Sat Jan 11 2020

All I wanna do today is eat and fuck and sleep. And I’m not even doing so good at that much. I woke up around 7 and let the dogs out. Then I went back to sleep. Then I woke up 3 hours later and let the dogs out again. I did my exercises as well. I kept it simple today. I think the cold wet weather is signalling my body to take it easy. I at least did some running.

After my run/walk I used my Dad’s tractor to plow the driveway. I’m not very good at the tractor blade. I made a mess, plowing not just snow, but a lot of dirt. It was warm enough to rain so my efforts seem kind of silly. I guess it wasn’t for nothing because as I finished, the snow started picking up again.

I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay. I was thinking if eBay can even be my job. I was thinking that if I sold 30 items a month (1 per day), and made $1 profit from each, I would have made $30. That’s not good enough. I need to make $30 a day. $30 a day would be a viable job. $30 a month is a waste of time and I’ll just go further into debt.

I could definitely scale up my efforts. Instead of listing 1 thing per day, I could list 5. 5 items per day with a $1 profit each makes $150 profit a month. That’s pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as making $30 a month.

How about 10 items per day with a $1 profit each? That’s $300 a month. $300 a month is not enough either! Ugh! Well, I guess $1 profit each is not a good goal to begin with. How about $3 profit each? 10 items per day with $3 profit each means $900 a month. Fuck yeah! That’s living wages right there!

Ok then. I guess I aim for the moon. eBay selling is a job I can tolerate. I suppose I should purchase an eBay store so I save on listing fees. 10 items a day is 300 items every 30 days.

I would need eBay Premium to list 300 items a month without a fee. Premium is $60 a month. That price seems a bit too steep. I think Basic makes more sense. That lets me list 250 items per month without a listing fee. Basic is $21.95 and I think that one makes more sense.

For now, I’m fine without an eBay subscription. I think I already get 100 items for free per month. Or is it 50? I can’t remember. Anyway, I’m not to that point yet. Also I’m just selling old stock. I’m not really getting anything new in that I can resell. I did go to the thrift store the other day and get 3 items which I’m trying to resell. I would have to scale that intake of items quite a bit to end up with 10 items a day.

I just had a thought. What If I stay here and consider it my office? I think the mail carrier would start to hate me, that’s for sure. Well, I’d sure save by renting this office than buying a commercial office. I could always make daily mail runs instead of shoving almost a dozen packages in the mailbox.

It would be difficult to do an eBay business out of my Suburban. I think I would not have enough room for things.

Yikes. I’m going back and forth now. Back and forth between wanting to move out ASAP, and planning on staying.

One thing that needs to change for sure is that I stop working for my parents. Doing that brings me too much unhappiness.

I think I need to move out regardless. I’m selling anything and everything I don’t use, so I can be free of belongings that keep me here. I’m codependent on my parents. One of the steps to be free of co-dependence is to DETACH. I have to detach by moving out!

Maybe I could go in debt and get a sprinter van. Something with more room to live and work in. It all depends on if I can use eBay to get a somewhat consistent income. That’s the challenge.

So for now I guess I sell everything. Reduce all the clutter. Formulate a business strategy. Reinforce routines which enable me to do my best. Then once I’m down to only my core belongings which I need to live, I can make a decision on how I move out.

I would have to do some refurbishment of my Suburban if I keep it. I think the most economical way is to keep my Suburban. Fix the suspension, clean the interior, black out the windows…

I guess if I come up with a business strategy that makes me significant money, I could wait until I earn that sweet sweet $4K that gets me a down payment on a Tesla Model 3.

I wonder if there is a storage facility which would let me work out of it. Or live out of it? LOL, I know there are those high end facilities which probably wouldn’t mind. But cost becomes an issue. I’m not made out of money!

I sold some shit on Bonanza, in addition to eBay. I gotta be careful with my Bonanza listings which I’m slowly removing and re-listing on eBay. I gotta make sure I don’t sell something on Bonanza which is being sold on eBay.

I’m going to take a break from journalling and take care of Bonanza shipments because that’s really making me antsy 6 thinking about a queue of shipments. I want to tackle orders as they come in so I don’t end up with a big workload.

Also I gotta let the dogs out in a few minutes. Gonna take care of some shipments then let the dogs out.

I took care of the Bonanza shipments. Apparently Bonanza did not remove an old listing of mine which I sold back in September. A buyer bought the item which had already been bought and shipped out!

I had to give them a partial refund. They bought 3 items overall, so the 2 remaining I packaged and got ready to ship out. I’ll be making a post office run on Monday FOR SURE. I got 4 small items ready to go out, and there will be probably 6 more item listings ending tonight or tomorrow.

I’m not looking forward to ship my longboard! I don’t have a box that will fit it. I think I’ll go hunting for cardboard tomorrow. I watch an eBay vlogger who harvests cardboard from behind shopping centers and I think I might just use that method because I’m pretty much out of big boxes!

Listening to Aphex Twin. God, I have some painful gas right now.

Gas has been dealt with. I went to the toilet. Being vegan sometimes has it’s downsides! I feel a lot better now.

I also did dishes. I want to make something cool. I always want to make something cool. Something like an MMORPG. :drool: #LifeGoals!

I had an idea yesterday of an MMORPG idea. It would have the regular grindy aspects and cool/sexy /cute armor tropes, but one thing would make it special. Once a week, the servers would shut down for maintenance.

The thing is, nobody is forced to leave. The world simply becomes an incrementally more hostile place. Safe zones disappear and everywhere becomes a dangerous PvP zone. Monsters increasingly grow in size and level and begin to hunt the players. Only the most elite of players can remain in the world. If you die, you lose everything and you’re automatically logged out.

Naturally, players would leave the servers to avoid losing their armor and inventories. Those that stay behind have a chance to become legends!

Last player to remain in the server becomes KING for the week. The fact that the server purge happens once a week makes it valuable beyond words to become king. They are in effect the best player in the world for the time.

I would not do much in terms of adding KING abilities. I would simply encourage roleplaying. If king makes a new law, I as the overlord may do something to implement that law. The next king who comes along may use their power however they wish. They may delete laws they don’t like, or whatever. The king is the king!

The King could rule oppressively and send forces out to tax the population. The king could be benevolent and share their riches. The king could blend in with the populous, or be flamboyantly royal.

The king is the king!

Goddamn, I just wanna get lost in a world like that. If I were the creator of the world, even better! I would make that world the best it could possibly be!

#LifeGoals indeed. Dream job 100%. If I could monetize a game like that, I’d be set. I could get a kickass camper van that would fulfil all my needs. I’d make sure it had a shower and a toilet! I’d travel all over the US and camp at national parks, beaches, whatever. I travel a bit, stop somewhere and code. I’d chill out at night with Discord or as a player in my game. I’d wake up the next day and climb a mountain. Then do yoga at the summit. I’d feel on top of the world!

I’d jog back to my van and prepare a delicious lunch. Vegan sandwiches. Tomato, avocado, tofurkey on rye. Sure, why not!?

Then I’d code. I’d do some maintenance, find out what the king has decreed, implement a new feature to satisfy the law, and roll out the changes.

I’m thinking.. What if the King chose to make the purge every night? I guess I would follow the king’s orders and try it out. As long as the laws don’t hurt the playerbase, I think I would do my best to make it happen. This is a RP world!

I’m thinking every character should be unique. Death is permanent, thus rare. The only sure way to die is to stay logged in during the purge. Otherwise, I’d make death a difficult thing to achieve.

I’m thinking a player in distress from fighting a herd of beasts they weren’t ready for would automatically trigger a safety measure. Players in the area would be alerted to their low health and they would be able to…

No, that’s not realistic. If they player does something dangerous and dumb, I think they should die. I’m thinking maybe there is an escape system to where most battles can be run from and they will survive. PvE that is.

Maybe none of this is a good idea at all. Maybe I just let shit happen. Only the King can make major changes. This way, the players make or break the game. That would be really interesting to see how it would play out!

What would a game like this be called? “The KING” perhaps? No that’s too simple, and doesn’t do anything to explain how the purge would work.

How many laws does the king get to make? Is it just one law? is it 3? Is there no limit? Maybe there is no limit until THE KING implements a limit.

What if THE KING decrees that the purge no longer occurs? Do I implement such a law? I think I need some sort of safeguard. An overlord loophole which prevents THE KING from subverting my power.

I don want to be all powerful, but I want to see the players make or break their world.

Well now I want to make this idea RIGHT NOW!

I need a solid multiplayer game engine to work with! seems pretty legit.

Ok I’m going to wrap this up. I’m grateful for the place I live. I’m grateful that I can be whatever I want to be, and that I can achieve it as long as I work hard for it. Wait, can I actually? It seems like I can. Well then I’m grateful that I feel hopeful and optimistic about such things. Whether or not I can achieve it is beyond me, but I’m going to try!

I’m grateful for bananas and maple syrup!

I’m grateful for wire brushes meant for cleaning teeth!

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