Mon Oct 12 2020

4:11 PM. I feel fantastic right now, and it has everything to do with

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • yoga
  • meditation

that’s all I care to say on the subject. No wait, I will say a little more. I did sanbutsuge while sitting on the floor and I put a huge emphasis on sitting upright, stretching out the back of my neck, and elongating my spine.

It engaged my lower back, and corrected my neck muscles which seem to be the reason why my left ear is plugged. I don’t think my ear is plugged at all. I can turn my head to the left and it’s suddenly not plugged. Or I can straighten my back and neck and suddenly it’s not plugged. So I think I just have bad posture, and the head and neck muscles that are near the ear area are tense and contracted and blocking sound from entering at a normal rate.

So I have this persistent muffled sound which is a pain in the butt to listen to, but I’m just so used to it. Now I know that it’s a muscle issue, and I can rectify that with better posture.

Well, that’s going to be difficult to achieve, given my lifestyle of sitting at the computer for long periods.

Luckily I have yoga, and I have my daily checklist of yoga. I could simply add an extra yoga slot every day, and make sure to spend at least one of those slots doing exercises that strengthen my lower back and neck to the point where my posture is stronk and the muscles around my earway are relaxed and healthy.

I noticed a significant mood boost by simply working those muscles and getting everything aligned. Maybe there’s tension in there, and that tension contributes to my overall stress level, and by extension, mood.

A good discovery today, yessir!

I did some work this morning on tweet-toot. I ended up merging a downstream version of that project with my version which implemented a toot limiter.

I opened another issue on the upstream project, and made a comment on an existing issue to see if I could get the maintainer and a contributor to merge the changes. Really I think the project could be considered dead, due to how unresponsive the maintainer is.

I think a beautiful thing about open source is how I can freely fork the project and make my own changes. I have the fixes of sogolumbo’s fork which enables embedded media on toots, and I have my fixes which implement a limiter that prevents tweet-toot from spamming the Mastodon instance that I’m a part of.

The upstream maintainer doesn’t need to respond at all, and I still have what I want. The upstream project could close permanently, and I’d be just fine.

Oh yeah, I did some learning about git merges, git branches, blah blah etcetera etcetera. That was beneficial to me, because git branching and remote fetching and pull requests are all things which I don’t do very much, and it feels like an impediment to my potential velocity as a developer. It was a good practice to try these things, make merges between different remote branches, and create a branch of my own before merging it with master.

Good practice, indeed.

So yeah, I spent 2.5 hours on that, as moderated by my pomodoro timer. I then went for a bike ride. I took 4 mailpieces to the blue box at the post office, then I went to Fred Meyer and got bananas, frozen mixed vegetables, and some Edamame.

Actually it’s Mukumame or something like that, which seems to just be Edamame that has been removed from the pod. I ate a large serving of that with some brown rice, and holy shit that was a good meal. Super simple, super tasty, and super quick to prepare. Oh yeah, I added a little salt and pepper which made it real nice.

I took a few minutes to eat while I watched part of last nights twitch VOD where Ironmouse, Bunny_GIF, and ProjektMelody played Uno.

Just about 25 minutes of that. I didn’t want to watch the whole thing unless I was working on eBay, but I wanted to jump back into code so I kept it short.

I did 3 sessions of sbtp-loyalty. I did research on how I’m going to implement a product search using GraphQL. I have an idea of how to do it, but I still need to figure out some things as far as creating Schema types for filtering.

I napped after that, then did 1 final session of sbtp-loyalty research/code. I did meditation and stretching after that, which is when I learned that my neck muscles are fucking with my hearing.

And that leads me to right now. Holy shit, today has been an incredibly productive day, and it’s not even 5PM. Polyphasic sleep is kind of amazing at enabling a very densely packed schedule!

At some point before I napped, I scheduled this week’s upcoming tweets. I kept them really simple, just so I can be sure that the tweets are correctly relayed to Mastodon via tweet-toot. I set up a systemd service and timer file for tweet-toot so it’ll execute at 1:30PM and 1:30AM every day. I had to manually run the service file today, because I forgot to enable the timer file until after 1:30PM.

I think all the tweets I scheduled for this week feature VOCALOID cards. Those ones seem to sell pretty well. I just chose the most attractive looking cards based on the ones that I have recently listed.

Oh, I just wanted to say that I made a tweet last week which generated a lot of buzz.

5 retweets, 18 likes at the time of writing. Holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever made a tweet with that much impact!

Here’s a screenshot in case the tweet disappears for some reason in the future.

Really Miku is the reason that it’s done so well– It’s not me!

It’s a little bit me. If I hadn’t put in the effort, I wouldn’t be seeing this engagement.

I have four of those cards– I sold one of them thanks to this tweet! My cost basis for the four cards is $17.05. I have brought in $12.71 so far, which puts me at a 75.55% return so far. That number doesn’t take into account eBay fees, because it’s pretty damn hard to figure out what that fee amount is, but I think you get the point that that once I sell the other three, that return will be in a good place.

CBT Shit

Identifying Changes In Perspective Following Social Support

1. Before my disability/situation, how did I look at life? Did I view it in a positive or negative manner? Explain answers through the use of concrete examples.


I don’t think it does. I’m skipping.

2. Was there a specific time in life or a series of events that changed the way I viewed life and the world around me? If so, what was it and how did it change my perception of life?

Ok, I get why it asked #1 now. So I’ll answer #1 and then #2.

Sure, I was a happy child at some point. I was a happy young adult at some point. I had hopes and dreams and life was good. Then I got stuck in a job that I never intended to have for long term. I felt trapped and my dreams were dead and I felt like a soulless ghoul.

The specific life events that changed the way I viewed life were when I moved back home from Eugene and I put my fate in the hands of my parents. I began to say yes to a career path that was given to me, because I had given up on choosing a career path for myself.

My perception of life became one of, I am a cog in the gear that is society. I am not capable of and do not deserve to set my own path.

I became increasingly pessimistic about my life and my opportunities. I became increasingly reliant on my father for making choices.

3. How do I view life now? How has my perspective and outlook on life changed because of my disability or situation that happened?

Well I’m pretty far down the path of recovery, so I feel pretty fucking good right now. I am overall happy. I don’t feel depression that often. I have a good outlook on my future, and I have a path that I chose myself, that I want to follow more than anything else in the world.

I don’t even care to reflect on how I was when I was in the situation of being hopelessly codependent and pessimistic of my future. I think I’ve spent enough time doing that over this past year. I’m looking to the future right now, which is incredibly exciting and bright.

4. What are some situations you find challenging to maintain a positive outlook?

Well, finding opportunities to TALK using my voice to other people seems like a pretty difficult thing to do. It seems like most people just want to text, and I have a hard time getting past that. I think a lot of people would appreciate a call, but I’m making assumptions that people would be vehemently opposed to receiving a call out of the blue and speaking on the phone.

5. What ways do you prevent yourself from having a better outlook on life?

Probably revolving social situations where I don’t even want to get into them because of how I know I’ll probably have a good time, but then the day after, I’ll be sad because I am lonely again.

I tend to avoid those social situations because I anticipate the outcome of being sad again. Why should I be happy for a moment if it means a day of sadness to follow? A meh kind of a feeling 24/7 seems like a better alternative to the wild ups and downs of socializing.

6. What can you do to help yourself have a better view of life and situational events?

Honestly, it’s hard to do spur of the moment anything. I think just because of how I’ve programmed my brain, it’s much better to have a schedule of things that will help me achieve my goal of having Social Support and reaching out.

In other words, I think making a scheduled call with a person is a good thing. I think attending a scheduled event is a good thing. I think my solution is to create a system for Social Support, rather than it being something that I do when I feel like it. If it’s something that I do when I feel like it, I’ll probably never get around to it.

So like, video games on wednesday at 8:30 PM is a good system. Not that I want to start video games again, but that’s a good routine to get behind.

Monday I can do therapy. Tuesday I can do CoDA, Wednesday I can go video games, Thursday I can do… ??? IDK. Oh right, more therapy. Friday I can do… ??? No idea there.

It would be nice to have Tae Kwon Do be an event for a couple days a week. Eventually once the Covy mind virus dissipates, I’ll move towards that goal. For now, I’ll think of some social internet stuff that I can do.

Maybe I could try Omegle or something like that. That seems super fucking scary, but it would be a great way to get practice with socialization.

CBT done.

40. I refuse to be pushed by my problems; I will be led by my dreams
41. I am awake and ready to be awesome.
42. I will focus on my talents; I have things to share with the world.


I’m grateful for high quality writing utensils. My LAMY Al-Star comes to mind. I use that thing every day and I would be very sad if I were to lose it. There’s a few pens from Japanese makers that I’m interested in. I have them on my amazon wishlist

Ohto Horizon is the pen. That clicker seems so chunky. I want to try it!

I’m grateful for my silhouette CAMEO 3. I cut a bunch of order freebie stickers today. HOLY SHIT I DID THAT TOO?? Today has been INCREDIBLY PRODUCTIVE!

I think I deserve a break! I hope Ironmouse streams tonight– that would be a great way to finish off the day. As always, I kinda hope she doesn’t stream, because she has been streaming a lot lately and I want her to take care of her health first!

I’m grateful for productive days like this. I am right on the edge of working too much, as indicated by moments of fatigue, but I am so pleased with what I have accomplished and I like to do this as much as I can, and proceed as rapidly as possible towards my goals of bringing Precious Memories to the USA and creating North America’s premier platform for collecting the game.

That’s it for now!


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