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Apple Store Borderlands GOTY Multiplayer LAN Game via LogMeIn Hamachi

(Originally posted on At time of writing, Gameranger is the only supported way to play multiplayer games in Borderlands (1). Gameranger isn’t compatible with the latest version of MacOS 10.9.4, Mavericks. I wanted to play with my brother Brandon, but we couldn’t get a game going over the internet…


Xbee notes

Unformatted, unordered, brain dump of information for my Mil-Sim airsoft wireless pyrotechnics ignition project. Mostly for my reference but if it helps someone with their xbee project, that’s a bonus. Code here: Vids here: V2 OSEPP Fio $19 XBee Pro 63mW RPSMA – Series 2B (ZigBee Mesh) $29…

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Microsoft MapPoint 2011 on Windows 7 Professional

At work we run vehicle tracking software from Kenwood called KAS-10. KAS-10 connects to our Kenwood radio system and receives position reports from mobile radios. KAS-10 has a dependency of Microsoft MapPoint, but not just any version of MapPoint, it needs MapPoint 2011. Under Windows XP, MapPoint 2011 installs without…

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TIME CAPSUE BLOG POST 002 – Memorial Day Cruise 2012

Here’s a blast from the past from a daily papers (journal) entry I wrote on Memorial Day weekend 2012. (This blog post was drafted Mon July 22 2013 and scheduled to post automatically on Memorial Day 2014.) Hi Morning Papers, Screw you! I don’t want to write you today. Today’s…

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Toledo Mix

LMMS project files and samples of the remix I did of Christopher Toledo’s vine toledomix.tar The final mp3 The youtube vid The original

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