Mon Dec 14 2020

Watching Projektmelody, Nyanners, and Ironmouse play a firefighting simulator. They did not do well. Mel died like 3 times.

They spent a lot of time trying to put out the fire, but I don’t think any of them know the proper technique for putting out flames. LOL.

They struggled for like an hour to put out a singe fire. Then they got a random person to join their game and the rando clocked the fire in a minute thirty.

Aim at the base and make a sweeping motion with the water! I guess I have a leg up on them because I was in boyscouts. Boy scouts taught me a whole ton of useful shit.

I missed Melody’s chaturbate stream today! Fuck! There are not usually vods… I think there’s someone who managers Melody’s pornhub and it only occasionally gets videos recorded from Chaturbate. And whoever is recording the videos doesn’t know about youtube-dl. Instead, they’re just using a screen recorder and sometimes they record the video buffering and their subsequent adjustment of the video quality. The cursor is visible and everything! It’s so jankey and I could do way better.

I would record the stream on my VPS using youtube-dl. I’d end up with the highest quality video available, perfect for uploading onto PornHub.

Hire me, ProjektMelody! I’ll manage your PH channel!

I would love to take a job like that. Recording and uploading videos I care about, staying on top of the schedule and being persistent, giving me a valid excuse to buy faster internet… That is a PERFECT side job.

I’d tweak my recording script so I wouldn’t miss a stream. I missed today’s stream because my recording script simply wasn’t running.

I’d also get a dedicated server for making the recordings. Right now I’m just piggybacking on my wordpress server, which bogs down my blog’s performance while recording is happening.

I’d also use a systemd script to have the voddo recording script run 24/7. Right now I’m just running voddo in a screen session, which is less than ideal and vulnerable to a system restart.

Well heck, maybe the way to get an archival job like I’m dreaming of is to just actually do the work. Implement the systemd thing. Make the recordings.

Then in like 6 months, I could DM Melody or something. IDK if that would be welcome… It would be best if I could get in her Discord server, but it takes a patreon pledge for that, and I don’t have a budget for that…

Hmm. Idk. Maybe it’s not something that’s even wanted. Maybe Melody likes that her Chaturbate streams aren’t archived… Fuck, IDK!

Well, I would like to make an archive for myself, regardless.

Oh shit, here’s an idea. Guerrilla archival method!

  • record all chaturbate streams
  • record stream statistics like # of times Mel coomed
  • publish all videos to a super simple static HTML website with a RSS feed & twitter feed
  • add contact info to the website with the disclaimer, “hire me, Mel!”

Fuck, I like that! Mel will 100% find a super reliable website like that, because her community will find it and let her know.


I bet I could do it without renting another VPS. I could do it on the cheap just using the VPS I already have. It runs voddo 24/7, records the streams, and automatically generates a static html website with the video links and RSS feed. Then it adds the site to IPFS and pays for hosting using Filecoin.

Heck, I could teach people about Filecoin/IPFS and ProjektMelody at the same time!

I’d have to encourage pinning somehow. There’s no way I could afford to pay for the traffic that would definitely be generated. That is, unless hosting on Filecoin is significantly less expensive than something like S3.

I want to make it right now! I can’t though. I really can’t. I have so many hundreds of unfinished projects, and the precise reason for that is because I don’t focus on project release. I get to a certain point in my projects, then it gets tough to continue and I switch to something new and exciting.

Successful people release their work! Even if version 1 sucks, they still release. Modern software is a living product, and gets better over time.

I have a more pressing project. It’s sbtp-loyalty, the project I’ve been talking about and working on for… 6+ months? That’s an estimate. I don’t care to search for the earliest mention of sbtp-loyalty right now….

No wait, maybe I do.

Jun 24 2020 seems to be my first mention of the project. In 10 days it’ll be 6 months.

Well I’ve stuck with it this long, that’s a real great thing!

But yeah, I brought up sbtp-loyalty because I am hoping to have an initial release by the 1st of the year. That’s the milestone goal that I put in my project management notes.

The launch of the product. To launch means that I can send out voucher redemption codes with orders and customers can use the core features without assistance from me.

I’m probably not going to have those features by the 1st. At my current velocity rate, I think the 1st is going to be just a card database, and that’s okay. A release is a release!

I’d rather have steady releases of small patches, rather than huge releases with a massive dump of features.

Heck, maybe I would benefit from a release schedule? Maybe every 2 weeks I make a release? Doesn’t matter if it’s just a color scheme tweak, but it would be really good to get on a schedule and make it habit.

Oooh, would I make a public changelog? That would be pretty kickass. I’ve always wanted a project which had a changelog!

I think I would need to get smarter about my git commits. I would want the changelog to be autogenerated from commits, to save time and avoid data entry duplication.

Melody and Ironmouse quit streaming. IDK if Nyanners did as well, I don’t really follow her like I do the other girls. That was a fun stream.

Well today’s journal entry is kinda just the boring log-type. I’m basically writing what I’m doing today, and not getting into emotions or anything. I suppose that’s okay every now and again.

I did a lot of emotional work yesterday. Today I’m not feeling burdened by my negative thoughts like I was yesterday.

I slept a lot today. Didn’t eat until after 4PM.

I spent a lot of time making a deal with a customer this morning. A KAITO card collector bought $30 worth of cards, and they kept bringing up prices. I was doing custom listings over and over for them and it was taking a lot of time. They kept coming back later and adding more cards and it was getting frustrating. They kept bringing up prices and making comparisons to Amazon. I ended up dropping their order total by 30% and I wish I hadn’t, because it became obvious that they were determined to spend $30 so they just kept adding more cards after I gave them a discount.

I’m torn on whether or not I should be making custom listings for people. The reason this customer wanted a custom listing was so they could pay less than a dollar per card. As it stands, 1 card listing on eBay can sell for a minimum of $0.99. So they wanted two or three cards per listing and then they wanted to pay $1.75 for those three.

It makes sense for them, but for me, $1.75 for that listing is a huge waste of time. I end up making less than a dollar per hour with jobs like that.

I don’t think it’s something I should be doing. I think in the future, I will make suggestions to customers to make offers on individual listings. If they make a bunch of offers, I’d consider $1 per card. Otherwise, I think I’ll wait for the future when the card value goes up, or a collector who appreciates their time more than their money and will just pay full price.

Honestly I was going above and beyond so I could get their future business. This seemed to be a new customer, and I wanted to be sure that they were happy shopping with me.

I’m also thinking that maybe I’m complaining about something that is necessary to be successful in sales. It might be that these inconveniences and time drains are actually really good. Maybe it’s these types of deals which on a consistent basis are what will take me to the next level of income. Maybe this service-focused approach is the key to providing more value for people, and pulling myself out of poverty.

I’m definitely torn in how I should be going about this. I’m going to get about $25 for this customer (gross, not net) and I’m not sure if the 4-5 hours I seemed to have spent on this entire process is sustainable.

Actually I’m sure it’s not.

I think I need to lean on eBay a little more. I think that I’m going to have to set absolute minimums for myself.

  • $5 absolute minimum order
  • $1 absolute minimum per card
  • $25 absolute minimum for custom orders

So I guess I’m in the clear on 2 of those 3. The $1 minimum per card might actually be a bad approach, as well. I’ll have to think about this some more.

For now, I’m wrappin’ this up so I can go poop or fap or something

Affy & gratty

23. I deserve a living wage.

(living wage was $15 per hour, last time I checked.)

78. I am stronger than my worries.
77. My body knows how to get better; I will listen to it and rest when needed.

I’m grateful for my customers who purchase my products and leave me positive reviews.

I’m grateful for the internet which has been a great platform to operate from.

I’m grateful for family gatherings where I can see my siblings and find out how they’re doing.


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