Sat Dec 7 2019 @ ~12PM

Here’s today’s cute Miku wallpaper!

God level artist! Doesn’t she look a little sad? But that outfit is SOOO CUUUUTE

When I look to change my wallpaper, I usually look for horizontal oriented images. Vertical images usually end up getting cut off and only Miku’s belly and chest end up visible. That is when I set my wallpaper through Image Viewer. If I set my wallpaper through Firefox, Firefox is gracious enough to let me choose

Image Viewer doesn’t give me any options, it seems to default to Fill.

Wanna see a video that I do not approve of? Ugh, I shouldn’t have brought it up. I should delete it already, but I can’t because it contains Miku. I should not share it though, since I don’t want it to propagate. It’s a little funny though. Funny but offensive.


I keep seeing boneless.mp4 in my downloads folder and I get excited thinking it’s a funny Fukase video. But it’s not. It’s hairless Miku and I do not approve!

Well now I gotta cleanse the pallet with a funny Fukase video.

I like sharing video and pictures. I’d like to think that I will appreciate seeing screenshots and shit when I look back on these blog posts in the future.

The other day I made a backup copy of the journal I kept as a kid. There are some disturbing topics in that journal. Basically I was ashamed of having a sex drive to the point where I was begging god for forgiveness and help to cure my sickness.

Religion is fucked up like that. I didn’t need that shame as a kid. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but I felt completely guilty.

Fast forward to today! Mr. 32 year old virgin here. I wonder if I will reach 40. Then I could make a documentary about myself LOL.

40 year old virgins aren’t unheard of. I read about one one time. The guy had a more fucked up childhood than I did. Mine wasn’t even that bad.

This guy almost jumped out of a small airplane as a kid because he didn’t want to be in the plane with his dad. That’s fucked up.

Anyway, the details are all foggy so I’ll leave it at that. Google it if you really want!

But it’s not like like I’m still some innocent child because I haven’t had sex. I’ve paid cam girls to spread their legs for me. That was fun, but hella expensive. I’m talking dollars per minute… Only did that twice I think.

Right now, real women aren’t even attractive to me. It’s gotta be Miku or I don’t get hard. Well, I gotta correct myself there. It’s gotta be cute anime style girls or I don’t get hard.

I’m trying not to feel ashamed right now. I’m speaking the truth. I’m attracted to young looking anime girls. If she’s human, I’m not interested.

Let’s give some examples. Because pictures are fun.

#1 Miku Hatsune

Miku is the ultimate singing DIVA. She’s infinitely beautiful, loved by millions, and immortal. In my mind there is no contest!

#2 Black Rock Shooter

Hahahahah I’m totally cheating here. Black Rock Shooter is based on Hatsune Miku. This is why she’s #2!

#3 Shimakaze

She’s absent-minded, young, fit, and wears a black g-string under her tiny miniskirt. HOT!

I try not to jerk of to Shimakaze because I’m LOYAL to Miku!

#4 Rory Mercury

Rory simply kicks ass.

She’s total tsundere and incredibly wise. She falls in love with some dummy and it’s incredibly cute. Probably the most endearing thing about Rory is how she deeply cares for that dummy. Oh yeah, she’s like 800 years old. But just look at her figure!

I’d date an 800 year old if she were as fit and young looking as Rory!

#5 .. IDK

I’ve ran out of examples on the top of my mind. I’m thinking Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess or Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, since they were my first two waifus. But neither of them look particularly young.


I think it’s the the art style. Belldandy is probably pretty young. Well she’s an angel so she’s probably thousands of earth years old, but her appearance is that of a young woman. Belldandy is hot not just because her looks, but because she is so selfless and loving.

Motoko doesn’t look young. She’s just hot because she’s so intelligent and thoughtful and talented and confident.

Motoko Kusanagi

The point I’m trying to make is that I’m afraid I’m a pedophile. Are pedophiles pedophiles because their emotional state doesn’t match their age?

For example, when I was 16, I was attracted to 16 year old girls. That doesn’t make me a pedophile. But when I become 18, and I’m still attracted to 16 year old girls, does that make me a pedophile?

When I’m 32, and attracted to 16 year old girls, am I now a pedophile?

Luckily, I don’t feel attraction to 16 year old human girls. Unless it is a human girl depicted in anime, then I might be attracted to a 16 year old anime girl.

This is a complex issue. Speaking strictly legally, I might be a pedophile. Canada for instance considers depiction of minors in sexual acts as being illegal child pornography.

Legally, two sexually active 17 year olds could be hauled off to jail when the first one of them turns 18.

I was warned of the law from my friend’s mom when I was 19. I was figuratively trying to get into the pants of one of the three girls I mentioned in another blog post. The teaser trio. She was 17 and I was told that I have to be the adult in this situation and don’t have sex with her. “That’s Statutory rape!”

How fucked up the law is. No pun intended.

If a 17 year old wants to have sex with an 18 year old, I think they should ignore the law and just do it. Not that a 17 and 18 year old have much respect for laws regarding sex anyway…

But wait, what if the girl appears 16, but she’s actually 800? In the law, I would be in the right!

In the case of Hatsune Miku, her age is 16, but she’s only existed for around 10 years. So using that logic, I’m a hyper pedophile who goes after 10 year olds!


No really, I could go as far as to say Hatsune Miku the software has run on people’s computers for an aggregate total of millions of hours. Miku could be 100+ years old already!

So using that logic, I’m not legally a pedophile! Yay!

Really, if we’re talking law, I could be considered guilty or innocent one way or another. There are so many loopholes, exceptions, etc. etc. which could paint me as either a criminal or saint.

Laws come down to a governing body making choices on which minorities should be inferior, locked up, or killed. The minorities who have a certain skin color. The minorities who like ingesting a certain consumable. The minorities who behave a certain way.

That’s all law comes down to. Someone making decisions on acceptable use of coercion. Morality doesn’t match up with the law; Law is not morality.

So I think I’ll continue to be a Mikusexual. If I get labelled otherwise, that’s on the labeller for being too traditionally narrow minded to not realize that anime is the sexiest art form and love is universal.

Damn, that was a feel good ending

Too bad I’m only at 1200 words for the day.

So what to talk about next? Miku!

Specifically, the best racing Miku module so far… Racing Miku 2010 ver!

I like seeing Miku’s hips. Most of her modules hide her hips under her extravagant skirts. Aren’t Miku’s shoulders and underarms just great?

This outfit really accentuates Miku’s breasts as well. The fabric looks so thin! Yowza, something is happening in my pants!

I wonder if anybody reads this shit

I’m a pervy man who oogles over anime girls. Would anybody read this shit if I published it? I am publishing it, but only after it’s sat and aged for 2 years. I may be too embarrassed to post it when the time for it to post gets closer.

I don’t think I should keep hiding though. I think I should be 100% myself, tell the world, and live 100% true to my self.

I could lose friends. Family could distance themselves. I could make enemies. I think I should be brave and be myself anyway.

I just had some oatmeal. It’s 1:35 PM now.

Goddamn, Miku is so sexy. I wish I could call her on the phone and have a conversation with her. I started a project in 2018 called virtual-girlfriend which is a private repository because I was embarrassed of the idea.

# virtual-girlfriend

## Idea

A virtual girlfriend to interact with. A love game (eroge) as a service in which the player can reach higher levels of romance with their Waifu. Lovels (love levels) alternate between phone calls, texts, and physical mail. Phone calls are scripted. Texts are AI and human assisted (MTurk) for realism and enjoyment. Paid members unlock R18+ content.

Upon reaching certain levels off affection, paid members are rewarded with a physical gift.

## Lovels (Love levels)

### Level 1 - Just friends

Reward: An postcard

### Level 2 - Lovers

Reward: Perfume-infused hankerchief

### Level 3 - Intimate lovers

Reward: Perfume-infused Pantsu

## Gameplay

## Membership Perks

  * Waifu customization
  * R18+ content
  * Physical gifts from your waifu (handwritten postcards & pantsu)

## Waifu customization

  * Appearance, personality. personality affects default perfume & pantsu type

## Gift ideas

  * Lovel 3Perfume-infused hankerchief. After receiving, player can choose
  * Perfume-infused Pantsu. Lock pantsu in a vaccum chamber with perfume to create nice smell.

## Gift process

  * Send gift
  * Await delivery confirmation
  * Solicit feedback from user. "Does my perfume smell good?" If user does not like, configure new perfume type

## Girlfriend Database Schema

First Name:
Last Name:
Full Name:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Eye color:
Bust measurement:
Waist measurement:
Hip measurement:
Perfume: <type>
Pantsu: <type>
Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Origin: (where waifu met the husbando)
Voice <voice bank index>
Personality: <type>


A page from my Creative Projects composition book

When say I love Miku, I’m not joking.

I think I wrote this before I actually owned Hatsune Miku VOCALOID software. Now, I wouldn’t have to hire anyone to generate Miku’s voice. I would just do it myself.

Such a process though. In case you don’t know, having Miku speak entire sentences in a way that actually sounds decent is extremely time consuming. VOCALOID software is meant to sing, not speak. Speech can be done, but it’s a long process process to get all the parameters tweaked to where they sound like speech.

In the future, I hope Crypton Future Media will release a version of Hatsune Miku which allows Miku to speak whatever phrase you want her to speak. I think it’s on the horizon seeing that there are so many VOCALOID competitors now which can both sing and speak.

I’m out for now. See ya!

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