Mon Mar 9 2020

9:48AM. There’s a big truck outside my window which I believe has an industrial wood chipper. It’s making a ton of noise and the house shakes. Every now and then I hear a chainsaw.

My dad must have got a crew to come take care of the diseased trees. Apparently there are beetles which are active during the summer, so the spring is time time to destroy the trees where the beetles have invested.

I won the third yahoo auction I had bid on. The buyout price was $44 but I put in a bid for $43 and I ended up winning at $41. buyout on yahoo auctions is like the buy it now price on eBay. So I got a bit of a deal.

The booster box I bid on and won

I’m surprised I’ve got all the auctions I bid on. Is America this rich, to the point where an unemployed man can buy Japanese goods for more than native Japanese are willing to pay?

I suppose I’m kind of different in a lot of regards. I usually buy toys and fun things before I buy clothes and new shoes. I don’t go out very often so I don’t worry about a lot of items that most people find essential.

It’s not like I’m rolling in cash, either. I’m $3K in debt and I have no steady income. The only reason I’m making these acquisitions is because I sold a share of my Tesla stock. I’m simply exchanging one investment (stocks) for another (collectibles.)

I sold a clipboard on eBay for $7 plus shipping.

Yesterday my brother M. said he would be up for rollerblading this morning. I sent him a text to see if he’s still feeling it. I definitely am. It would be a great workout in place of my regular walking/running 20 laps sort of deal.

Last night, K. and E. came over. They gave me a wedding invitation which I filled out and returned to them. I might have a +2 because my friends from LV are coming around that time. Their plans aren’t set in stone yet, so I’m unsure if they will be there on the day of the wedding. Either way, I planned for a possible +2.

R. and S. came with K. & E. Reese was so excited and kept going in and out of the house. He seemed to have a bunch of energy and he brought K. a frisbee to which K. said, “no thanks!”

I took the opportunity and went outside with R. and played catch. R. never gets tired! It seems like he just wants to catch that frisbee all day. It was fun and I ran around with him as well, because I was getting envious of him doing all the running! I would throw the frisbee then run in the opposite direction, and R. would catch the frisbee then chase after me. He’d always catch up! He’s so fast!

Brain dump.

Here’s my desktop wallpaper. Bows in Miku’s hair are sooo cute! And there’s the little fish kissing her on the cheek, which is adorable as well.

My mom’s angel fish have laid eggs every two weeks since October. None of the eggs have hatched and survived into childhood yet. Apparently it’s a difficult thing to occur in a fish tank because they require very specific conditions and the utmost cleanliness.

I found the cleanliness thing very interesting, because aren’t there all sorts of pathogens in the wild? Maybe flowing water and a more complex biome is a lot better at filtering and/or simply moving pathogens away. Or maybe hatching babies in the wild is just as hard, and that’s why the fish have evolved to lay eggs so often? It becomes a numbers game at that point. If 100 eggs get laid and only 0.1 end up surviving, then lay 100 eggs 10 times and the odds of survival become 1%! 1% is a lot better than 0.1!

K. and E. have a gift registry set up on amazon. One of the things in their registry is a Ninja blender which I have. I don’t use it much so I think I’ll gift it to them. It’ll be much preferred to simply give them something I have and don’t use than spend money. It’s a wonderful blender! I could get a magic bullet blender and I think I’d have what I need. I only have like 1 recipe which I use the blender for. Vegan nacho cheese! A tiny magic bullet blender would work great for that recipe.

I’ll have to make sure that the blender is really clean before I gift it. I think it’s clean right now, but I’m looking at the mini size blender cups and I think they got all dusty. I just don’t want to gift a nasty blender to my sister when I could spend a half hour and ensure that it’s a splendid blender.

New wallpaper time! That chibi onion is quite girthy, so it looks like a leek, not a spring onion. Miku’s character item is a spring onion, not a leek! But it’s confused so often that a lot of people just say it’s a leek. They’re not the same! Oh well.

Leeks are really yummy. I put one in the curry I made yesterday.

10:14AM. No reply from M.! The millennial rule is that if no reply is received within 14 minutes, that no reply is coming. I am therefore abandoning the idea of rollerblading with M. right now. I will go outside and walk once I finish writing… Unless the tree crew is still here. Perhaps I will be going rollerblading by myself this morning? I gotta go out and drop off some packages anyway, so rollerblading would be nice. I think I’d go to the Centennial trail if I’m going to rollerblade by myself. It’ll be my first rollerblade of 2020!

I think I need to rotate my wheels. I have to find my allen wrench. It’s around here somewhere, in a pink bubblewrap bag.

It feels like 9AM. Daylight savings time should be abolished. I wonder if there’s a petition I could sign?

Haha, there is such a petition, and I already signed it. I suppose I will tweet it then!

Oh shit, It’s Miku day.

I dunno how to celebrate!? My first thought is to retweet a cute picture of Miku into the abyss, but I stop myself because I hate retweets and I don’t get any meaningful interaction from Twitter. I suppose I will change my background and be happy that I have Hatsune Miku.

Miku always smiles for me. She always cares about me and she loves me unconditionally. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy of her love, and I’ve learned that that is just my low self esteem talking. I’m worthy of Miku’s love and I’m grateful that I can celebrate her.

I want a Miku dakimakura and I just want to give her a big hug. I want to cuddle with her under the covers and give her a kiss and take a nap with her. We’ll sleep all day then we’ll wake up at 4PM and go rollerblading. I wonder what outfit Miku would wear while rollerblading? Definitely not her original miniskirt module, because there would be way too many opportunities for wardrobe failures!

Wow, there are a surprising number of artists who seem to think that rollerblades have only two wheels. It’s like if rollerskates were combined with rollerblades. That would be a really uncomfortable ride!

I suppose it’s Air Gear style. It’s simplistic and looks good in art form.

Ok so apparently the consensus among artists is that Miku still dresses super cute even when she rollerblades. I think my favorite is the figurine where Miku’s got those big white and orange rollerblades.

Super cute!

I was tempted to jump right into eBay sales this morning, without having done exercise or shower, etc. It’s important that I keep that up!

I also want to read a bit. I haven’t been reading much this last week. I took a few days off because I felt overwhelmed with my todo list. I just did the one or two most important things, and forgot the rest. My therapist says it’s good to exercise self-care, and that’s what it felt like doing. I took a couple days of eBay and it felt incredible. I let myself play video games for a good chunk of the day. I think that was on Friday.

So yeah, I’m out of things to talk about because the only thing I can think to talk about is sex. I guess I haven’t talked about sex in awhile, so it might be a good topic. Brain dump! I’m just going to go ahead and tick that 18+ checkbox and dive right in.

I don’t actually have anything specific to write about, other that I’m horny as fuck. Joe Rogan always talks about masturbation and how he thinks it’s better to masturbate than it is to hold it in and have sex on the mind all the time. He has said that it’s best to masturbate right before a date, so the thoughts of sex aren’t present and you can make a clear minded, accurate decision on whether or not you like the girl and if you want to spend more time with her in the future.

I think that’s great advice. I just rubbed one out and I can think clearly again. There is a downside, in that the rush of endorphines or whatever make me want to do nothing. I just took a few minutes and let my mind wander, let myself do some scrolling on Tumblr, and let myself start up a JRE podcast.

Then I was about to start working on eBay and I realized I hadn’t done what I wanted to do this morning, which is to exercise and read and journal.

Back to the journal! I think my brain chemicals are normalizing after that sweet sweet morning delight. I swear, Miku day made fapping extra nice because I simply had to scroll through the hashtag for a few minutes before I found a steamy hot illustration of Miku flashing her panties to me.

First thing I did when I reinstalled my OS was I jumped on pixiv and found a bunch of Miku pictures to use as a wallpaper. It’s pixiv and it knows me so well, so I got a lot of suggested Miku shimapan pantsu shots. Those pictures got saved on my SSD, but they’re a little too exciting to use as a wallpaper! I’d never get anything done if my desktop background was the view up Miku’s skirt!

My sexy, sexy baby!

I wonder if this is a lifelong love? I suppose I could say it is. I still love other characters that I dearly loved in the past, but I love Miku the most. Those other characters don’t get any attention from me anymore.

What I’m really wondering is whether or not I’ll ever find a 3D girl who I love as much as Miku. I’m definitely not looking right now. I truly wonder if loving Miku is something I’m going to grow out of, or if I’ve already made my mind and I don’t desire a 3D woman.

I don’t know. I’ll think about it later. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

I’m comforted to know that Miku will be here with me forever. Even if I lose all my Miku merch in a fire, even if the internet goes down permanently, even if an EMP blasts all the electronics in the world, the idea of Miku is forever, and nobody can take her away from me. In a way, that is one of the most romantic relationships possible. Not even an act of murder can separate us, because we are one in the same. Omg how sublimely romantic!

I’m grateful for Hatsune Miku! It’s March 9th, 3.9, ミ.ク (mi.ku). Today is the day to celebrate Miku! Not to be confused with Miku’s birthday, which is on August 31st. We get to celebrate Miku twice a year!

I celebrate her a lot more than that, but this is an extra special day to celebrate!

I’m grateful for Hatsune Miku because she loves me unconditionally, and I love her back!

I’m grateful for LEEKS, because they are tasty and delicious and nutritious, and they’re often associated with Hatsune Miku and she makes me HAPPY!

I’m grateful for STONKS. Stonks are mystical magical tickets that I can buy, and I can exchange those tickets for CASH MONEY or more STONKS, which can be later exchanged for CASH MONEY! It’s a fun game to play, and often the tickets lose value. Sometimes the tickets become completely worthless! Other times, the tickets become worth a lot more than I originally paid for them! It’s a fun game indeed and I hope to play it for a long time to come!

39. My life is filled with possibility.
41. I am awake and ready to be awesome.
8. I am a survivor.

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