Mon Dec 21 2020

10:42 AM. I’ve been up since 3AM. Last night was a nice family dinner and board games. I must not have ate enough, and I got a headache last night.

Actually I’m pretty sure it’s because sugar seemed to be the main ingredient in most of dinner LOL. That’s my fault… I helped myself to 3 GF+Vegan cookies to start out. I got an upset stomach from that, then I had a huge amount of carrots. I don’t eat carrots often and I think root vegetables are harder to digest than other things.

Potatos and vegan ranch, steam vegetables, edamame. Not nearly enough as I would have liked to eat, but I didn’t want to eat much because I didn’t want to crash.

I didn’t feel anxious though. That was a good thing.

I ate breakfast this morning. Handfuls of pistachio nuts, a spoonful of peanut butter, a cup of oatmeal, a cup of hempmilk, and a handful of raisins.

I’m feeling tired. Tired enough to want to sit in front of the computer and work on easy stuff or browse feeds, but not tired enough to take a nap.

I shipped and packed a sticker that I sold via eBay. My first sticker sale! I’m stoked about that. I also shipped a K-ON trading card.

I walked for 45 minutes, then I had a therapy call at 9. It’s pretty wet outside so I’m probably not going to make a grocery store trip today. I’ll be going to the grocery store on Thursday with my sister to help shop for dinner supplies, so I hope to squeeze in some personal grocery shopping as well. We’re going to an asian market in Spokane, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve got a Christmas video project. It started out easy, because only 2 people made the deadline. But now there’s a bunch of late submissions that I’m going to have to work into the production and it’s a major inconvenience and why am I complaining when this was my idea and something that I wanted to do???1!!!

Whatevs, man. You don’t, like, understand me, man.

I’m feeling really anxious. I think it’s because I’m sleepy. I am definitely going to take a nap at some point today.

I was thinking about taking this whole week off of eBay work. Oh BTW, I just made Top Rated Plus on eBay, as expected. I am thinking of taking the week off of listing cards, but I’ll still process whatever orders come in.

It will be interesting to see if TRP will give me a boost in sales.

I made a forum post this morning on the Heaps Engine community forum. I’m looking for suggestions on how to go about coding the tank rotation behavior that I’m looking for.

I learned a bit about bone rigging and animations in Blender this morning. I made this example render to demonstrate how I want the rotation behavior to appear in-game. The turret should turn to point towards a different azimuth, and the cannon should turn with it. Then the cannon should be able to point upwards. Y’know, like a tank.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Blender has the TexDraw brush which lets me draw directly on the 3D model. Years ago, this would be a premium plugin that creators would have to buy and integrate with their 3D modling software… Now, Blender just gives it away for free.

Blender is pretty incredible! I’m super blessed.

A view of my game… so far.

Here’s another screenshot I intended to put on the forum post, but the forum disallowed me from posting. Apparently new users can only post one image. I made that video render for the forum post, but that was blocked as well– A youtube video embed apparently counts as an image.

It’s funny how Blender’s default shader looks way more stunning than what the game engine’s default shader looks like. I’ll have to tweak that over time, LOL!

I added some bones to my tank. Rotating the bones and recording their motion with keyframes is how I got that above test render. IDK why it turned out red, though! My assumption is that it’s a blender thing. Kinda like pink, maybe red means that there’s a missing texture? Undefined texture, perhaps?

Super stoked. Lots of good projects going on. The trick to managing them all is to… Allocate the time allotments, and stick to a schedule.

Also taking care of myself and getting good sleeeeeeep. Time to go do that, some more!

Aaaand I slept the day away :laughing: 4:33PM. Ironmouse and Melody are both streaming!

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