Sat Feb 23 2020

I’m at Dragon Parlor Games. I don’t know anyone here other than B., J., and D. I wish D. was here because I have nobody to talk to. I’m nervous. I will practice opposite action.

I backed out of playing Cards against Humanity after I was dealt my hand and it was awkward. I tossed my hand down and said, “I don’t want to play this, I’m too uncomfortable. Sorry.”

I regret saying sorry, but everything else was honest and accurate.

If I were more comfortable, I think I could have enjoyed Cards against Humanity, but I was very uncomfortable to be in a group setting to begin with, and having to read the dirty answers that people were submitting was too much. I knew my turn was coming up where I would have to read, and I didn’t want to take part, talking about sex with a bunch of strangers that I’m just playing with for the first time is not my idea of fun.

That was supposed to be an ice breaker, but I guess I’m too full of shame to do such a thing.

Let’s watch some UFO vids!

I’m so tired. I can’t focus. I just wanna sleep. I have some fresh curry in front of me but I’m thinking of just going to sleep and I’ll probably feel better when I wake.

I played some Ravenfield. I tried to see what would happen with 1000 bots. Major frame drops, that’s what! About 300 seems to be the max amount of bots my computer can handle before it starts lose frames and the game becomes unenjoyable.

I like how flexible Ravenfield is. All sorts of maps, modes, guns, balance settings, etc. There’s some cheater guns which are all red which are super unfair. Dual Beretta M93Fs with exploding bullets LOL. They have huge slash damage and they’re just too overpowered!

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