Mon Jan 11 2021

I’m having trouble getting started with work today.

I woke up at 7AM, and right off the bat, I felt behind schedule. 8:50 AM rolled around, and I was not ready for therapy. I had just started packing orders for the day, and nothing was ready. I called FBH intending to cancel, but I couldn’t get through and 9AM was creeping in.

I hung up, without cancelling. I figured I would ride to the post office after the therapy call, and I wouldn’t have to rush.

I told my therapist about everything that happened this morning up till that moment. How I was stressed out about being behind schedule, how nothing was ready, how I almost cancelled…

Having talked about it, and having a plan to resolve the problem, I felt relieved. We ended the call 20 minutes early, because I didn’t have much I wanted to talk about, and I was honest about that. I wanted to get back to packing, and on my bike and on with my day!

I went to the post office and I attempted to make small talk with the postal worker. I asked about SCAN forms. Maybe not the best small talk topic, but at least I tried. Next time I’ll think of something else to say. Maybe about the weather… as cliche as that is lol.

It’s Ironmouse’s birthday! Happy birthday, Ironmouse! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

Omg could you imagine if Ironmouse read this post, years from today? That would be so cool.

I like being noticed by senpai. Or maybe I should be saying kohai, because I want to be the target of Ironmouse’s affection, and to do so, I would best achieve that by being a stronk and handsome middle-aged man!

Ironmouse is probably not a girl that I can ever be with, but my goal to find a ladyfriend is to become a man who is financially stable, emotionally available, and loving… Something like that.

Mating rituals.

I read a funny, fictional mating ritual on one of the Star Trek cards that I received as part of a collector buyout. Something about Diana Troi and how it is traditional for her people to have naked weddings or something. One of her mother’s romantic interests was scared away because of that.

Funny story. I appreciate how fiction can give people free reign over creating something imaginary. I appreciate that there are so many people out there who write and create fascinating worlds.

So yeah, I ate too much. I think it’s going to be a challenge to not eat too much, especially given how I was able to stock up on groceries the other day. I got a lot of stuff that I don’t explicitly need. Chocolate granola, for instance.

When I eat too much, I feel so satisfied and I lose the will to work hard. I don’t feel a need to complete my DPC when I’m satisfied.

I’m grateful to have this realization. Now I know that it’s going to be best if I portion my food in advance, and eat only what I need to continue operating at peak condition.

I can eat a big dinner when work is over. I think that would be fine. Or weekends. But if I eat too much during the day, I often feel sleepy and feeling sleepy gets in the way of working.

Today I will be recording a podcast with Christopher Toledo. Hopefully I record our voices properly this time!

Last time, I muted my microphone a lot. I found that my mic was picking up a lot of erroneous sounds. Also my new modmic which adheres to the side of my headphones has the unfortunate side effect of picking up audio vibrations being played through the headphone… Very unfortunate indeed, especially given that I paid almost $50 fucking dollars for the thing! I hoped for more.

I think it might work better with different headphones. The headphones I use with the modmic is a Sony something or other that I bought from a BestBuy vending machine at SLC. They’re nice headphones with noise cancelling, but they were the budget model. On ear rather than around ear. Minimal in size and collapsible, at the expense of potential audio quality.

Don’t get me wrong, they sound good, they just don’t sound as good as could be.

I think an around-the-ear model of headphone might work better with this modmic. If I had an around-the-ear model of headphone, there might be more buffer room between the ear cup and the base of the microphone. That buffer room could be exactly what I need to isolate the vibrations and the audio transfer.

I’ll figure something out. Probably not today, probably not next week, but eventually, over time, I’ll find a sweet audio setup which is great for my high-noise environment, and recording my voice for podcasts.

I wonder if my lapel microphone would work on my phone? I’m thinking of having my phone record my voice, as a backup in case I fuck up my audio recording. Christopher Toledo is doing the same thing, using his Tascam lapel mic to record his audio.

I think I need an adapter, for my lapel mic to work on my phone. Ah well. I won’t fuck up this time, so I don’t think there’s a need.

I’ll do a test run, and now I know about the audio monitor issue in OBS where the name doesn’t necessarily match up with the input.

It’s already 2:30PM. Where the fuck did the time go? Today is moving so fast!

I haven’t even done anything yet.

Nah that’s not true. I picked & packed, I exercised, I had a therapy call, I watched an Ironmouse vod (2021-01-09), I did some yoga, I got the basic info page for back online, deploying via caprover, I cleared some space on my blog which had a full disk, and now I’m writing in my blog.

Yeah, full disk on the blog, and that’s because I’m running futureporn via this blog. Every time one of my favorite streamers streams, voddo does it’s job and uses youtube-dl to download the stream. I’m not transferring and clearing the vods from the server fast enough, so my disk gets full and the blog becomes a mess. WordPress can’t operate correctly on a full disk. The text displays okay, but all the CSS, JS, and images don’t.

This week, I hope to have Futureporn deployed via Caprover, which will free up the VPS which hosts this blog. No longer will it’s disk get full, and I won’t have to worry about my blog becoming partially inaccessible.

Progress is being made! I already got the ripper component deployed to caprover. It’s got issues, though. It crashes for some reason. Hopefully I’ll figure out why that is today. It also makes too many log messages when it isn’t doing anything, and not enough log messages when it is doing something. Inspecting the logs yesterday while Melody was streaming via Chaturbate gave me the impression that futureporn:ripper had failed to detect the stream. On further inspection, it was recording just fine, but didn’t log the event.

I’ll figure it out.

I’ll figure it all out! Mwahahahahahaa!

I’m taking on another project. I want to automate my daily SBTP tweets. It’s become a tedious task to schedule tweets for the upcoming week. I used to add a personal touch to every tweet, but I’m tweeting so much that I have a hard time caring. The tweets that I have been posting recently are nothing special, they’re just a copy-paste of what I have already written on the eBay listing. What I’m getting at is that a computer can do this job, and it should do this job!

My efforts are better spent on programming and integrations and eBay listing. I’m going to set up a tweet bot to handle the daily tweets. Heck, I could even add Mastodon tweets to the mix if I wanted to. IDK if Mastodon is going to take off though. IDK if my customer base is on there, which is why I pulled Mastodon toots recently.

Yeah, I’ll make a tweet bot that will pick random card listings from my eBay store, and tweet out the picture. I’ll just have the bot add the listing title as the text content of the tweet, and append an affiliate link to the bottom. I’ll get it started on a systemd script, I’ll set up some sort of basic monitoring, and viola! I don’t have to think about it anymore.

Oh wait a minute, I could use caprover for that. Yeah, I will use caprover. Basically any workload that needs to run all the time is best suited for caprover, rather than running from my laptop. I wouldn’t want booting into windows for a video gaming session to interrupt the tweets!

Caprover is going to be really nice for me, because I can set up a cluster once the existing VPS gets overloaded. Then I can migrate apps between clusters… Caprover can do that, right? I think it can. It’s got load balancing and an instance configuration thingy, so it only makes sense that migration, and load balancing with auto-healing is built in.

Anyway, I could have my laptop be a Caprover instance if I wanted to. I’m not going to do that, but I could. Eventually, I’d like to self-host a server, which could host the transcoder component for futureporn. At the moment, the bottleneck with that setup is my internet. I’m looking forward to Starlink!

I just had a thought. I wonder if I could monetize my Starlink connection? I think it would make the most sense in a place with more people nearby.. Holy shit, could I rent a space, and make it a permanent wifi hotspot? That would be kickass!

I could monetize by requiring a credit card payment, OR I could monetize with… Injected ads? IDK if that’s even feasible at this point, because HTTPS is the norm. Hmm.. how could I monetize a wifi hotspot?

A paywall makes the most sense. I’d set up a captive portal, which people could pay to get past, and give them… 24 hours of wifi? I could offer discounted plans, too!

I like that idea. Implementing it is the hard part, especially with how much red tape there is to start a business nowadays. Idaho! I’m coming for you!

I’ll get there. My days are getting busier as I implement new strats to make progress on my projects, release projects, list more, sell more, make money, etc.

I’ll get there. I’m just going to iterate on all the ideas I have, make them better over time, and scale up my earning potential. Then I can move, I can enjoy enhanced freedoms, and fuck yeah! Excelsior!

Bigger and better.

Ok then, I’m wrapping this up and I’m going to go figure out what the fuck is wrong with the ripper component of futureporn. Then I’ll do all the other stuff, too!

43. If I try my best and then make a mistake, that is completely okay. I will learn and become even better.

38. My past does not define my future, I do.
37. I can make a difference.

It’s Ironmouse’s birthday, so I’m feeling especially grateful for her today. I’m grateful that she exists, and I’m grateful that she puts so much time and effort into making her streams fun for everyone. I’m grateful for her positive attitude, her authentic expressions, and the love that she shares with her friends and her fans.

I’m greatful for Taco Bell. Did you know that many of their ingredients are certified vegan? Did you know that Taco Bell tortillas are eaten by astronauts on the ISS?

I feel like I used that exact gratitude item in the past. It’s a cop-out. Ironic Taco Bell jokes are always my cop-out!

I’m grateful for cop-outs.


I’m grateful for the nice ride I had today. I’m grateful that I took the long way home, because it is scenic and interesting and the cars generally drive slower on that route (The Barker way… and Chapman hill past Selkirk Estates, up to the water tower housing development which IDK what that’s called)


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