Mon Jun 15 2020

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My past does not define my future, I do.

I had a therapy call via Zoom, and then I took a walk.

Apparently Italy has beat Covy. Apparently the USA is doing it wrong when it comes to social distancing. Italy has done what is comparable to ripping off a band aid. Everybody got sick at once, and now they’re over it. The USA is pulling the band aid off slowly, feeling every little hair getting painfully pulled.

I think the social distancing lockdown should have lasted three weeks, then it gets cancelled and it’s over. But instead, we’re experiencing a 3+ month lockdown. This is absolutely bonkers at this point.

Maybe I should move. Move to one of the states that appreciates the economy and individual freedom, and has ended the lockdowns.

I wanted to check up on the capital hill autonomous zone aka CHAZ. Their website has 404’d. I bet the internet police (Microsoft) took down their Github pages page. What the fuck were they thinking using Github pages!?

A cause like theirs demands a censor resistant, redundant website. Ran on IPFS for example.

Just updated my post to include Cytube. I opened up Cytube to get a screenshot, but now I’m stuck watching Men In Black: The Series. I didn’t even know this show existed.

A chopper just landed where it would be physically impossible for a chopper to land due to it’s rotors getting in the way. Ah, cartoon physics.

Watching This show reminds me of how I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Those were simpler times!

After this episode, I’m going to do some yoga, then I will return to journalling and be sure to focus. Or maybe I’ll do eBay. Whatever I choose, to focus is the priority!

I liked this one.

I’m back to journalling, where I am here for 25 minutes.

Affirmations time!

98. I have a purpose that I am fulfilling.
99. I will listen to that whisper of hope that says, ‘you can do it, try again’.
100. I can change my life.

Ok then.

I’m just going to write some bullshit to get my writing juices flowing. Whatever comes to mind I’m going to write.

I usually write whatever comes to mind, and I often think that such topics are low quality. These topics make for low quality blog posts!

As if I have readers.

As if I have readers with expectations!

I have neither readers nor readers with expectations. All I have is myself and my own expectations.

What is this journal for? Answer me pl0x!

This journal is for my own edification. This journal is here so I can write down my thoughts, read them, and process them. To write my thoughts is a step above thinking them. A thought thought is an idea that may come and go. A thought thought might embed itself into my memory and stick around.

I might not be critical of a thought thought. I might be too critical.

If I write it down, I can reflect on it at a later date. The thought may become forgotten to my memory, but it won’t become forgotten to history.

It won’t become forgotten to history because I recorded it!

Sure. Okay. That’s nice.

Bravo, champlo!



I bought a box of mints which I plan on including as freebies when I send out packages. I regret doing so. I didn’t spend a dime of my own money to get them. I spent a gift card that I had received as an incentive to install a prescription tracking app.

I got some junk mail snail mail and I actually opened it and read it. I saw the $15 amazon gift card offer so I installed the incentivized app, got the gift card, then uninstalled the app.

I don’t take any prescriptions but the app somehow was able to figure out that I had prescriptions a few months back.

So yeah, I spend that $15 on mints for my customers. I wish I would have bought food or vitamins instead.

Maybe I still have a balance left on that gift card. I think the mints were only $9, so there might be a dollar or two left on the card. Not gonna buy anything with a couple dollars on amazon though. Amazon is tricky like that.

Amazon plays psychological tricks on buyers. Spend $25 and get free shipping!

“But I only have $15.”


“But I really only have $15.”

“Oh, okay. Well how about Amazon prime which gives you free shipping!”

“Oh okay! I bet there are no hidden fees or anything. What could possibly go wrong!”

A month later, the customer gets charged $12.99 which means they effectively paid $27.99 for that item.


Trick the buyer into spending LESS, when actually they are paying MORE!



I jest.


I guarantee that is going to be an actual trending hashtag later this year.

Later this year… I cringe knowing how everybody I know will suddenly become an annoying political activist come November.

It happens every election year. People lose their nuts and go bonkers about their chosen representative. Then everybody forgets about it a month later and suddenly has no opinions and no aspirations for government.

It’s sad, but that’s the way things are. Life is on autopilot for a lot of people. Government is accepted and desirable for a lot of people. Government is worshiped by a lot of people.

I’m thinking that I could have a backup plan to move to Panama. If my eBay business tanks and doesn’t work out for me, I could pack up the necessities and take a trip over there.

It’s cheap living from what I understand. Maybe I could start a shipper forwarding service there. Maybe I could set up an internet services company. Maybe I could run a PO box store. Maybe there’s some under served market that I could uniquely provide services to.

IDK. It could be worth a shot, as long as I’m doing it for an adventure and a challenge, and not doing it because I’m trying to run from my problems.

Maybe there’s a market in Panama for anime trading cards? I don’t really know much about Panama other than JME moved there and owns an island and builds stuff. And Panama is apparently friendly to expats and English is somewhat commonly spoken there, and US dollars are accepted at many places.

My 25 minutes is just about up. I think I’m going to switch over to eBay for the next 25. But first, more yoga!

2 minutes before I jump into yoga.

I can’t think of anything else to say. I don’t wanna get on another train of thought because I’ll have to end that train of thought momentarily.

I like my bicycle. I’m grateful for it. Did I talk about the used lock I bought? It seizes up and I’m returning it. I’m probably going to try and find a less expensive and more lightweight lock. And it’s gotta be in NEW condition because I no longer trust a used lock!

Ok then, on to the next thing.

11:13PM. I had a regular old workday. I opened a Madoka booster pack, listed 3 unique cards and a sticker sheet from it, then I opened a Samurai Girls starter deck and listed the unique cards from that.

Lots of bikini cards in Samurai Girls starter! It might make sense to sell the cards individually rather than sell starter decks.

I think I might open a pack or two every day. Maybe. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I need a hobby. Maybe I need a PT job.

I’m probably being impatient. I’m probably pushing too hard and forcing sales. I’m going to burn out my customers at this rate.

I got product, yeah. I got lots of it. Almost 3K listings on eBay.

I’m trying so hard.

Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post