Sat Dec 26 2020

I slept stupendously well! I awoke all sweaty at 4AM to realize why I was sweating.. My heater had turned on after a long period of being off; the temperature had dipped low enough to where the heater caused me to sweat like crazy.

Crazy dreams to match! I dreamt that I was in some military organization and we were doing scouting work in a small undercover plane. We had to bail out and dump the plane in the ocean for some reason, but the plane washed ashore and we were in big trouble for exposing our group’s cover.

I went back to a hotel with my group. One guy was crying because he was so ashamed for the mistake. It was like we were in a sports team and we all knew we were going to get sent home after losing our place in the playoffs.

A buddhist minister showed up to console us, and guided us through a meditation. The minister wanted everyone get into a line. I was naturally back off to the side because I was naturally wanting to stay away from everyone, but the minister ushered me into the back of the line.

Then shit got weird. The minister wanted us all to get on our backs, so everyone started laying down. There was all of a sudden this magnetic-like force to the floor, which gently locked everyone’s body into place, perfectly on our backs. As I transitioned from standing to laying, the larger horizontal dimension of my body pushed the rest of the team forward as the magnetic-like buffer between my body and the back wall of the room.

I never made contact with the wall nor the person in front of me, because of this force-like padding effect. Everyone glided forward as if we were all on a track and friction wasn’t an issue until the distance between us all was equal.

Then we chanted the end part of common shin buddhist chants, starting with, “gan ni she ku do ku…”

I was literally chanting it word for word, because I have it memorized.

“..byou dou sei i sai. do hotsu bo dai i shin ou jou an ra ko”

As I chanted, my whole being vibrated. I was astounded by my beautiful voice and I felt very peaceful.

We concluded the chant and the minister excused themselves. I was surprised because usually sangha service is a lot longer!

I awoke all sweaty.

In hindsight, I think the getting locked into position like a magnet was phase 4 sleep, in which sleep paralysis occurs. I felt gently locked and unable to move, which explains the paralysis.

I dreampt though, as indicated by the dreams. Was it not REM? Maybe phase4 is where the DMT kicks in, which also explains the vivid dreams.

Yesterday, J. and my dad were talking about sleep phases. Then earlier, B. and A. were talking about mushrooms of all types. Definitely these things influenced the dreams.

Hmm.. my Advanced Uploader plugin quit working. I can drag & drop a file to upload, but then the upload never starts. Maybe they made a breaking change to their codebase, and wordpress auto updated the plugin. I’ve seen more problems like this, since WordPress added the auto update feature.

I manually increased the php upload size to 1GB, and I installed Wp Maximum Upload File Size. IDK if I actually need that plugin, but I uninstalled it and my max upload size dropped to 8MB. That’s too low for the 22MB christmas video I want to upload.

I have a 600MB master copy of the christmas video, but I’m a poorboy and I can’t afford the cloud storage to upoad that video here. I’m going to be okay if only the 22MB version passes the test of time. I’d rather have a SD version rather than no version.

“If it doesn’t exist in 3 places, it doesn’t exist at all.”

nerd saying

I haven’t thought about data persistance in awhile. Realistically, I have no data bacause none of it exists in 3 places. Ehh, that’s probably not true. I probably have some config files, random mp3s and jpgs floating around that I keep copying to different hard drives by mistke.

oh shit, Tuxedo Big File Uploads seems like the upload plugin to be using. It increased my upload limit to 34GB and I didn’t have to touch php.ini files!

Well I’m crashing again. I woke up at 4 because of the heater causing me to sweat. I didn’t go back to sleep because I had a lot on my mind and was excited to start the day, but now after meditating for 15 minutes (Hanjusan) and writing a bit, I feel relieved of racing thoughts, and ready for sleep.

Problem is, I gotta be up at 7AM to take care of 6 shipments this morning! I guess I could sleep for an hour– It’s 5:57 right now.

I’ll figure it out.

Affirmations time!

29. I am smart, and a genius in my own unique way.

64. Today, I will be courageous.
63. I choose to let the past go and move on to the future.


I am so grateful for my family and friends who gave me gifts. I feel loved and appreciated by them.

I’m so grateful for the time I could spend with family. Again, I feel lots of love!

I’m so grateful for the world I live in. I put in an amazon order for a microphone using my $50 giftcard, and it’ll be here in a few days. I know that there’s a whole bunch of people who are working behind the scenes to bring that product to my mailbox and I appreciate that we have enough peace and harmony to where this can occur on a regular basis.


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