Our Modern Society: Take A Nap!

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We work hard, we get tired, we counteract the tiredness with excessive food and drink. We get fat. We get stressed. We lose sleep, and the vicious cycle sustains itself.

I can’t stand this lifestyle; I detest it. That’s not how we’re meant to live, and I can’t understand how that lifestyle makes anyone happy.

Michael, we don't have a lot of time on this earth!
Michael, we don’t have a lot of time on this earth!

I propose an afternoon nap be adopted by workplaces worldwide. Instead of grabbing an afternoon cuppa jo, you take a short nap and feel twice as refreshed. Sleeping for twenty minutes will do a lot more good for your body than a cup of coffee.

I work better when I’m well rested. If I pull an all-nighter to finish a project, I work at a fraction of the pace that I could be working had I taken a nap.

Polyphasic sleep does wonders for my own productivity. I’ve never been able to keep up something as extreme as the Uberman schedule, but I can attest to the  merits of the Everyman sleep schedule. Really, the schedule I think works best for me isn’t a schedule at all; it’s simply sleeping when I’m tired, no matter what time it is. If it’s mid-day, I end up sleeping for an hour or two. I wake up with a clear mind, and a boost of energy.

This is just one of the many fixes our modern society could benefit from. Quit trying to solve every human problem with chemistry. Accept the natural, man!

PS If you can’t sleep, have a listen at this

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