Sat Aug 1 2020

I slept this evening and I had a dream which I think would make a great premise as a book. Here’s the notes so I don’t forget.

A boy fresh out of highschool is living out his dreams with his friends by trying to create a video game during the summer. His father comes to him one day and says he needs to get a summer job, and he has one lined up for him.

The job…

  • Lasts all summer.
  • Is really easy.
  • Requires almost no working.
  • Has lots of people to befriend.
  • Is a full-time live-in position in a remote city.

The boy would rather stay and make video games with his friends, but his dad sets up an interview for the boy.

The father and the boy depart one morning and meet with the boss and his aide who is going to drive them to the remote city.

The father and the boy sit in the back of the boss’s car. The boss says, “My ideal candidate is someone who isn’t real smart. Someone who doesn’t give a fuck. And hopefully nicotine is running through their blood because I’m going to smoke the whole way there.”

The boy realizes that he’s the wrong person for the job, but his dad says, “Oh yeah, that’s no problem.”

They get to the place and it’s a large, aged mansion with lots of young kids running around.

The boss, aide, father, and the boy go to a meeting room. The boss explains the job.

“It’s a really easy job. You basically get to play around all day. There’s the occasional person you gotta beat up and transport, but for the most part you just talk to people and shoot the shit.”

The boy gets confused about that beating up people.

“Yeah so we give you a name and a picture, and where they’re going to be. You kick their drunk ass, shove them in the car, and bring them here to the other guy who takes care of them. Then you’re done and you go back to jerkin’ around for the the rest of the week. You’ll make good money and you get to hang out with all the other kids here. So what do you think?”

The boy thinks about it, and declines. He realizes that this isn’t the job for him.

the boss leans back in his seat and lights another cigarette.

The dad turns to the boy and puts on his serious face.

“…Then you’re going to be the other guy.”

The boy realizes what has just happened. His father had planned to leave him there one way or another. He never had an choice to begin with.

The father leaves and the boy is left to mingle with the other staff.

The boy gets a guided tour by some of the other kids.

The other kids are goblin-like with big oval heads and large bulbous noses.

The boy is shown the living quarters, the common spaces, and the bar/lounge.

In the lounge, the boy surveys the assortment of large comfy chairs. The girl showing the boy around explains, “that’s pappa’s chair. That one’s momma’s chair, it’s big and soft!”

“this one is my favorite, it’s olive green just like me!”

The boy sits in a comfy chair in the lounge before there is anybody else there. A human boy comes in, doffing a backpack and gas mask. The goblin kids run off after the boy and argue over who will clean the mask.

The hours go on and A whole bunch of goblin kids start to fill the lounge. One dopy goblin comes up to the boy and offers him some drink.

“Here, take this Dove water”

The boy is confused and asks his tour guides,

“What is dove water?”

The tour guides seem pressured by the dopy goblin to answer,

“it’s beer.”

the boy looks around. Nobody else is drinking soapy Dove water.

“Come on, come on, drink it!”

The dopy goblin gets up in his face, prodding the milky colored soap water towards the boy.

The boy hesitates. A crowd gathers around.

“It’s really good, come on, drink it! You’ll like it!”

The dopy goblin has a mischevious look on his face. The crowd gazes on. The boy exchanges looks with the tour guides who force a smile and have sweat on their brows as they exchange looks with the dopy goblin and look from him to the drink to the boy.

The boy consideres his feelings. He’s been dragged out to this remote shithole against his will and made a hitman by his father’s orders. He’s in a crowded lounge with a bunch of ugly, annoying rat bastard goblin kids, and he’s had enough.

The boy grabs the glass of murky soap water and throws it at the dopy goblin’s face. The crowd goes wild in awe, clapping and cheering.

“Drink your damn Dove water yourself. Bartender, get me a beer!”

The bartender nods and hands the boy a pint of their finest yellow bubbly drink.

In that moment, the boy becomes the new alpha of the pack, and lives a large life of drinking, partying, and sexy time with prostitutes.

All the best for the neighborhood hitman. That’s right, the boy is a hitman, and soon the day will come when he has to get to work.

That’s where my dream ended. But the idea is that he gets to live like a king, be the alpha of the pack, get all the pussy in the world, but every now and then the other kids bring in a man who the boy has to decapitate.

The other kids do the cleanup. So I guess it’s not even a hitman position. It’s an executioner position. I guess the idea is that the other kids get to stay pure and innocent because they’re not killing anybody? Sure, they’re rounding up the targets, but only one kid does the killing. That one kid is the sinner, the rest are just doing a logistics and cleaning summer job.

I suppose that could be the boss’s way of sleeping at night in his twisted version of morality that he has. If he even has one. I suppose he would have to have one, otherwise he’d be fucking the kids or something like that. He’s a business man, he can’t be a complete degenerate without a code of ethics.

So the idea of the dad bringing the boy to this place is that the Dad is a piece of shit who gets a large finder fee for dropping his boy off for the summer.

Here’s a good title–

My summer job as an Executioner

It’s short and sweet.

Maybe sweet is the wrong word. LOL!

Well I think I’m going to go back to bed now. I just woke up to pee and write this down, but I’m feeling really tired after only sleeping for four hours. I had a great 25 mile bike ride today! I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

I just wanted to get this dream idea down before it’s forgotten. I thought it might be an interesting topic to write for NaNoWriMo this year.

I know it’s a dark idea, but it exists in my head and I’m not going to hide it. I have done so much hiding in my life and I don’t want to be that person who hides his thoughts, hides his emotions, and hides his true self. This story idea is unique and there are all sorts of dynamics that could be explored.

The story is a coming of age one. It’s about losing innocence as a child and becoming a man. I can’t relate to being a hitman or executioner. I’ll probably never truly know what that’s like. That being said, I wonder what it’s like to let go of morality for the sake of … money I guess it would be in this case? What would it be like to abandon all innocence and become a real villain?

Good night, Spokane!


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