Sat Feb 15 2020

It’s amazing how I can just sleep for hours and hours and hours. I woke up at 10AM or sometime around that, then promptly went back to sleep. I woke up several times after that, each time opting to simply go back to sleep. I feel like I could have done this all day. It’s 3:34 PM now.

I went to sleep around 1:30AM. I think my box fan has a lot to do with it. When that thing is running, it is easy to stay asleep because of the wonderful white noise it produces.

I missed Nerds United board game day. I’m missing a lot of events lately. I don’t feel too good about that. I don’t know how I feel about it. I feel numb to the point where I don’t feel much of anything about it.

I miss playing video games with my brother B. He’s been putting in 60 hour work weeks lately and I don’t know when or if it’s going to end. I wish I could play Squad with him some more.

I missed a text from B. on thursday inviting me to go to the shooting range. Thursdays are the best days to go shooting because they set up an IPSC style shooting course. It’s the type of course with human sized targets, some white coloured, some brown coloured. The white ones are innocent, hostage type targets, the brown ones are hostile targets.

The course they set up has an objective, such as start at position A, move to position B, shoot 3 targets, then move to position C and shoot 3 more. Then reload while moving to position D and shoot the remaining 3 targets.

It’s really fun. B. is really good at it, and he does it pretty often and gets better and better at it. I’ve only done it once, so I’m really slow and not confident, but it’s always a good time to take part.

The problem with shooting is the cost. Last time I went, I spent $80. I was underemployed at the time, and that $80 went on my credit card. That credit card is now maxed out, and there’s no chance that I can pay another $80 to go shooting.

I do have a $25 gift card for Sharp Shooters, but it’s probably going to cost more than that $25 for an evening at the range. I can’t commit to that right now unless I know my out of pocket cost is $0.

Anyway, I obviously didn’t go on Thursday when B. invited me. I didn’t even see the text until Friday evening, when the IPSC course is not even set up anymore.

I think I gotta spend time with B. if I want to spend time with B. As in, our meetings can’t always be of my choosing. His meeting requests matter just as much as mine.

I’m trying to think of more ways to make money. Not just whatever’s available, but things that I can tolerate doing, things that are worth doing, and things that get me closer to my goals of financial independence and using what I love as a basis for my career.

I want a BTM. I want to operate it, monitor it’s activity, restock the dollar bills in it, clean it, etc. etc. That’s my long term goal. To get to that goal, I need $5000 or so for the machine, and a location in which to place the machine. I want an office building, something small, something simple. $400-$600 a month for a tiny office space with a front area, office area, and bathroom.

That’s my dream. Then I go there every morning at 7AM and I unlock the front door. I’ll sit in the back selling things on eBay and doing web development and FileCoin mining as customers come in and use the BTM. I don’t have to see them unless they ring the bell for service.

If they ring the bell, I can come to the front and talk to the customer. My job in that case is to educate people on Bitcoin. What is bitcoin, how to use it, how to install apps, how to use hardware wallets. I can upsell them at that point with hardware wallets or OPENDIMEs.

Then once they are squared away and know how to buy bitcoin and use the BTM, they finish their transactions and they’re out the door, I can go back to eBay sales or web dev or adding SSDs to my FileCoin mining rig.

All with fast internet only accessible in the more dense areas of Spokane Valley or Coeur D’Alene!

That’s the nice thing about living where I live. The state line is 20 minutes away, which means it would be an easy commute to Idaho if I felt that Idaho was a better place to open such a shop.

[Location] Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC. Is what I’m planning on calling it. That would be either Spokane Valley Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC., Spokane Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC., State Line Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC., Post Falls Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC., or Coeur D’Alene Bitcoin Shoppe, LLC.

That’s a nice spread of possibility. I could open a location in each area! That would be pretty kickass. I’d either need an employee at each one, or a BTM which is in a location such as a convenience store or an outdoor shelter. There’s a good example of an ATM outdoor shelter in Liberty Lake. It’s in a parking lot and people drive up to it all the time and withdraw cash.

That’s not a photo of the Liberty Lake ATM, but rather one of similar design somewhere else in the world. I don’t think the ATM in Liberty Lake can be driven up to, I think it’s the type where you have to get out of the car because it’s up on a curb. The overhanging canopy above looks similar.

Anyway, a setup like this would cost a good chunk of change, and money doesn’t grow on trees! It is for this reason that I gotta figure out a way to get a monthly income that is sustainable!

I thought about this in bed last night. My thoughts are to visit a daily employment office. There’s one in Spokane Valley called Labor Ready. They advertise getting paid the same day as the work is performed. I could do that a few days a week. I also thought of plasma “donation,” but dismissed that idea because I don’t think it’s healthy or sufficiently profitable. Firstly, I could pass out, which voids my future chances of doing plasma donation. Secondly, the amount of money I hear people get for 3 hours of “donation” is around $50.

That money isn’t even paid out in check form, it’s paid out in a VISA gift card form. Thus, transferring that amount to a bank is incredibly difficult and only achievable via or a gift card buying service. There is significant loss associated with that transfer.

My third idea for money making is to check Craigslist on the daily, for gig offers which I believe I am well suited for. Things like making someone a website or transporting some goods to a distant city.

Right now I think I’m going to focus on eBay selling. I’m not going to make any more acquisitions for awhile, but I will focus on making sure everything in my inventory gets listed and hopefully sold. I’m going to part out the old computers that are in my parent’s basement, which used to make up a computer lab. I’ll strip everything down and sell the components, then recycle or throw away the metal cases. I have to check if the recycling center will take the painted metal from computer cases. If not, they’re going in the trash bin one by one so I don’t incur any cost.

I haven’t sold any musical keyboards lately. I have a pile of them that need to be sold. Perhaps a discount is in order!

I found a suitable gig via CL.

Typist Needed

I sent them an e-mail explaining my libertarian viewpoints and how I can type 70wpm. It’s a 28 day old post on CL so I’m not hoping for a response, but I did my part and I’ll go from there.

Just in case they do reply and they want me to type for them, I’m thinking I should get a PO box. It would be one thing if I lived on my own property, but I live with my parents and I don’t think they would be thrilled to know that an inmate would be mailing me. So if for some reason I do get a job offer, I think it would be perfect timing for me to get a PO box.

I had a PO box at one point. I liked having one. I could order all the dirty porno I wanted and not have to worry about my parents finding out! LOL that’s a half truth. I never ordered porn but I ordered plenty of sex toys.

To be serious though, I can use a PO box for my business. I think the small size PO box is $70 a year. I think I could find $70 to spend on such a venture, knowing that I would be making $20 per hour in the future. 4 hours of typing and the PO box would be paid for.

I wonder if I could start a typing service? Mail me your letters, and I type them for you!

Y’know, that sounds like a pretty fucking good job. It’s way easier than audio transcription, and at the price they’re advertising, way more profitable.

I’m depressed.

eBay took $283.43 from me in seller fees. I was depressed before I saw this. Now I’m just numb.

Angry I guess is the feeling I’m feeling. Now I definitely need a job, because my Paypal is down to $246.00. That’s not enough for rent, and I’m not getting enough sales every day to make up the difference.

I didn’t exercise today. This is not a cheat day which means I’m not taking my pills. Not good!

I think eBay took such a large amount because I’m paying up-front for my store subscription. Therefore, I should not be bummed out about that.

I’m still bummed out about other things. My sleep schedule for example. Not going to Nerds United board games. Not exercising.

I’m going to heat up some leftovers and do some yoga. There’s no way I’m giving myself a free pass from training, when I can do something about it!

I would go outside if it wasn’t so dark. I guess I could bring a flashlight and walk regardless…

Maybe I’ll do that, and do yoga if it doesn’t seem viable.

BTW, I did the helicopter training in Squad in 11 minutes, 27 seconds. Slow yet first try through the rings. Landing took several attempts but I did it all without crashing.

Oh yeah, I didn’t use the landing camera at all. I don’t even have a key bound for the landing camera, and I have no plans to bind it in the future. I think using the landing camera is a weakness, a sign of a bad pilot. Is there even a landing camera in real black hawks? I don’t think there is.

I really dislike the flight characteristics of helicopters in OWI Squad. it’s got an unrealistic horizontal acceleration, and controls don’t seem to go neutral when I take my hand off the mouse.

77. My body knows how to get better; I will listen to it and rest when needed.
85. There is more to this life than this moment; I choose to keep moving forward.
83. I am loved.

I’m grateful for footage of Black hawks and littlebirds in downtown LA on february 4th 2019 because it’s cool as shit. Also, how do those pilots do so good at finding a spot to touch down and not get their rotors destroyed? Fucking fantastic flying.

I’m grateful for 20 minute yoga videos because it gives me a good stretch and helps me center my chakra or whatever the fuck it’s called.

I’m grateful for free internet which is super shitty quality but at least I can get online and do basic stuff.

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