Sat Jan 9 2021

I’ve been doing something lately which has really helped me get through my daily progress chart (DPC) every day. It is to do the thing that seems the most difficult, before doing things that seem easy.

Today for example. I woke up at 3AM I think? I was so cold. I cranked the heater and I got to work on Futureporn. I completed all 4 pomodoro sessions and I ended up deploying the ripper component of the app. I’m letting that run, so we’ll see if it works and it successfully rips Melody’s next chaturbate livestream!

After finishing futureporn, a task which seemed easy to me, I looked at my list and determined that the hardest thing was sbtp-loyalty. So I did that next. And y’know what? It was hard! But the thing about pomodoro sessions is that I don’t have to think about it. I just have to do.

I’m stuck on sbtp-loyalty. IDK how to implement a client-side progress bar, while the server-side carries out a several minute long data importing process. I’ll figure it out, but it’ll take time. Today I learned that I can create a websocket inside a redux-saga eventChannel. So next I’ll have to create an endpoint for the websocket to connect to the server, and events will be pushed out into that websocket, and end up on the client side, where they can be interpreted and dispatch messages instructing the React component to update the progress bar.

That’s the idea. Nailing down the implementation will take several more days, if not weeks, and that’s okay. I’m making progress every day, and that’s exactly what I want. I’ll get there, I’ll figure it out, and I’ll get to a point where React and redux and sagas are second nature, and I’ll be able to crank out projects using these libraries.

Twitch was another hard thing. IDK why I call it twitch. I’m not actually doing anything with twitch; twitch is just the end-goal.

Twitch-tanks or tank-game is what I’m working on in the twitch category. Today I made progress on the part of my game which handles the match state. For example, when a match starts, the server retains a list of all the tanks that exist in the game.

It’s my job to create subroutines which listen to changes in that server-side state, and render the state on the client side.

I’m using TOSIOS as an example. Thank goodness that I have that resource to learn from! I’d be lost without it.

I’m still figuring out how to start the match, and get all the event handlers listening and saved in memory. TOSIOS is a game written in Typescript, and I’m writing tank-game in Haxe, so there are some subtle differences in how things will be set up. Also, tank-game is not a top-down shooter, as is TOSIOS. It’s not like I can just copy the code and expect everything to work out! TOSIOS is simply a reference, in which I can learn how to create an interface between a game engine and Colyseus.

TOSIOS uses React and PIXI.js to render the game. My game uses Heaps and Actuate. There is a big difference in those libraries, but it’s not like the concepts are so much different to where it’s not worth reading the code.

Again, I’m very grateful that TOSIOS is open source. I’m learning a lot about game developent from it.

Today’s plan is… Keep on doing what I’m doing! Check off that DPC and then chill the fuck out. I’m over halfway at this point, and it’s not even 8AM!

I would like to go to the grocery store today. Yesterday, I took the Barker route and I went to the Greenacres post office to pick up “Purp Purple” Buyee package. That package was shipped in September, but didn’t arrive until the 2nd of January. Amazing!

For some reason, USPS didn’t drop it off at my house. Maybe they’re overwhelmed or maybe they needed a signature, and nobody was home on Saturday when they stopped by. They usually leave a Form 3849 when that happens, but I never got one. I suppose it could have been forgotten or blown away or something.

Either way, I was worrying about it all week, and I just decided to go to the post office and fetch it myself. It was slightly wet on the ground, but there wasn’t snow. It was partly cloudy and there was a wind. It seemed very cold due to the wind. Mid 20’s, I’d say.

I checked with Buyee’s website to see how heavy the package was, so I could determine whether or not I’d be able to transport the package via bike. Around 9lbs. Seemed doable. The only other thing that was an unknown was the dimensions. A big box wouldn’t fit in my 3 day backpack, but I figured I could tie it to my backpack and be okay.

I tossed some paracord in my backpack, bundled up, and made my way to the post office. I like the Barker route! It’s got a nice paved path along the road, and it almost completely eliminates the dangerous sections where I have to share the road with 45mph speeding cars and wreckless drivers. That road has a 35mph limit, but I don’t know anyone who respects that limit.

I think I’ll take the Barker route again. It’s got two steep hills that I have to traverse, but the road is wide and it’s got a 25mph speed limit. Also, there are bike/walking paths on some sections, which makes for a nice comfortable ride.

I got to the post office and I discovered that there was no bike lock. I ended up just leaning my bike right by the door against a supporting pole, and I walked in and fetched my package without issue.

The package seemed a lot lighter than 9 lbs. I never verified it or anything, but it was perfect to affix to my backpack. It was too large to fit inside, but the MOLLE webbing was perfect for threading paracord. I got that box nice and tight against my back, so it didn’t move around at all once I had my backpack on my back with it’s chest and waist straps attached and cinched down.

It’s not the first time I’ve ridden my bike with a large box on my back! This one was large enough to where the entire thing was outside of the main pouch of the backpack. Other times, I’ve had boxes that were half-in, half-out, and I felt somewhat comical in appearance.

This time, I felt good. It was balanced and secure, and I made my way home. I took my time, I enjoyed the cool air, and enjoyed the athletic movement in my body. I talked to myself, made jokes, and had a good time.

Yup. That was a fun outing. Today I’d like to have another fun outing, and fetch me some nutritious fruit and veggies!

7:32 AM. I don’t have any outgoing packages today, but I’ll be fetching the garbage can from the street at 8. I might do a bit of walking, as well. Yesterday I did 25 minutes of walking in the morning, and it felt nice. I was originally planning on 45 minutes of walking, but then figured that I’d be riding, so I wrapped it up at 25.

I’m so verbose in my explanations of things. Am I really going to look back on this in the future and wonder, “Oh why did I only do 25 minutes of walking?” Probably not.

I think the verbosity is good as a warmup. For example, today there’s a thing that I’m bothered about, but I don’t want to write about. Instead of sitting and not writing at all, I write about easy topics. Hopefully, the easy topics dry up, and I move onto the more emotional topics.

Ok so I’m jumping into that emotional thing now. The thing is that my friend C. invited me to a poker tournament last night. I don’t play poker though. I was interested, so I clicked the link to see what the website was like. I was getting an unreachable error.

ANYWAY, I was afraid to respond to the e-mail because I didn’t want to say no and dissapoint my friend.

But obviously, in thinking about this now, I see that being afraid to say no is a codependent behavior. I have every right to say no. I don’t live to please my friend, I live to please myself. And I don’t want to play poker, I have no interest in playing poker, and that’s fine.

I keep having the thought that it’s my job to protect my friend’s mental health. But it’s not. That’s not my job at all! A mentally healthy person can accept a no and be completely fine. In fact, it would be unreasonable to expect that a no to an invitation to play poker would cause emotional distress in a person. This isn’t a wedding or some major life event, after all!

I have a goal and a mission in life, and it’s my job to say NO to a lot of things, so I can focus on the things that bring me closer to my goal and my mission.

It’s okay to say no.

I sorta said no. “I’m not really into poker”, I said. So that was an implied no, but still I wasn’t firm about it. I’ll work on that.

I just remembered, CoDA Saturday is today at 10AM! I’ll be sure to make that. I’ve been missing CoDA tuesday, lately.

Wrapping this post up with gratitude and affirmations.

40. I can say no, if it what I want or need. My needs come first.

44. I deserve to have good things in life.
43. I choose to have the strength to move on to healthier re…

Wait a minute, I already read these yesterday. I must have forgotten to check them off. Ok here are the next 2.

42. (good number) I will focus on my talents; I have things to share with teh world.
41. I am awake and ready to be awesome!

I’m grateful for MOLLE webbing, and paracord! Super useful stuff for all types of missions.

I’m grateful for HAXE language. It allows me to write code that transpiles to javascript or lua or a bunch of other mainstream languages, for running fast and efficiently on whatever platform I want to deploy to.

I’m grateful for yoga! Today I have done 2 yoga sessions thus far. I’ll be doing at least 1 more. I always appreciate the refreshed and revitalized feeling I get after a good long stretch


No wait, just kidding. I have 6 minutes left to write.

Have you seen The Disaster Artist? Holy shit, amazing movie. Same with The Room. I actually watched The Disaster Artist first, but I wish I would have watched The Room first. Chronologically and for context, The Room comes first.

I’m a definite Tommy Wiseau fan now!

I think he has more films… Might be worth a watch!

Oh I also want to watch The Mandelorian S2. My sister K. keeps talking about it, and says it’s really good.

It’s a good day to be alive.

I have a lot going for me. I’m happy.

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