Mon May 18 2020

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Busy morning. Got up at 7AM. Mailed 5 or 6 items out. One was a $4 trading card. I wanted to walk and shower before my call with my therapist, but I didn’t have time for that. Ended up just being late to join the call, and my therapist phoned me.

Zoom redirector totally fails. I kept having to solve a CAPTCHA and then I would get an error message that the meeting host was already in a meeting.

We had this problem a few other times. I ended up reluctantly downloading the Zoom app and then the meeting connected successfully and we got underway. There was one final snag in that I missed the dialog that asked me how I wanted to use my audio. Either system audio or call-in. It took me a few moments but now I got it figured out for next time.

Next time is in two weeks, since next week is Memorial day.

My assignment for next week is to work on either CoDA 30q question 9, or take a deep dive into the stack of papers that I was mailed.

During the call, I brought up how the negative feedback on eBay had negatively affected me during the last week. I think it has a lot to do with perfectionism. I had 100% positive feedback until this buyer made a mistake and ordered something that they misunderstood. I ended up with the negative feedback through no fault of my own.

I made no mistake, but my feedback is tainted because of this event. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my performance expectations. I felt like I let myself down.

But I have to appreciate the facts that say otherwise. 99.3% positive feedback is really great! A lot more of my customers appreciate my service than those that don’t.

I’m hungry. I’m going to heat up some food.

I put too much BBQ sauce in that sauce. I’m using BBQ sauce since I’m out of tomato sauce. It’s a janky mix of spices and whatever I’ve got in my fridge, along with garbanzo beans. I’ll put the whole mix atop some yummy jasmine rice.

So yeah.

So yeah.

So yeah.

Not a single sale on the P-memories sealed product this weekend. I’m really surprised. Maybe there’s a lull in Precious Memories card demand.

I had one customer send me an offer on two items this morning. By the time I woke up, they had retracted both offers. I didn’t know that was even a thing people could do on eBay! Retracting offers, pfft! I would have accepted those offers had I had the chance.

I wonder what the buyer was thinking? Were they afraid that their offer would offend me because it was so low? I think I should shoot them a message. This is a sales opportunity, I can’t just let it slip away!

one sec.

Ok I sent them a friendly message saying that I would gladly accept such offers in the future. I also attached a cute Hatsune Miku image 🙂

Gotta drive those sales! I can’t be passive about my shop. Passivity equals failure!

I walked 25 laps around the firepit this morning. Drinking a cup of apple juice beforehand really helped with the crash that I usually feel about 45 minutes in.

Yep yep, good stuff. GOOD STUFF, MATE!

My eBay fees are going to go up at the end of June. It’s happening because eBay gives fee discounts to sellers who are Top Rated. I’m not elligible for Top Rated anymore, because I got smart and quit paying eBay huge amounts for postage.

I could pay $2.87 minimum to send a trading card, or I could pay just $0.85 using postage stamps and LetterTrackPro.

I could pay more in postage to become an eBay Top Rated seller, and save more on selling fees, but it doesn’t make sense if my volume and sales amounts are what they are.

I’ll accept the Above Standard seller rating, and save hundreds of dollars every month on mailing fees, thank you very much!

I might have to reconsider this plan in the future. It all depends on exactly what kind of seller fee discount we’re talking about!

10% off final value fees. That’s it? Totally not worth it, seeing as a lot of my item sales are under $5. I’m stickin’ with my plan to save on mailing cost!

I made some food but now I don’t feel like eating it. I’m totally still hungry, I just don’t have an appetite at the moment.

Porch pirates totally fucked the meaningfulness of tracking numbers. It doesn’t even matter if I pay more for First Class parcel tracking and the item shows as delivered. A buyer can simply say, “porch pirates” and they get a full refund. Free item for them, and it’s completely out of the seller’s control. What a loss.

Luckily, that has only happened once in my 300+ sales. But the thing is that the tracking number isn’t good enough to show proof of receipt. It’s a strong indication of delivery, but not receipt. So why should I pay extra for that delivery proof, when it is still open to fraud? No reason. I’ll just continue to use lettertrack where I can, save money, and get an “out for delivery” notification. Because of porch pirates, “out for delivery” is just as good as “delivered” in my book!

Happy Monday!

I’m not sure what I’m doing today. I guess I’m going to work on the most pressing thing that I can think of. That would be my Mp3 to Cassette project. I’ve was thinking about it non-stop during my walk this morning. I can’t figure out how I want the tech stack to be designed. I keep coming back to a single page application built with Vue and Webpack. That stack would give me the most flexibility in terms of creating an immersive website, but I fear that all the boilerplate code and dependencies are going to take a big toll on performance.

I could do server side rendering, but there’s a whole bunch of issues with that. What am I talking about, there’s a whole bunch of issues with single page applications!

I’m still thinkin’ about it. I’m probably going to go with SPA because that’s sorta a standard right now. It’ll make a lot of sense to do that because I’m trying to make the webpage appear as if it’s a WindowsXP desktop. It’s gimmicky but it’s fun and I think it’ll help the novel appeal of the whole project.

I just don’t want to get carried away in the tech stack, and come to a point where making progress on the UI becomes such a hassle and a long, drawn out process.

I’m not even sure if I want to set up Vue at this point. Right now I’ve just got jQuery, and I’d like to make it work with just that if I can. I’ll probably add axios because I’m a slut for Promises.

Anyway, the real challenge comes down to two things.

  • How will I handle user sessions?
  • How will I handle third party payment (Paypal/Ethereum) integration?

I suppose I should probably stick with what is common and what works. Magic login links are hip and trendy, but that’ll take a lot of extra design consideration.

OAuth login, then? That’s the quickest way I can think of to get user accounts implemented. Once the customer is signed in, they can make a payment and come back later and their order is still available.

I think I’m getting ahead of myself again. I don’t even have a good user experience, and I’m jumping ahead to the next step.

Step 1 is to create a compelling UX.

  • Ease of use
  • Workflow makes sense (familiar)

That’s step one. I don’t even have forms which validate the contents. I don’t have error checking. I don’t have a way of displaying error messages to the user.

Those things are paramount to the product. Everything else in my list of plans needs to hold up!

Ok then. I have a plan now. I’m implementing everything in jQuery. I’m focusing on a specific area of the application at once. I’m making a beautiful UI which is pleasing, predictable, and complete.

  • Pleasing
  • Predictable
  • Complete

I need another P word which means the same thing as complete.

I can’t use perfect. I don’t seek perfection. I seek good enough. Good enough to get me an audience. Good enough to get me sales.

  • Charming
  • Certain
  • Complete

There we go!

food time

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of my chickpea concoction. I was surprised that I ate the whole thing as well. I’m probably going to get all sleepy now. :S


I dunno what to write about today. I just wanna go work on my projects.

Oh yeah, I need to study Japanese today.

日本語勉強 (nihongo benkyō)

I want free money!

無料のお金の欲しいです Muryō no okane no hoshīdesu

I wanna take a whole day off and just sleep all day. I wanna masturbate and smoke a joint and play video games. I want to eat at Taco Bell and be lazy and contribute nothing to society.

That’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m totally crashing due to that food. Fuuuck.

I need vitamin D.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick mentioned how important vitamin D is. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this from a doctor. I heard another doctor say that there’s a huge problem in the US with vitamin D deficiency. A problem so huge that people are probably going to have heart problems because they are so deficient.

I’m all outta vitamins. I just popped my last multivitamin. I think a re-up as well as some vitamin D tablets would be a good thing to invest some money into. I wonder if vitamins fall under the food category, as far as food stamps go? I doubt they do, but it would be nice if I could get the state to pay for me.

I mean, I deserrve it, seeing as I pay taxes and I pay taxes and I pay taxes. And I’m growing a business which will mean I pay more taxes and I need to stay healthy so I can pay taxes.

Fuck taxes.

Anyway, aomeone posted an inspiring picture of X Æ A-12 and Elon on Mars. They’re both in SpaceX spacesuits overlooking a Martian settlement with a sunset in the background. It was really cool and inspiring and cute.

just take my word for it

Dude, I didn’t even know my man Elon had a girlfriend until I heard Grimes had had a baby. I didn’t even know Grimes existed until I heard she had had a baby.

What a free spirit she seems to be. What a lucky man Elon Musk seems to be.





Oh noez @Grimezsz is rubbing off on me!

I just don’t know what to write about. Rather, I don’t want to write. I haven’t wanted to write in several days. I have just wanted to get to 2000 words and not think about things.

Maybe my pomodoro timer should be saved for work, and skipped while I journal. That way I have no rush.




I’ma lay down for a bit.

I slept for a few hours. 5:28 PM now. I’m disappointed that I have not even finished journalling today!

I have to check the facts. Today was a busy morning! I fell behind schedule and that’s okay. I was feeling tired and sleepy and that’s okay.

The fun stuff can’t happen 24/7. This is what discipline looks like.

Ah yes, discipline! That’s good stuff. Discipline is what dreams are made of!

40. I refuse to be pushed by my problems; I will be led by my dreams.
41. I am awake and ready to be awesome.
42. I will focus on my talents; I have things to share with the world.

I’m grateful for lightbulbs. I’ve been using LED bulbs and they last quite a long time. One of them in the light fixture at my apartment entrance has gone out, and I haven’t had the funds to replace it. I have been doing without, since I don’t have much need for light in that area. It does however make me appreciative for having working lights in the main living area!

I’m grateful for testosterone. I’m not really sure how I feel with or without it, but I feel pretty alright most of the time.

I’m grateful for computer mice. I might have already mentioned this in days prior, but I recently swapped out an old mouse for a slightly less old mouse. It has been a world of difference using this slightly less old mouse! The scroll wheel is firm yet pleasing, and the optical input doesn’t have an occasional spasm like the old mouse had. It would just randomly spin wildly s if I had violently slid the mouse across the floor.

In actuality, the mouse was just faulty. It’s left mouse button was going out as well. Routinely I would click on the button, only to have the input completely ignored by the device. It was frustrating, especially for video games.

And that’s all he wrote!

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