Valuing My Own Content

If I could make a living creating the type of content you see on, I’d be doing my dream job. Whatever the amount, there is value in what I post, and social media sites know this. Lately, I have been preferring posting to my blog rather than using social media. Those companies just sell […]

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Ludem Dare 42

I will be participating in Ludem Dare 42 this weekend, August 10-12 2018 along with my brothers Michael and David. A few years ago, the three of us formed Team Rocket Propelled Chainsaw, a brotherly club who make video games. TeamRPC is re-united for the answer to life, the universe, and everything edition (42) of […]

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How to create a PGP key

So you want to send encrypted messages to a buddy. How to generate a key? Follow these simple steps. Install gpg if you haven’t already.

Now you need to generate a key pair

Follow the on-screen prompts. I used RSA encryption, 4096 length, 1y expiration. Now that our key is made, we want […]

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St. Ezreal’s School of Espers

Here’s a novel I wrote in 2017 for NaNoWriMo Big thanks to @mindsforge, @DoodleGarou, and @MuLlaak for the encouragement, support, and inspiration! I wouldn’t have ‘picked up a pen’ so to speak if it weren’t for you three! Also check it out on gitbook for an easy-to-read format. (editor’s note: git checkout 1108a75d108fad00763ed7161c26f7bc3733d83c) “St. Ezreal’s […]

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Living Frugally – A Discount Challenge

I had an idea of a challenge to try. Don’t pay full price for anything. That is not my usual way of living, but I figured it’s worth a try to cut down on expenses. The Never Full Price Challenge means no Amazon shopping, no non-discount groceries, no new clothes, no fast food… The goal […]

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My Socially Anxious Miku Expo 2018

I went to Miku Expo 2018 in Dallas, TX. I planned the craziest timetable ever. Left home at 3AM friday, returned home 9AM saturday. I don’t want to get into the travelling too much, because that’s boring, but I want to remember it in the future so I’m making a brief note of it. GEG […]

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