Mon Feb 3 2020

I’m writing in my new mini composition book today. I’m at the grocery store picking up groceries. I’m late! I was supposed to be here at 2 but I only just arrived at 3. I feel bad even though it’s probably not a big deal. It’s cold! There are a bunch of other cars waiting to pickup as well. This is why they recommend showing up at the middle of the time slot!

4 or 5 shipments going out today. Most are first class parcels, but I do have one Priority Mail and one FedEx home delivery. 1 package is a slow stick RC airplane that I sold for $23 plus $12 shipping. I think I might have entered the wrong length measurement for the box. I think I’m just second guessing myself. Shipping cost is $10 so that’s an extra 2$ profit! Assuming I entered the shipment size correctly, of course!

I got my groceries then went to FedEx Kinko’s and dropped off the package. I never know what the policy is on dropoffs. I don’t need a receipt so I want to just set the package down on the counter and walk away, but I don’t know if that’s kosher at this location. Apparently it is because that’s what the woman behind the counter instructed me to do, once I told her that I didn’t need a receipt. She was with another customer but let me know I could do that and I wouldn’t have to wait.

I think I’ll just do that in the future. Drop off and walk.

The woman behind the counter probably played World of Warcraft. Her makeup was very stunning. Glowing pale skin. Black lipstick. Black eye shadow. Stunning looks and I’m just going to go ahead and assume that she plays video games and orders guys around LOL.

There might be some sort of unexplored fantasy there, but I’m not about to explore it now.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. My couch is terribly uncomfortable. It’s not a car seat but I have the desire to call out it’s lack of lumbar support. My back has been hurting for the past week or so, and I think it’s because of my terrible couch which I’ve been sleeping on. I think it’s time I bite the bullet and spend $20 on a foam camp pad or something.

I am getting nervous about finances. I think I might need to up my eBay activities. Actually I’m sure of it. my expensive junk is running out, so I’m getting down to cheap junk that I have available to sell. I’ll need to get some more mid-range junk and flip ’em on a regular basis if this work/lifestyle is going to turn a profit. I think I’ll make a strong push this evening to list what I have left, and tomorrow I’ll be ready to make some acquisitions.

I don’t think I can list everything I have left in one day.

I’m making excuses. Of course I can list everything I have left in one day! It is just a matter of time. How many hours will it need to list it all? I’d say 8 hours. I have 8 hours in a day. I have a lot more than 8 in a day.

I feel really terrible today. Tired. Drained. I think I might take my exercise cheat day today and tomorrow. I really feel like resting and refueling today, not going out and exercising. I woke up at 2PM today, what a crazy schedule drift I’m seeing.

It’s all due to my damn bed! Or rather, lack of bed! I don’t regret tossing out my old mattress because it was worn out, but I do regret not getting a replacement. I’m hesitant to order up a replacement because it’s going to be a chunk of change that I don’t have. Should I really go into debt so I can have a bed?

Probably. Seeing as how it’s effecting my every day ability to function, I think going into debt for this bed is a positive thing. Sleep is when my body heals itself, rests and rejuvenates itself. If I’m waking up and ready to immediately go back to sleep, I think it’s pretty obvious that something is wrong with the sleep I am getting.

My couch compresses my spine. My couch strains my muscles. My couch does not give me a good night’s rest. I’m insane that I keep using it every night to sleep on. I could get cancer or get sick or some shit because my body isn’t able to fight off pathogens.

I’m not about to pay full price, though. I can’t even afford groceries but I buy them anyway.

It’s obvious I need to step up my game. More time needs to go into eBay so I can have money to spend on the things I NEED. A bed is not a want. A bed is a need. Without good rest, I cannot maintain my schedule, I cannot maintain my health, I cannot maintain my work routine, and I cannot maintain my income. I’m asking for a lot of trouble by not ensuring I sleep well at night.

I’m trying my damnest to get to bed on time, but that doesn’t do me any good if I can’t sleep and I toss and turn trying to find a good position. A good position on my damn couch is physically impossible. My body type does not allow a good position on that couch. That couch is a terrible bed, even though it was meant to transition between couch and bed settings. Any sleep expert would agree that this terrible creation should not be sold to people. It’s not like it got worse over time, it’s been terrible since the first day I had it. I only kept it because it was a gift from my mom. I’ve hated it from day 1 and I wish I hadn’t received it.

I want to get rid of it but I also don’t want to pay a dump fee. It’s $20 minimum for a dump run. Instead, I think I’ll hack it up into little pieces and throw it in the trash little by little. That may take several weeks LOL. I wonder if there’s a better way?

I’m so tired. I want to go back to sleep.

Self care time, i guess. I decided I’m not exercising today. I’m going to make myself a good meal and work on eBay.

I finally got my Jamuary2020 recap video uploaded. It literally took 5 hours to upload the 1.5 GB video. I want Starlink Internet SO bad!

I’m hoping for Starlink later this year, but I’m pretty sure SpaceX will roll out their service like Tesla Motors rolled out their cars. First will be a highly expensive internet for businesses, then consumer level, affordable internet will come out later. So even if the service does launch (no pun intended) later this year, I probably won’t be able to use it until further down the line when their consumer edition comes out.

At least that’s my thought, and the thought of industry experts like Marcus House. We’ll see, I guess. There’s always a chance SpaceX could toss a curveball and release affordable service for everyone right away. There’s no official word as far as I know, so I’m really just hopefully speculating.

I listed some stuff on eBay. All low value shit that isn’t going to make me any money. I need to get to some garage sales ASAP and get some good cheap goods. Good cheap goods LOL. GCGs. I’m gonna remember that acronym!

I got a good SINGER 1022 at Value Village. Same model number as a really popular firearm, the Ruger 1022. Pretty funny coincidence. Anyway, this SINGER machine works great. I cleaned it up a bit and took pictures. Nobody else on eBay is selling this particular model, so I went ahead and considered it rare and listed it for $136 plus shipping. I bought it for $25 so we’ll see how it does.

There are a bunch of flaws with it. A knob is cracked, the foot pedal is dirty, the thread holder is missing foam and has adhesive residue… I wonder how much value this deducts from the machine? I wonder how much the machine is worth to begin with!

I am tempted to keep it because the foot pedal is way better than the foot pedal of my Heavy Duty SINGER 4411. It’s a lot smoother than my 4411 as well. This just lets me know that any time I want a new sewing machine, I should head to the thrift store, not the internet!

It’s becoming apparent that thrift stores have better everything. There is literally less and less reason to buy from Amazon the more i think about it. Everything I need with the exception of groceries and toiletries can be had for CHEAP from thrift stores. In fact, I need to cancel my Amazon prime account.

It renews on April 18th so I’ll cancel 3 days prior. I put a reminder in my calendar.

I just made plans with my friend D. to play Mahjong on Saturday at 5PM. Nerds United, a popular nerd culture group on plays games from 12PM to 5PM. D. and P. go to that group. I haven’t gone to one of their meetups yet, but I met a bunch of them at Dragon’s Fury Games before it closed down.

Now they meet at Dragon’s Parlor Games and we’re going to play Mahjong after their weekly game session. I have a Mahjong set which I’ll be bringing. I need the betting sticks! I don’t have those. I think we could use monopoly money or just pen and paper instead.

I’ll be practicing being vulnerable, and being myself on Saturday. I want to bring some food as well. I learned that it’s pretty common for players to eat in the building. I’m going to cook something and bring extra to share. Maybe an opportunity for a new recipe?

My eBay shelf is very unorganized. If I sell some small part which is listed in my eBay store, I’m really going to struggle to find it! Cincinnati Picker has a pretty good system from what I can see. He uses labelled totes on his shelves, and each listing has a tote number on it. I’m being lazy and not bothering to do that. My inventory is out of hand! I have a few shelves which contain a mixture of listed and non-listed items. I’m going to get into trouble keeping track of things if I keep this up!

I suppose I should figure out a system and stick with it. The problem is that I don’t think shit is selling fast enough. It’s going to sit on that shelf forever, maybe infinitely. Maybe I’m dealing with too many low-value items here…

I think that’s a big problem with my listings. Also I’m putting the prices up pretty high. Every now and then I get offers though, so at least some people are willing to make offers.

This is all a learning experience. That’s why I can’t get too upset with myself, because I’m just learning one thing after another. I’ll be okay as long as I work hard, list often, and keep an open mind. I have to be open to the idea that I am not doing something very well. If I can identify those issues, resolve them, and implement a better way of doing something, I think I’ll be able to make this work.

$1200 gross sales this month. That’s what I’m going for, a match of last month! Let’s go to the moon, baby!

If I can keep that amount of gross sales every month, I think I’ll be in good shape. That much money means I’ll have enough for groceries and gas, and I’ll be able to put a little into investments. Investments that can eventually churn out monthly revenue to the point where I can quit eBay and do fun shit like filecoin mining and pro blogging!

Or all at once! Less eBay but more fun things like web development and card collecting!

Baby steps. Right now I’m going to go list some more shit on eBay and listen to JRE. I’m thankful for Joe Rogan and his curiosity and conversational skills. I’m grateful for CoDA and group therapy which I wlll be attending tomorrow. I’m grateful for GOOD BEDS which I can use to get a good night sleep! Baby steps towards a good bed in my future!

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