OSEPP Fio is more better than expected!

For part of a project I’m working on, I just received three OSEPP Fios. I’m hooked on arduino, I want to collect all the types of arduinos so naturally I’m giddy as can be!

Ok ok now to what this article is really about. I bought the boards from tigerdirect. They were 17.99 a piece, which equates to some good savings over the sparkfun version. When I ordered them, I was expecting them to be less great and lacking components that the official arduino fios have.

See the usb connector? Stop nodding your head.
See the usb connector? Stop nodding your head.

The usb connector is missing in every vendor-supplied picture I saw. I was expecting to receive three boards sans usb connector, which wasn’t an issue for my project because these fios are destined to sit inside a project box, and I was going to solder in a usb connector for the exterior of the box.

I was pleasantly suprised when I received the three fios with usb connectors intact! That will make charging batteries during prototyping easier.

Another thing to note, to test these Fios, I uploaded the example ‘blink’ sketch to each without issue. So far they seem 100% arduino compatible!

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