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Lately I’ve been using a variety of online tools to create artwork for my NFT minting endeavors. Here are some of the tools that I’ve used and enjoy.


This one’s got an incredible amount of filters and effects you can apply to your image to make it POP. Create glitch effects, color remaps, add wavy distortions or bad TV artifacting and more. You can input a static image, apply animations and output to animated GIF, or webm.

Glitch Image Generator

An easy way to give any image a glitched-out look.

Fluid Paint

Simulated liquid painting with basic settings customization.

Rompola! 3D Sketchpad

A simple drawing tool with a moving camera and a bunch of fun filters like mirroring, scan lines, and color inversion.

Sketch 2 Render

An AI tool which can potentially speed up the art process by automatically rendering a sketch from line art.

A faithful Javascript re-creation of the classic Kid Pix software.


3D sculpting and painting in the browser using a virtual brush.


A nice and simple drawing software for making wobbly artwork. It’s offered as a virtual “cart” for PICO-8 fantasy console, and is also usable in the browser.


Whenever I see really complex and detailed ASCII art in chat rooms or elsewhere, I wonder how the artist was able to create such a thing. I doubt it was using this website, but going forward, this might be the best way! Using alienmelon’s ASCII Paint, it’s easy to create pieces by simply choosing a character set, and click & dragging around the screen. I created the face above in about a minute.


I think this one is meant to make ASCII diagrams and flowcharts… But perhaps the best art is formed using non-art tools!

This one is a collaborative art tool with a feature set similar to Photoshop. By default, participants get their own layer to draw on, and everyone draws together on the same canvas. I have been lucky enough to be invited to collaborate with a few twitch streamers who were doing a live art stream with their viewers. I somehow always end up drawing colourful vehicles which I end up really enjoying.

Kaleidoscope Painter

This website is great for making perfectly symmetrical kaleidoscopes easily. There’s a bunch of interesting brushes that can create vibrant rainbow-like lines automatically.


PINTR takes a photo as input, and outputs a SVG or PNG image drawn using one or more lines


That’s all the tools I know of at this time. Do you know of others that you recommend? Leave a comment below. Thank you!

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Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post