Sat Apr 18 2020

Ludum Dare has begun! I made a really short script and some music.

INT. Alien Planet Forward Operating Base D-01
GENERAL PINCER is conversing with SECRETARY DELCAPPA. SERGEANT DUKES bursts into the room in a panic.

Sir! We're under attack from the enemy. It's a battalion size element!

Great Scott, it's just as we feared. Sergeant, prepare to evacuate, we're pulling outta here!

Yes sir!

EXT. Alien Planet. Workers and security contractors scramble to load into the transport.

This is not a drill. Nerds are five minutes away, prepare for immediate evacuation. Essential supplies only! This is not a drill!

I started doing art and I quit right away. I know where this ends up. Every time I start to make art, the game falls apart. I think my creativity is dead. I have an idea for the game, but fuck the process. I find no fun in making games anymore. I think it’s because the process is so complex and long and arduous, and there’s too many ways I can take the idea, it’s got too many options and too many moving parts to where it becomes this unmanageable thing and all I feels stress.

I think I’m going to write a screenplay, and somehow turn that into a game. Fuck drawing art and coding, I don’t think I have a future there. I have tried so many times and all I do is spin my wheels. I don’t get any better. I just take shortcuts and end up with complex code that is too difficult to work with.

There’s a story creator thingy that my friend Mindsforge told me about. I think at one point, he created a story using Twinery during Ludem Dare.

God, I am just so stressed out right now. Why do I even try Ludem Dare? It’s like this every time. Why is making a game so appealing?

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