Mon Nov 9 2020

Last night I got distracted before I finished writing. Oops lolz.

I had dinner with the family. We made personal pan pizzas and my sister K. brought gluten free vegan pizza crusts which were suuuper yummy. I was so surprised at just how wheat-like they were in texture. Apparently they used cauliflour.

K. and my dad also gave me a bunch of vegan snacks. My dad apparently bought a bunch of indonesian snacks from amazon, but a bunch of them were “too weired for me” so he was giving them out to anyone who wanted them. I got some coated peanut snacks which I’m pretty stoked about. They look like the Japanese wheat coated peanuts I’ve had and loved, only these ones are coated in tapioca and other vegetables.

It also contains some strange ingredient which I haven’t heard of before. I’ll need to look that up before I eat it. I’m pretty sure it’s not an animal product. It sounds like something made in a lab lol.


No idea what that is! I wrote it down so I’ll look it up later. Right now I’m committed to writing!

Oh shit, I gotta go walk to the mailbox. I got 1 outgoing package today. It’s a magnetic parts holding tray that I sold for $11. I’m actually shocked that anybody would buy that. I’m pretty sure you can get one for less money that is in better condition than the one I’m selling. Maybe they had a gift card LOL.

No cards going out today. I’m attributing that to the fact that I didn’t list anything yesterday. I took yesterday almost completely off, and that’s a great thing!

I had a nice 2-3 hour walk & grocery store visit, I had a 3-4 hour visit with the family & dinner, I had a 1-2 hour stream with Ironmouse. Apparently Mouse streamed for 4 hours last night. I recorded it so I can watch it later, like a boss!

Melody also stremed on Chaturbate. I recorded that, too! It’s going to be nice to catch up on both streams later today while I work.

But first… maintenace! I have therapy today at 9am, and I want to walk outside a bit. Hmm, I think I am going to go ahead and wrap up this writing session, even though I still have 14 minutes on the clock. Time to go to the mailbox, and do some walking!

I went to the mailbox and I did about 25 minutes of walking. I was thinking that the magnet I was mailing today would stick to the mailbox, but it didn’t. I put several layers of cardboard around the magnet which was perfectly effective in preventing the magnet from sticking.

I showered and then I had therapy. It’s 9:49AM right now. We actually finished at 9:43. That’s over 15 minutes early!!! That has never happened before!

I think my therapist is seeing that I am making progress, and wrapping up the calls early. I’m also getting switched to therapy every other week instead of every week. Progress is being made!

So my homework for the next two weeks is to attend the CoDA Saturday group, reach out to others, and continue my momentum in getting the social support I need. My goal is to check off every “Socialize 1h” box on my daily checklist.

So the stock market is exploding today. I must have got 20 notifications today that it was time to sell various fractional shares that I purchased via Robinhood. I think a couple of my limit sell orders triggered as well.

I wonder what caused this massive uptick today? Is it normal for the monday after an election to see huge stock market activity? I wonder where bitcoin is at.

$15K. Ok so it hasn’t moved that much since last I heard. Just the stock market then. Holiday shopping, maybe? Nah, I think it’s the election.

Vaccine hopes? That’s the #1 trending thing. I could see a vaccine for the virus that has caused fear and economic instability being a thing that makes people bullish on stocks.

Well that’s just silly. This is the greed that Warren Buffett talks about! I have already sold all the stocks I got notifications for. I have about $300 buying power from that. I’m going to pay rent with it, and reinvest in Prememo.

I bought a Nekopara booster box for $38 today. I’ll probably spend another $50 in a week or so, to get some of my past purchases shipped to me.

Crazy stuff. My inbox was flooded with stock market notifications this morning, to the point where I was thinking was experiencing a bug.

Not a bug. It’s real! There is explosive growth today.

Just look at this chart! The one on the right. This is what all my stocks were looking like today.

breakfast time!

Holy shit, Tesla launched Tesla Tequila for $250 and it sold out in less than 20 minutes!

Hell, I would have bought that if I could have. I could hold onto it for a few years, then resell when the Cybertruck or something like that comes out at 2X what I paid!

It’s not like I’m going to drink it. Alcohol aint my thing.

Just look at that bottle! The bottle alone must cost $50. I wonder if it comes with that metal stand? It must be a pain in the as to pour from that bottle!

Today I got plans. I got plans to take over the Prememo world! I’m going to become the #1 Prememo reseller. That’s what I think I’ll do, yes I will!

Yesterday someone messaged me on eBay with some pictures of a card box full of Railgun Weiss Schwarz cards. They were looking to sell, but I just said, “At this time I’m not looking to acquire any Weiss Schwarz.”

It’s completely true. I don’t think there’s money to be made in Weiss Schwarz. I have been sitting on a bunch of Vocaloid WS cards for what must be a couple years now. They don’t sell like Prememo does. People expect to pay bottom dollar for WS. $1 for a card seems to be a lot for most WS players. It’s kinda like MTG, where there are so many sites and individual sellers selling, that the price never gets high except for those really rare cards that don’t get printed much, or are decades old.

I’ve got fraidy cat open on my third monitor. I’m keeping the CLOSEST eye on Starship SN8. I’m catching that livestream the moment it starts!

Oh, now’s a good opportunity to add SpaceX to my voddo.json file.

Oh wait a minute. They usually stream to youtube and twitter/periscope. I don’t think I can put in the channel URL and expect youtube-dl to start recording the ongoing live stream in the same way that youtube-dl would start recording a live stream from twitch or chaturbate… I might have to test that out the next time there is a live stream on youtube or twitter.

Oh hey, LabPatre or NasaSpaceflight do 24h live streams. I can test right now!

Nope, youtube-dl doesn’t seem to be able to download whatever video is live streaming, without me explicitly specifying the video URL. That’s okay. I’ll just stay on top of the launch schedule and I’ll manually start downloading.

I feel like taking a nap. I might just do that.

Breakfast was a yummy oatmeal with chocolate hemp milk, a heaping tablespoon of Adam’s chunky peanut butter, a sprinkle of chia seed, a large handful of raisins, and … and I think that’s it.

Delish. I didn’t even finish it all. I have been scooping 1 cup of oats and adding 1 cup of non-dairy milk as of late, but I think all that plus the extra toppings.. Oh yeah there was a banana too!

Yeah I think I’ve been stretching out my stomach when I eat all that. So today I just ate until my 7 minute pomodoro timer went off, at which point I refrigerated the leftovers and went to brush my teeth.

I am going to wrap this up for today. Journalling can and should be fun! Keeping the sessions short and sweet is one way to help keep it that way.


I’m grateful for the long walk I had yesterday, and how only one car honked at me.

Seriously what the fuck was that all about? I had to reason about it for a few minutes because I wasn’t completely sure that the car was honking at me. They could have been honking at another driver, or a plethora of other potential reasons.

But even if they did honk at me, it was one asshole driver vs. 1000 courteous drivers that passed me that day. So I’m grateful for that blessed ratio.

I’m grateful to have been able to go to local sangha service, at least in digital Zoom form. I’m grateful that I allowed myself to be myself, and I’m glad that I was brave and I texted the minister with my acknowledgement and thanks.

I’m grateful for group therapy and individual therapy. I’m grateful that I am working towards my goals in lessening the social anxiety that I feel. I’m grateful that exercise and yoga are big priorities in my life, and that I can use them to feel good about my body and feel good by relieving muscle tension.

I’m grateful for my pomodoro timer which helps me stay focused, and I’m grateful for fraidycat, which helps keep me up-to-date with all the news in the circles that matter to me.



Life is a gamble at terrible odds, if it was a bet you wouldn’t take it.

— Tom Stoppard, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”

94. I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I’ll take care of myself so I am strong enough to face it.
95. I choose to approach my problems with a calm heart and mind.
96. I trust myself.

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