Mon Nov 16 2020

I didn’t write yesterday. That’s okay.

Today I’m water fasting. I’m going to fast until at least sun down. I slept for a huge chunk of today.

First I woke up at 6:20 after feeling some stomach pain. IDK if I ate too much yesterday or if I have a kidney stone or what, but I took it as an opportunity to get up and get an early start on the day’s orders.

3 sales. 6 cards total.

The first order contained an $85 card. Pretty amazing that I sold that one! It took 6+ months to sell it.

Oh shit, I had it listed for $93.39. The customer used my 30% off discount for buying 3+ items and it dropped their total order down to $82.77. LoL that’s pretty funny. It would have been $108.73 for those three cards had they paid full price.

So that was a great sale. I wish I had more high value cards like that! I probably do, and I just don’t realize it. With an inventory of over 3000 items, I have a lot of cards that I’ve forgotten about.

I walked for about 20 laps and I was just drained after that. My brain was taking me to dark places, as I was triggered by a text my sister sent me. She said that the WA state governor is initiating another shutdown which starts at midnight.

I think enough is enough, and that it’s probably time for civil disobedience. The governor gets paid regardless of what happens. The civilians, if they can’t go to work, can’t get paid.

I don’t fall into either category. I can get paid by working from home… Anyway that’s not the point. We are experiencing a shared madness due to the fear of this weak-ass virus.

I am thinking of discontinuing my wearing of a mask in public. This pandemic shit has gone political. The virus isn’t killing everybody and the infection rate has always been expected to rise. It was never the intention to stop people from getting infected at all cost. The assumption was always that everybody is going to get it, we’re just flattening the curve so hospitals don’t get overwhelmed.

We did that. We responded, we flattened the curve, and now it’s time to move on. This virus would be called the common cold in any other year. Yes, people die from the common cold. Yes, infection spreads between people. Yes, going outside and in public is risky.

No, it’s not my job or even my responsibility to protect my neighbors from pathogens.

The nanny state mentality has to stop. Life is risky and there are diseases out there. This pandemic response has gone too far and I think we are making things worse by removing the opportunity for meaningful social interaction, public gatherings, etc.

The lockdowns are having an opposite effect on people’s health. The lockdowns are weakening everybody’s immune system by completely removing the microscopic opponents that would normally keep it strong.

There’s the mental health aspect of having everybody “stay inside, stay safe.”

There is no safe. Being a person is hard. Living is difficult. This is a false sense of security and we’re giving up our freedoms for it.

Here’s the difference between the free and the non-free.

The free act freely.

The non-free act for permission.

What kind of person assumes a position of authority, and then extracts as much power, influence, and money for themselves as possible? A politician. It’s nothing new, it’s always been this way. Politico consists of the leeches of society. A class that produces nothing. A class that asserts that they are entitled to the product of everybody else’s labor. A class that manipulates using fear and coercion.

I got off topic a bit, but I think it’s about time for civil disobedience. That or an exodus.

If I had the means, I’d be moving to Idaho right now. I’d be voting with my wallet, immediately ceasing my financial support for this state.

I can’t do that right now. I’m still in debt, still making poverty level monthly income…

While I was walking this morning and thinking about all this madness, I stopped and had a moment of mindfulness. I stopped and observed what I was doing, what my body and mind where engaging in.

It was anger. I was feeling really angry, much more than normal. Then I realized that I’m letting shit get to me. I’m letting the governor of Washington influence my life. I didn’t even know who the WA governor was until covy started.

I’ve acted as an autonomous, free individual for so long. Now all of a sudden, I’m letting some smuck tell me how to live my life?

No! That’s just crazy. I’ve lived as free as I can muster, I’ve been a voluntaryist and I’ve done what I can to opt out of every government program out there.

Why now do I give heed to something some person with a costume and a gang has to say?

I’m going to live how I want to live. I’m going to be peaceful and demand peaceful interactions from the people I conduct business with. For most of my life, government has been a laughing stock. An out-of-touch entity which has gone rogue. A corrupt and ridiculous source of truth. Puppets, stooges, their existence is a farce.

Government orders are illegitimate. Government is supposed to be made up of public servants, not an elite class or rulers.

So my response to government at this moment are, Shut up and serve me.

You’re concerned about public health? Distribute Vitamin D, Zinc, and C to every citizen. Buy everyone a subscription to ZGym. Get everyone a year of complimentary therapy. Eliminate taxes for small businesses who are going to be responsible for reversing the devastating effects of the first 6 months of lockdown.

I think my solution to Covy is rational. It’s a weak-ass cold virus which is quickly killed by healthy immune systems. The way to fight Covy is to strengthen immune systems, not suppress them.

I think the response that we’re seeing from government is completely fucking bonkers. It’s ridiculous to have a healthy populous by destroying the free market out of fear.


It’s all about fear.

This fear has crippled everything. People’s health, people’s livlihood. For what? So we could protect the weak?

The weak are already aware that they are weak. The weak are already taking precautions. But to force everyone else into compliance for them? That’s a nanny state and that’s not a healthy way to live.

Did you know that that in the USA at peak covy in April, there were ~301 deaths per day?

Did you know that in the USA, there are ~2,362 abortions per day?

Did you know that in the USA, there are 99 automobile accident fatalities per day?

This isn’t even about the infection rate, or deaths. I think the deranged individuals in government are just capitalizing on this opportunity for more power and more control.

I reject the mentality that we have to let government reduce risk as much as possible.

I reject the notion that it is my duty to wear a mask and protect my neighbors from pathogens.

I reject the stay at home order.

Instead of, “Stay home, stay safe.” I propose, “Get stronk so you can stay safe.”

That’s it for today.

5. I am stronk

I’m grateful for the nap, and the opportunity to think critically. The nap has helped me recover from the overworking that I’ve been doing, and the critical thought has brought me new insight into what undesirable sources of information are influencing my behavior.

I’m grateful for the food in my cupboards because it gives me energy in which I can use to produce value for other people, and in turn, monetize.

I’m grateful for meaningful social contact because it’s the spice of life.

I’m grateful for individual freedom because I get to be a fucking human that lives how he wants to live.

I’m grateful for free boxes because I use them to safely pack and ship trading cards.

I’m grateful for this blog because #1 I’m a badass motherfucker and I have thoughts and desires and goals and dislikes, and they’re all meaningful and important to acknowledge and share.


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