Rant: Voting

“Who are you voting for? Choose the lesser of two evils BAHAHA!”

That’s like asking me if I’d like the soup with vomit, or the soup with flies. I WANT NEITHER! I’ll make my own soup, thanks very much.

Anyway, this post isn’t about choosing a system based on peaceful voluntary interaction, it’s about voting, the broken system from the past.

It is technically feasible to create a system of voting which uses biometric data to ensure one vote per person, all while preserving biometric privacy for the voter and personally ensuring vote has been registered. This has been plausible to create within the last many years. The internet, and asymmetric encryption make this possible. Lately, blockchains have arrived which could add additional benefits such as security and records keeping.

But no, popular opinion is stuck to the old ways, where one human is voted to be given sole authority over the most powerful military force ever known. And the choices we want aren’t to choose whether or not end the war in Iraq, but rather choose who should choose whether or not to end the war in Iraq. This is backwards, in-box thinking which hasn’t scaled, adapted, or kept up with technology in the last 200 years.

A federal representative government does not exist today.


This is where I might endorse some presidential candidate who I think would fix all this. I’m not going to do that, because I don’t think that process will ever change anything. I think the change to a better society has to happen by refusing to be controlled by a geographically based monopoly on force.

Governance has to happen with every person, or at least every community. I’m talking about voluntary policing. Policing that is a business, not a entrenched public service. Policing that can go bankrupt and go out of business, rather than having an infinite supply of money. This is how jobs are created, not by artificially saying, “we need jobs, so here are some new laws which mandate jobs”, but by actual demand for jobs.

Discontinue police and military as a government service, and suddenly people don’t feel safe. Suddenly there’s demand for security startups, JOBS, which align with ACTUAL market value, and have ACTUAL accountability. How’s that sound?

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