Sat Jan 23 2021

Apparently it’s cold outside. I don’t know the temperature because is down, but people on the morning ham radio net are saying it’s in the 10’s.

Yesterday was super cold too. My face and head was so cold after my bike ride yesterday. It was deceptive because the sun was out, but I saw icicles hanging from a tree branch which tells me that it was a lot colder than I thought. Unfortunately I wore a beanie under my helmet that seemed to be mostly cotton, so the wind cut right through it and it felt like I didn’t have a hat at all.

I picked & packed an order this morning. Last week, the customer arranged to buy a bunch of individually packaged mystery cards for $4.80 a piece. I didn’t expect them to follow through. I came to the conclusion that many customers who ask for layaway don’t follow through because they’re bad at handling their money and following through with their word.. Anyway, this customer followed through and bought the 5 cards that they planned on buying.

They didn’t send an offer like I thought, they just ended up paying full price. No cancel that, they did get a slight discount for buying multiples.

Anyway, they paid more than $4.8 a piece, and I am not going to send them a partial refund unless they ask for it. I’m considering it a tip, and I think I deserve it because of the extra time it took for me to handle the extra operations that layaway requires.

Now I’m worried that I’m becoming a scumbag merchant.

Nah, I’m still making less than minimum wage. If this business is to survive, I need to make more money. Goddamn it, I’ve been a broken record when it comes to money making.

Cancel that. I have not been a broken record. Lately I have not mentioned the need to make more money because I think I’m actually making more money.

October net sales was $374.02

November net sales were $456.85

December net sales were $573.20

See the trend? That’s because I worked hard and I earned Top Rated Plus. Nevermind the months prior to Sep when I made more. I think the economy and political climate has a big influence on people’s willingness to spend their hard earned money on cardboard…

I’m cherry picking, really. Sep 2020 net was $538.31, which doesn’t follow the trend.

Anyway, I might be cherry picking, but the past 3 months I have been working hard. Fuck. I don’t have a point other than that.
I’m listening to this song on repeat, because it’s fire.

Well, today’s plan is to be a baller. IDK how that’s a plan LOL.

Today I’m going to not work. That’s the idea. Code anyway… NO CODE! I need to reduce the time I spend on the computer. I guess it’s not enough to omit code from my day… I think I need some other plan…

How about… the 15 minute pomodoro breaks become 1 hour breaks? That seems pretty good. I could just shut off my computer to help me with the urges. I literally gravitate to my computer if I’m not concentrating on something else.

Yeah. I want to list some cards today, so I’ll definitely do that. Heck, I’ll do that right after I finish writing. Oh wait no, I gotta go to the mailbox now. It’s 8AM.

So then, mailbox, then writing, then eBay, then I’ll see about going for a walk, then it should be around 10AM which is CoDA time. I’m definitely going to CoDA today. I’ve been having this codependent issue this week with my friend C. I’m so unwilling to be open with him, so instead of speaking my mind and feeling relieved, I walk around with this burden of not liking the situation I’m in. The podcast. I don’t want to do it. I have too many other projects, I botched the audio, and I just want to move on.

I want to talk to C. again, but I’m in the mood where I don’t want to talk to anybody… I think that’s a light depression for me. I don’t want to hurt myself and I’m not even having those kinds of thoughts, but I’ve withdrawed from people and I want to stay withdrawed.

Apparently withdrawed is not a word, as I am seeing red underlines on each instance of said word.

Y’know what else is a word that I don’t understand? Levy. It’s some political financing jargon. I don’t know if it means that the money is wanted, or if it means that the money is going to be removed. No fucking idea, and the only place I ever see the word used is on ballots. Fuck that shit. Just say,

“we request $1 million dollars for xyz purpose.”

  • Option 1) Approved.
  • Option 2) Denied.

Ohh, but then the voter would need to know the definitions of, “approved” and, “denied!”

Y’know what grinds my gears about ballots? The double and triple negatives.

Actually… I’m complaining about nothing because I don’t vote, if I can help it. Voting is a validation of a broken system.. To say the least. I don’t want to get into it more than that.

Yesterday I had a fantastic smoothie, and today I’m going to try to repeat that success. Ooooo, I want more smoothie material! I’m probably going to run out today or tomorrow. I’ll run out of fresh bananas and frozen acai berry today. I think tomorrow there is smoothie potential, but it won’t be as good as today’s. Hmm.. I’m just trying to think of what to do regarding my bicycle outings. Schedule-wise, do I want to go to the grocery store today? Or tomorrow? What do my knees feel like today?

They feel fine. Everything feels fine. My back feel stiff but that’s nothing yoga can’t fix.

Yoga… I have not been doing so good with yoga during the past few days. I’ll get like one or two 5 minute sessions in, which is good but it’s not enough to maintain a limber body.

Just had a brain fart. I was going to talk about something next, but I forgot the topic.

Now that I’ve forgotten… What to talk about, then?

I watched most of Attack on Titan season 3 yesterday. I think I have 1 or 2 more episode left before I get into season 3 part 2. Strange that it’s considered a second part of the season, rather than just being season 4. I’m sure it made sense at some level of production, but I’m in the dark on that.

I want to learn the lyrics to Baka Mitai, so I can sing it with Ironmouse when she sings it on stream.

Oh, that’s the thing I forgot about! Ironmouse played Jackbox Games with the VShojo girls last night. Ironmouse didn’t stream it, but Silvervale did. Everyone was apparently under the influence of various drugs. I started watching the stream last night, but then watched Train to Busan 2 instead. Fuck that movie, by the way. The CGI people were obviously having too much fun on that movie, and they made a truly stupid set of scenes. Cars accelerated too fast. Cars did things that would destroy a car, like speeding off an overpass to a road below, but the cars kept driving, unscathed. Characters were given too much emotional emphasis when there was little to no character development attracting me to the character.

Every scene with roads were the same. Abandoned cars everywhere, pushed to the side of the road, with a path right down the middle. Completely obvious that the same sound stage was used in almost every scene.

There wasn’t even a fucking train.

It is a shame to have the title, Train to Busan on that movie, because the first one was so good. The second one must have been produced by a different studio, one that didn’t care for realism or some shit.

I’m so bent out of shape at that movie’s CGI. Just BAD! Shame on them for such BAD CGI. Such unrealistic situations with vehicles. Honestly, if they removed 100% of the chase scenes, and focused on telling a good story about PEOPLE, they could have a good movie. There was actually a lot of great acting. It’s kinda like Star Wars… Train to Busan 2 was ruined in the edit.

The movie started out so strong. The opening scenes on the ship with the refugees was incredible. It was well lit, it told a captivating story of survival and loss… but then once it switched to Hong Kong and Korea, it was like the teenager took a hold of instagram filters and made the movie look like shit. Just because it’s a zombie dystopia, doesn’t mean Earth’s lighting turns off or oversaturates!

That was a tangent. The complaing was that Silvervale deleted her vod. Fuck! I wanted to watch and enjoy the lewd antics or whatever it was that was so sensitive.

That’s a shitty thing about Twitch. It’s a platform that enforces a specific set of morals, and people who naturally sit on the other side of the moral guidelines fence get rejected from the platform. I wonder why Silvervale deleted the vod? My guess is just the usual stuff that VShojo talk about. Just sex jokes or discussion that could potentially be against Twitch ToS.

It’s a shame. I wanted to watch and laugh with Ironmouse and friends. Well, this is just a reminder that Twitch and I don’t see eye to eye, and that’s okay. There’s lots of other platforms, both emerging and entrenched, that I can use. Vshojo can use them, too, if they want.

Yeah, emerging video streaming platforms! I’m excited to see where Decentralized apps take this. With IPFS, I could imagine a streaming site that scales it’s streaming capabilities dynamically, based on the number of users streaming. LOL, I could see a token system which earns viewers money by sharing their bandwidth to mirror ongoing streams. When a streamer goes live, it takes them a certain amount of tokens to do so, to incentivize viewers to mirror or re-stream… Wow, that would be interesting!

IDK if the incentives would match up like I thought of just now.. Maybe there’s some other way of going about that. There would definitely need to be a reason for streamers to switch to that platform and try it out. There would definitely need to be a way for said streamers to make an income, especially if they’re switching from a platform which already takes care of that for them.

Anyway, I’m just about done writing for today. I’m going to do some yoga and shower & shave before CoDA at 10. It’s 9:02AM now. It’s super cold outside, and it feels colder than normal because I have my thermostat up higher than normal. Ever since that power outage a few days ago, It’s been set to 70 or 73. Previously, it would dip down to 65 at night, but I didn’t program it to do that this time.

Anyway! Anyway. anyway


I’m grateful for my family and my sister K. I’m thinking about her now because she has the Covy. She’s really sick but she says she’s hanging in there. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

I’m grateful for the artists who animated attack on titan. The art style emphasizes eyes in a way that I haven’t seen in other anime.

I’m grateful for my toilet. Fuck, if I didn’t have my toilet, I’d have to walk to my parent’s house a lot, and that would be really inconvenient and cold this time of year!


49. Systems check. All systems online and functional.

24. I am happy with who I am.
23. Everything will work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.

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