My Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs

All Vocaloid songs aren’t happy go lucky songs about the weather or polkas. Miku and friends sometimes delve into the genres of death, deceit, or tragic romance. Bitter sweet? Check. Wanna cry? Check. Here are my Top 10 sad Vocaloid Songs.

10) Hand in Hand

Miku sings about wiping away another’s tears, and making them feel better. On it’s own, this giddy love song isn’t really sad. Only when thinking about the love Miku shows her audience and longing for wanting to actually hold her hand is when this song makes my chest ache.

9) Self-Awareness

A true love song of an impossible relationship between AI and human. In this song, Miku sings about her inability to feel the most mundane things like feeling the wind or the taste of delicious food. Miku expresses that she will wait forever for her wish of self awareness and to be able to be close enough to feel her lover’s heartbeat.

8) Decade

Miku has showered us with her love for ten years, her voice and her smile has reached millions. In this lovely and chill electronic song, Miku recounts those years of all her supporters helping her to do her best, and hopes for another ten. She will be here, always by our side, and always be there for us.

7) Odds & Ends

The story sung in Odds & Ends is one of a suffering producer who has bottled up their pain and frustrations, and is only able to find release through Hatsune Miku. Odds & Ends is somewhat meta, in that Miku sings of letting her voice sing the song trapped in her aching producer’s heart. This parallels the fact that Hatsune Miku is a singing voice synthesizer which users can enter their own lyrics and make Miku sing whatever they want. Putting that thought aside, there is a deeper concept of a lover who is completely dedicated to her partner, there for them indefinitely, without fail. That dedication and loyalty is incredibly romantic, beautiful and inspiring.

6) Promise

Life is fragile. Everyone you know or have ever known will all fade away some day. Some fade too soon. Rest in peace, Samfree, the creator of this beautiful and touching work. Even before his passing, this song seemed to contain a touch of sadness. In Promise, Miku and Rin sing about a person who has been hurt and is afraid to live again. Their partner gives them strength, and together they are able to fearlessly look forward to and create the future they want. Realizing through love that it is achievable and worth pursuing.

5) Meltdown

Rin sings about an existence where the thought of jumping into the pure beautiful bright light of a nuclear reactor seems like a relief. Luckily, I am content with life, but at times in my life I could relate to the feeling of wanting a permanent escape. It’s very sad to think of such a beautiful creature such as Kagamine Rin wanting to do such a thing.

4) The Trash-Heap Princess and Apostrophe

A innocent princess is befriended by an unexpectedly gentle cyborg. In a conflicted world, the princess gives her life to protect the cyborg. In that moment, the cyborg learns what it means to be human.

3) Time Machine

I think this song encapsulates the universal law, “all good things must come to an end.” A beautiful relationship is featured, which unfortunately has it’s undue limit.

1) ACUTE (video cannot be embedded)
The ultimate tragic love story as told through song, and a manga of the same name. This video contains the most beautiful trio dance sequence I have seen in a vocaloid video, with the most painful story of three youths stuck in a deceitful love triangle. There is no happy ending here.

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