Mon Oct 26 2020

notes from therapy


I am targeting 2 out of 10 social anxiety when with groups

I want to gain the ability to build connections with people


Reach out to friends.


It’s not my job to make other people happy. It’s my job to be my authentic self.


ORCT2 with M. on Wed Oct 28 @ 8:30PM

Group Therapy Thursday Oct 29 @ 1PM

Nerds United Halloween Board Games on Sat Oct 31 @ Northtown Mall @ 12PM

CoDA Saturday Nov 7th via Zoom

Group Therapy Thursday Nov 5 @ 1PM

Individual Therapy Mon Nov 9th @ 9AM


CoDA has fellowship.

Teh journal

This morning I found a note in the mailbox which said that my barcodes are not scanning. Well fuck! I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. They look distortion free to me! They scan alright with my SecScanQr app!

I posted on /r/USPS and a bot removed my post because it thinks I’m asking about package tracking. bleh.

I am thinking of walking down to the post office with some sample labels and asking them directly if they can see any problem, but that’s an hour walk each way! And there’s snow on the ground so it’s probably going to take even longer to navigate; the sidewalks are likely buried in snow.

Well I haven’t got my exercise for today. A walk down there would satisfy that requirement, and sort out this problem. Feeding two birds with one scone!

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