How to convert an image to a data url

I have a project where I want to embed an PNG image into a Tampermonkey script. Lucky for me, Firefox is capable of converting an image file on disk into a base64 dataurl! All I had to do is right click on the file I wanted to convert, and open it in Firefox. After that, […]

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WaniKani stuck on apprentice

力 (chikara) pronounciations are kanji: りょく and vocabulary: ちから

力 Kun: ちから On: リョク、 リキ、 リイ Meaning: power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert 力 is ranked 62 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers. It’s taught in grade 1, WaniKani level 1, and this kanji is kicking my ass!. My mastery level of this kanji is stuck on apprentice! I’m on WaniKani level […]

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Squad Guidebook

Squad is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter which emphasizes realism, teamwork and communication. An average game consists of finding a server, joining a squad, and immediately assisting that squad in their objectives. To be successful in said squad, you must coordinate, communicate, and conquer. A squad which coordinates attacks, communicates by calling out spotted […]

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How Squad has changed my life

Squad has possibly been the most beneficial video game I have ever played. I have improved my communication skills through Squad; doing so is essential for a positive Squad experience. Squad requires often calling out bearings, distances, and relative terrain features when spotting enemies. All these things together make for good call outs, which isn’t […]

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Japanese – 下げる vs. 下がる

In my quest for Japanese language proficiency, I have become stuck on many vocabulary. The latest is 下げる (sageru) and 下がる (sagaru). I know one means “to get lower” and the other means “to lower”, but I have had the most difficult time differentiating the two. They’re just too similar, and I often get the […]

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Vegan Pizza

I like making vegan pizza. but I always forget the recipe! Here’s the video I go off of, along with the transcribed recipe. Here is the recipe

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Valuing My Own Content

If I could make a living creating the type of content you see on, I’d be doing my dream job. Whatever the amount, there is value in what I post, and social media sites know this. Lately, I have been preferring posting to my blog rather than using social media. Those companies just sell […]

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Ludem Dare 42

I will be participating in Ludem Dare 42 this weekend, August 10-12 2018 along with my brothers Michael and David. A few years ago, the three of us formed Team Rocket Propelled Chainsaw, a brotherly club who make video games. TeamRPC is re-united for the answer to life, the universe, and everything edition (42) of […]

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How to create a PGP key

So you want to send encrypted messages to a buddy. How to generate a key? Follow these simple steps. Install gpg if you haven’t already.

Now you need to generate a key pair

Follow the on-screen prompts. I used RSA encryption, 4096 length, 1y expiration. Now that our key is made, we want […]

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