My Top 5 Trance Vocaloid Songs

5) Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) DiSTANCE- Deep Vision

This one just makes me incredibly happy, like I’m being washed with cool blue waves of pure love.

4)【初音ミク – Hatsune Miku】Gloria -In a Closed World-【Original】

This seems like it’s a hybrid between hymn and electronic music. The mix goes together like peanut butter and chocolate. Miku harmoniously holds those high notes and it always moves me.

3) VOCALOID2 – Hatsune Miku – ‘SPiCa -ReACT Trance Remix’ [HD & MP3]

2)【初音ミク – Hatsune Miku Append】Contrasphere【Original】

I love the rigid sounding percussion, while the rest of the song is flowing. Once again, Miku’s vocals are spot on as she hits those high notes. Definitely a song to play at high volume while dancing!

1) 杉田朗 challenged by 天游 – 66ccff -Aerial Mix-

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