Ruifan KING BLADE Vocaloid Color Tuning Palettes

I’m getting ready for Sakuracon 2019, and my new Ruifan KING BLADE X10III Neos just showed up. Damn, these things are BRIGHT! These penlights have a really cool feature where they can be programmed via Android or iPhone smartphones via an infrared programming cable which connects to the phone’s speaker jack. The Ruifan KING BLADE app allows users to create custom Blade palettes, and share them with friends or online using a QR code. Here are some examples I found on twitter–

I know KING BLADEs and similar penlights are generally not allowed at Vocaloid concerts due to their tendency to reflect off of projection screens. However, I’m a little surprised that I wasn’t able to find any Vocaloid color palettes.

Since there won’t be a projection screen at Sakuracon’s concert, I’ll be using my KING BLADEs and I wanted something Vocaloid themed to go along with my Happi jacket. I went ahead and created a few Vocaloid color schemes for the KING BLADE app, and I will share them with you below.

But I didn’t stop there. I decided to make a color palette that matches an official Miku Expo 2018 penlight! I cranked the brightness way down on this one. In theory, KING BLADEs tuned to this configuration would not be frowned upon at a Vocaloid concert! I matched the colors of the official penlight as close as I could.

Alright, my KING BLADEs are tuned and ready to go. Here’s to a great Sakuracon 2019!

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