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Project Ideas (Master List)

Last updated on November 2, 2021

I have a lot of ideas for webapps and games. Here are a bunch of them.

Multiplayer Death Counter

A death/swear/hiccup counter meant for livestreams. Anyone can create a counter then share the URL or ID with chat. Chat can visit the realtime webapp and vote when the counter should be incremented. Every participant has their own counter, and the final overall counter is based on consensus and average of the crowd.

Waifu Wars

Pulls data from external sources (myanimelist, anidb) and lets people vote on the top waifus. Every day, randomly selects 2 waifus which people vote on, with the winners prominently displayed. Graphs with weekly, daily, most popular.

Automated Twitch Stream

100% automated video content generation using TTS, ML/Deep dream, GPT-3, Creative Commons music, & interactive chat bot. Stream duration depends on user interaction. Daily stream launched with cron.

Twitch stream death game

VTuber host gets “killed” and the stream ends if the custom made collaborative multiplayer game is lost. Multiple episodes based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Sloth/Apathy: Very simple game created in something like Love2D (lua) where a series of buttons must be repeatedly pressed by either the host, or the chat using text commands e.g.: “!press A1”

If a button is not pressed within a set duration, the button becomes locked, and only the remaining unlocked buttons can be pressed.

Twitch chat to PDF

Twitch chat generates a compact, very nicely formatted PDF document which is suitable for printing to a physical printer.

A twitch stream can be created with the sole focus on that printer. When the paper runs out, something interesting happens.

Camera equipment rental comparison prices & alerts

A price aggregator & notifier for people looking to rent camera equipment such as GoPro Hero.

Mahjong Yaku calculator

Input any mahjong hand, and the calculator suggests the most probable yaku (win conditions) to pursue

Twitch Chatbot API

A PaaS which gives developers quick and easy access to creating a custom chat bot

Veloren Item Price DB & API

A 3rd party economic price index for Veloren, with API access for developers. Each item is given a value, based on perceived scarcity. Possible integration of cryptocurrency. For example, show the price of a Veloren Twig in BTC

Sleep Schedule piechart maker

Helps the user create a pie chart illustrating the user’s sleep schedule. Makes suggestions based on scientific data.

Fuwa DB

Database with pictures showing popular anime plushies. Has user submissions for crowd sourcing the data.

FPS Score Tracker

Auth with Steam OpenID. Watches user’s screenshot timeline for new screenshots. Uses CV to extract kills/deaths/score/assists, etc. data and display statistics over time on a graph. Sharable links to compare with friends.

CR Bot

My solution to the lack of funding problem Open Source. When someone adds an issue on Github, the maintainer can do triage, then respond with a dollar amount that it will cost to fix the issue. CR Bot (Change Request Bot) swoops in and creates an invoice complete with Paypal and BTC payment links. The invoice can be paid by anyone, not just the person who opened the link.

Chat-influenced RPG

A fork of BrowserQuest meant for a livestreamer to play on stream, while the chat influences what monsters spawn and what items appear in chests.

Twitch Bits Currency Converter

Converts Twitch bits to USD and vice versa. Provides API for search engine ingestion

Streamer links 404 checker

A SaaS bot which checks for 404s on streamer’s various profile pages. Sends e-mail reports when 404 detected.


A CTF style game Alternate Reality Game played via a Twitch stream

HellOS was my idea for LD49 which I did not complete due to mishandling my stress & anxiety

Hardest Core MMORPG

Real-time sandbox style survival game with character perma-deaths. The character does not disappear from the world when the player logs out. Regardless of whether or not the player is actively playing, the character exists in the game world from time of spawn till time of death. If the player is not actively playing, the character is controlled by a rudimentary AI which will take care of the character’s basic needs of eating and sleeping. The AI will not seek out sustience, it will only eat stores of what is in it’s immediate vicinity. If the character runs out of food, the character will starve and die.

The game is set up to allow multiple players to take turns controlling a single character. Essentially the only way to do well in the game is to have a team of players who control the character around the clock, 24/7, defending from other player-characters attacks, looting other player-characters, and gathering supplies.

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