[MUSIC] Steamtrain

Steam Train

It’s been awhile since I posted anything music related. I jumped back into LMMS recently and it’s actually kind of therapeutic. Sitting there, producing a tune and jamming with my headphones on is challenging and gratifying, but it doesn’t feel like work. Here’s my latest track, Steamtrain. download

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How I am learning Japanese

Japanese anime has been an obsession of mine for my entire adult life. From cute, funny, sad and sexy, each series I watch draws me into the unique and sometimes wacky Japanese entertainment culture. Don’t get me wrong, I know most is just fantasy and the “real Japan” isn’t like it is in anime, however […]

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Install magic-wormhole on Windows 7

magic-wormhole Is a CLI program to quickly, securely, and easily transfer files from one computer to another. I thought the README.md for magic-wormhole was lacking some details on how to install the program on Windows. This sort of thing is probably obvious to any Windows Python dev, but I’m a Linux guy so I was […]

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Birthday Trip 2017

I wanted to do something for my 30th birthday. Originally I was thinking of going somewhere like an anime convention, but the only one that was happening around my birthday was in Minnesota or something, and it seemed like a smaller event. I was looking for something big! Somehow I heard on short notice that […]

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Nagios snmp_get CRITICAL – Plugin timed out while executing system call

I started up a new Naemon (Nagios fork) server, and I came across this error while monitoring a Cisco switch.

I researched a bit, and found lots of unresolved forum and mailing list threads about the same issue. It wasn’t until I found this blog post which came up with a workaround. Their workaround […]

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DYMO 4XL on Ubuntu 14.04


Set up CUPS driver Download the Linux toolkit from DYMO Extract

change to directory of extracted files

configure the CUPS driver

compile the driver

install the driver

Now you can go to and add the printer. Use your Ubuntu username and password when it asks you for […]

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Linux – How to mount an OSX dd disk image

My 2011 Mac Mini was running so slowly, that I decided to back up it’s entire hard disk, and switch to Ubuntu. For the backup process, I opted to boot into a live Ubuntu environment, then use dd to copy the entire hard drive to a USB external hard drive. I can’t remember the exact […]

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