Nagios snmp_get CRITICAL – Plugin timed out while executing system call

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I started up a new Naemon (Nagios fork) server, and I came across this error while monitoring a Cisco switch.

I researched a bit, and found lots of unresolved forum and mailing list threads about the same issue. It wasn’t until I found this blog post which came up with a workaround. Their workaround was to use the OID “iso.” instead of the string “sysUpTime.0”.

So in other words, the “Plugin timed out” problem is caused by snmpget (the program called by check_snmp) not knowing how to interpret the string, “sysUpTime.0” into an OID. I think the better, alternate way of fixing the problem is to give snmpget some MIB files which allow snmpget to translate sysUpTime.0 into an OID.

First, you have to download a MIB tree for your device, or a generic MIB which defines sysUpTime.0. I copied all the MIBs I had on another server to this new one, and I found quite a few that reference sysUpTime.

Any of these MIB files should do the trick, and they can be found from various sites on the internet.

The last step is to configure snmpget (from the Net-SNMP package) to use the MIB files we downloaded. For all my MIB files, I created a directory, /opt/mibs. Next, I edited the /etc/snmp.conf file, using the mibdirs directive I found usin man snmp.conf

That’s about it; there’s no Daemon to reload. Now, when I run xxxxxx, I get expected output.

Hope that helps you. Have a great day!

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