My Top 10 Happy #Vocaloid Songs

I really think Hatsune Miku and vocaloids in general are infinitely cute. Between vocals, appearance, and character, there is no end to what producers can do to bring out their shining personality and attractiveness. Here are my personal top 10 happy vocaloid songs. These songs make me feel good and bring me a smile every time I hear them.

10. Triple Baka

It’s just too funny when Neru hits Miku on the back of the head with a spring onion 😂. Teto always makes me smile as well. (inb4 Teto is not a vocaloid)

9. PinocchioP – YOZURINA


8. Shake It!

Rin, Len, and Miku look like they’re having SOOOOOOOO much fun, it’s contagious!


Kyari is a fluffy fluffy happy musical happy fluffy genius. Gumi’s voice is perfect for this rendition.

6. Ageage Again

pa shuwa pappa shuwa Oooh Aah!

5.【LuoTianyi】66CCFF ( 洛天依 // 66CCFF )

“My Blue” / “watashi no ao”

4. PoPiPo

An instant classic. The tune is very catching and fun.

3. News 39

Mitchie M brings Miku alive in a way nobody else can.

2. PONPONPON ([初音ミク]Hatsune Miku Cover)

Cue the nosebleeds, I just can’t handle this much CUTE!

1. Drop Pop Candy

This choreography, melody, and the outfits in this PV are TO DIE FOR.

There are my top 10 Happy Vocaloid songs. Want to feel sad now? Check out my Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs.

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