to my group of nerds!

That’s the only way I can justify this purchase. I’m in the financial hole so deep that I couldn’t pay full price for the game. I couldn’t buy it if it were just for me. I’m using the social contact thing as the excuse here.

I just bought the 4-pack. I saved $0.35 due to having some steam credit.

Hopefully I don’t throw a monkeywrench in anyone’s plans by purchasing the 4-pack. I figure I can always undo it with a refund, or sell any extra copies. I don’t anticipate any issues, I just didn’t want to be stuck in a state where nobody wanted to go ahead and make the purchase. I think that’s where we were at.

I wonder if there is money to be made in steam games? Buy 4-packs of games I don’t own when they’re on sale, then flip them on G2A when the sale ends. Maybe? I dunno. The downside to the 4-packs is that I think they are specifically engineered to make this sort of thing not practical. I can’t buy a four pack if I already own the game. I can’t buy a 4-pack and give away all 4 copies; one copy is automatically redeemed.

I think the workaround to this is to maintain a number of Steam accounts. There’s some grace period for new accounts before they can start trading items. I think it’s 30 days? 15? Something like that. Then of course, there would be some difficulty with identity. I’d have to maintain multiple identities, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, because of 2 factor authentication and the measures Valve has in place to prevent one person from having two accounts.

I already have a second account. I bought it so I could multibox Squad. I had this idea to have a second account act as my driver in Squad, so I could hop in the gunner seat of a vehicle which most servers require that at least two people operate. Basically it’s an antisocial way of getting around that rule on servers. I can just chill in an APC and not worry about getting kicked by admins who enforce the 2 person crew.

I lost my password though. I don’t even remember the username of that account. I have a password database, but I think I have a copy of an old version. I don’t have my most up-to-date version which I would occasionally use before I reinstalled my OS.

That’s the annoying thing about password managers. The one built into firefox is meant for firefox passwords. I suppose I could make a custom entry for something like steam, and just keep track of my passwords in Firefox Lockwise. But it’s less than idea. So what happens is I have some passwords in Keepass, some passwords in Firefox Lockwise, and some passwords written down in a safe, and some passwords stored in text documents, and some passwords stored in my Fastmail notes. It’s a mess!

OK I found it in my Fastmail notes. I transferred it over to Keepass, since that’s my go-to place to find non-Firefox passwords.

I suppose being an internet power user at this point means to have multiple identities. My folders in keepass are a mess as well. Folders don’t mean much because I just end up searching for what I need anyway. I think what I’ll do at this point is make a folder for my new identity, and keep passwords related to that identity in that folder.

Ok then. The first thing an alternate identity needs is an e-mail account. I already had one created for my alternate Steam identity for when I created the account. It’s old enough of an account to where I think I’m good on a few of the grace periods. Things like trading should be open to me.

I wonder if the math makes sense for buying a second 4-pack of tabletop simulator with the sole intention of reselling. For this calculation, I refer to trusty website, IsThereAnyDeal?

Right now, 4-pack of Table Top Simulator is on sale for $29.99. That’s %50 off from normal. So say I get another 4-pack. That’s $32.42 after tax, which split 4 ways is $8.11. One of those copies automatically becomes bound to my alt Steam account. $32.42 remains my cost basis.

Let’s say the sale ends, and the price goes back to full. That’s $64.85 after tax for a 4 pack.

When the sale ends, would I be able to make a 30% margin on my cost basis? I would need $42.15 to make a 30% margin. That would mean I would need to make $14.05 per game. I’d have to figure out what G2A charges per transaction, and make sure my cost was high enough to cover the G2A fee.

Potential risks are that my alt Steam account could get banned for violating ToS. I could minimize this risk by occasionally using the account for personal use, thus ensuring that Valve doesn’t ban a good customer.

I could get scammed via G2A, for a buyer saying they didn’t get their item or some shit like that. I think I would need to charge a little extra to cover this sort of fraud which is bound to happen eventually if I enter this selling arena.

I’m hungry. I’m reheating yesterday’s vegetable curry leftovers. I made a really amazing batch of curry yesterday. I figure that the coconut milk I got from URM is a little leaner than the canned stuff I normally use, so I added some vegetable oil to make up for the lack of fat. I also added about double the black pepper as I usually use, and I put in a while sliced cucumber. Finally, I really toned down the spices, using just a sprinkle compared to what I normally mix in. What a fantastic result! It’s a flavor that I would like to capture and put down on paper, because this batch is a treat worth sharing!

So that app idea I had for studying japanese via daily e-mails… It totally exists already! Japanesepod101. Yesterday I learned 前菜 (ぜんさい)(zensai) which means appetizer. This word was just in my inbox, along with a challenge to discover what it meant! Very appreciated, this e-mail!

In today’s e-mail, I’m challenged to learn how to say the 19 most common daily routines in Japanese! Very cool.

Just ate food and found the best hentai of the year, in which Hatsune Miku starts off the video with a roundhouse kick to my face! Then once I’m down, she repeatedly stomps on my face and smothers me with her pussy. Just 10/10, very creative and different and exciting! Also Miku’s butt is so perfect that it doesn’t have an asshole! LOL, how fitting for my queen!

Ok anyway, I’m at a point in my day where I gotta figure out something productive to do. I actually got all my recent card acquisitions listed on eBay! I’m almost out of things to list. My dad gave me some HAM radio equipment that I can sell, or I can bust out my Hatsune Miku Weiss Schwarz card collection. I’m holding out on that, because I really like that collection.

I think today I will do some coding. I have two ideas for projects which can really help people out. The first is a userscript or Firefox addon which will allow me to be on my eBay sales page and quickly print a label from Basically it will scrape the buyer’s physical address and e-mail address and make a POST request to lettertrackpro with that information.

The other idea is a Tabletop Simulator Weiss Schwarz deck exporter for Basically players can use a Steam Workshop mod which creates an environment for Weiss Schwarz. There’s a deck creator program which players can use by downloading individual card images and adding them to the editor. That’s a terribly inefficient way to make a deck for the workshop mod! So my idea is to create a website which will scrape a deck made in, and export that deck into a format which the Weiss Schwarz workshop mod will accept. This means that it’s super easy to create a deck, and there isn’t any fidding around with the jenky looking deck creator!

So back to power users and multiple identities… I think I need some burner phones! One per identity. I have been looking for a VoIP provider which I can use as my first number. Burnerapp isn’t it, because they require logging in with an existing phone number. Right now, I think my best bet would be to use Twilio. It’s a good way to get a number, but what is missing is a good user interface for sending and receiving text messages using those numbers. Maybe freePBX has something to that end? More research is required!

39. My life is filled with possibility.
40. I refuse to be pushed by my problems; I will be led by my dreams.
41. I am awake and ready to be awesome.

I’m grateful for Taco Bell. I haven’t had Taco Bell for a number of months now, but I did have some Taco Bell branded refried beans a few days ago which were very excellent! Taco Bell has a wide menu and near infinite customization. It is for this reason that eating out as a vegan is very easy, as long as there is a Taco Bell nearby! Taco Bell went out of their way to get their ingredients Vegan certified! Things like tortillas and refried beans.

My go-to items at Taco Bell are fresco style Bean Burritos, and Fresco Crunchwrap supremes, substituting the beef for black beans. Very excellent eating indeed!

I’m grateful for, because I appreciate top-tier hentai featuring the love of my life, Hatsune Miku! I assume that the cost of operating an R18 site like that using Drupal comes at a large monetary cost. It’s very surprising that they chose to use Drupal, rather than creating something more performant from scratch. Regardless, I appreciate that there is an owner and a community dedicated to keeping the site running, and I hope to see it run for many years to come!

I’m grateful for, because I benefit from and am entertained by the content listed in their archive. That website operates as the internet’s public archive of anime. Props to that owner and the community supporting it, because their library deserves to last for a hundred millennia!

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