Sat Jun 13 2020

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It feels so good to sleep in for once.

2:19PM. I woke up at 7:30 and took care of five shipments. Then I went back to sleep. I’m surprised I slept all the way till the afternoon!

It’s cloudy and rainy today. Last night at 3AM I awoke to the sound of thunder. I had ate so much food yesterday that I think I had a physical vulnerability. I felt very scared due to my digestive system being so full of food. My “second brain” was causing fear throughout my entire body and I really had to concentrate on my breathing so I could stay calm.

I ate some food and brushed my teeth.

I’m going to jump right into CoDA & DBT stuff because I can’t think of anything to write.

I guess I already did CoDA for the week, so I’ll jump into DBT.

Setting Boundaries in relationships Handout 2

I’m just going to write my bulletpoint takeaways from this handout

  • Healthy people can tolerate hearing what I think and feel. This means that it’s okay for me to say no to an invitation to an event that I don’t want to attend.

Role plays

I did them. I don’t feel like writing them.

I made progress, and that’s what’s important.

95. I choose to approach my problems with a calm heart and mind.
96. I trust myself.
97. I will do my best with whatever comes my way.

I sold some flash drives. I packaged them up and printed a shipping label, just so I could feel good about relisting the item on eBay.

I think it might be confusing for a buyer to purchase the last of an item, then see it’s quantity transition from 0 to 1 before the item had even shipped. I think they might see that as me relisting the item rather than shipping it to them. I’d like to avoid such confusion.

I spent a half hour going through the rest of the USB flash drives I have in my collection. I booted into windows and did a quick format to erase them and set the volume label. I had a problem in the past sending a USB drive to my sister who couldn’t get her computer to read the drive that I formatted in Pop_OS! I’d like to avoid a similar problem with my customers.

Just got a $10 offer for a K-ON!! Part.1 Booster pack.

I have the price for this booster pack at $12.99 currently. I did the math yesterday and determined that if each pack sold for that much, and I had 20 packs, I would end up with a goood chunk of change.

I haven’t sold any of these packs yet. I’ve sold a handful of other K-ON booster packs, but not this yellow variety. I want to get these flying out the door, because that’s how I make money and succeed at business.

I have yet to find the pricing sweet spot. The pricing sweet spot is a market value which dictates that a sale will occur every few days. I think I found the sweet spot for Weiss Schwarz Hatsune Miku PD/S22 English Edition booster packs.

The sweet spot for this item is right around $5.45

I have been selling a pack of this every week for a few weeks. Every time I’ve got a sale, I increased the price a little bit, to account for my supply reduction.

I’ve been increasing by one penny every time I get a sale. If it turns out that I go a week without a sale, I can simply reduce the item price by a penny.

I’m doing a lot of manual tweaking of item prices as time goes on. I’ll make a price adjustment then wait a week or two and see if I get any bites. If there are no bites, I adjust the price again and wait another week and observe.

I sold another high value card. Mid value might be more accurate as far as market-wide card values go, but for me it’s a pretty high value.

Rin “Striped Bikini” sold for $40!

This is one of the cards I blogged about before. I cannot find any of these cards on the market. I listed it for $100 and it was online for several months. I reduced the price to $80 and after awhile I got an offer for $40. The same buyer bought the Luka bikini card as well.

They say the are going to buy my $83.39 Hatsune Miku card as well. That card I know is worth $86 based on a friend who purchased one for that price. I’m going to be firm on that price. It’s a Miku card and I don’t play around when it comes to Miku!

$80 Miku card

I am aware that hardcore investors are going to use this COVID-19 time as a way to get cheap product from people who are panic selling.

I am aware of it, and I am going to use it to my advantage. I’m going to use this time to get as many sales as possible. I’m going to use this time to make as many undervalued product acquisitions as possible.

I’m going to hold when it makes sense. I’m going to lock in profits when it makes sense.

Every one of these high-value foil cards have been profits. My initial investment on them was in booster boxes which came with hundreds of other cards that I can sell. I have sold several already. I continue to sell as time goes on– these returns on investments are a long term endeavor!

I packed and shipped the yellow booster pack so I could re-up the ebay quantity.

Hah hah! The very important “Last One” badge has appeared on the listing!

A new strat for me is to give the first buyer a good deal, just so I can get that FOMO-inducing red lettering.

Fear Of Missing Out. I love it! It’s a great tool for me as a seller. It’s not really my last item– I have about 7 more of these booster packs. But the buyers don’t know that. For all they know, this next one really is the last one!

I used to wait a few days before restocking. I’ve changed my opinion on this, because I don’t want the downtime during a period of high shopper activity such as right now, the weekend.

I sent out a tweet to advertise the three K-ON booster packs I have for sale.

It’s amazing how Twitter has been working for me. I already know with a high degree of certainty that I sold a $7 OreImo card because of a scheduled tweet I sent out!

$7 Super Rare OreImo card

I took a shower. It’s 5:50PM now.

Not really sure what to do today.

I need rice and bar soap.

I’m thinking of setting up a payday for myself, so I have money to work with in my budgeting software. I’m thinking $25 a week.

My paypal is considered my business account. In the future I’ll have to get a business license and transfer the account to my business’s name. For now, I’m just treating it as a business account and not making personal purchases through it.

..Although I haven’t been very good at that. I bought a bike lock through the account, for example.

“That’s coming out of your paycheck!”

The Boss

Nah I’m giving myself a break on this one. I don’t have a personal paypal account so I gotta figure out something to do there. Maybe making a personal paypal and ebay account is a wise thing?

Wednesday is payday. I put it in my calendar.

8:35 PM. I’m just kinda doin’ whatever. Sorta aimless but I’m doing work here and there. I processed 3 eBay orders and restocked some artificial scarcity listings.

I tied a high-vis green paracord tether to my bike lock key. I only have the one key so it’s important that I don’t lose it. It’s now tethered to my backpack using a bowline on each end. Now I can’t lose my key unless I also lose my backpack!

Such a hefty bike lock. I’ve never seen such a heavy duty lock. I’m almost considering downgrading because this thing weighs almost 4 pounds on it’s own. That extra weight is going to limit my range.

Kryptonite sells a lock carrier which mounts to the water bottle holders. I’m thinking of getting one of those but it’s $17.95 at the minimum. That’s a lot to pay for a plastic tube.

I think I can do better. I think I could file a water bottle holder that would hold the lock. Or wait a minute, they’re just bolts on the bike frame. I could find a PVC pipe or a Pringles container and use that to hold my lock! New goal— Assemble a bike frame bike lock holder for $0!

I already have a spool of velcro. I have paracord, cardboard, and coroplast. I probably have duct tape around here somewhere. Then I could make it look nice by covering it in… stickers!

I think that would look unique, but maybe not nice. It would be utilitarian, that’s for sure.

Eventually I want to get a cargo rack for my bike. I’ll need it if I plan on executing on my plan to get a storage unit and partially operate my business out of it. I’ll need all the cargo capacity I can get to be able to take loads of shipments to FedEx or the post office.

I did some hamstring stretches. It’s amazing how limber I am compared to myself a month ago. Good job, Chris! Keep up the good work on getting stronger and more flexible!

I’ve got about $300 in my Paypal account right now. At the start of the month, that account was at $0! I have accomplished a great thing in this regard. I plan on repeating this success in the next two weeks, and ending up with at least $600. That would make $400 for rent, and $200 for eBay fees.

I just realized that my $25 a week paycheck is kinda silly. I’m taking $400 out for rent every month. I suppose I could say that the rent isn’t a personal expense, but a business one. And I just happen to live at the office!

Holy shit my head asplod

Ok then. I guess I have to see it that way, if I am to actually consider my Paypal account a business account.

I wanna make more sales!

How can I do it?

Reduce prices? Be more active on social media? Maybe make a store Facebook page?

I tried to use Facebook groups the other day. What a travesty Facebook is. People actually use that website to buy and sell, and I’m appalled. It is ugly. It is terribly designed. It is chaos.

I bet Twitter would look the same way, if I were new to the platform now. Tweet Deck triggers me in that the logout button is hidden in the “settings” menu, labelled with a gear icon.

Logging out is NOT a setting!

Zabbix is working really well for me. I check it every day and I get an idea of which of my “bread and butter” listings need to be restocked. Most of the time they are all in stock, because I’m pretty on top of relisting items that sell.

It’s nice to have the peace of mind that Zabbix-san is watching back though. Zabbix-san will remind me in case I forget, and I do forget!

I’ve been told I’m pretty forgetful. I’ve come to agree with that statement. I don’t mind being forgetful. There are worse things to be. I can do forgetful.

I need to list! I’m thinking about opening a booster pack. I’d rather not have booster pack openings become a habit. I’d rather just have new, unsealed product in stock that I can sort through and list.

I don’t have any of that! I’m outta things to rehash, rebundle, and reoffer!

I think I’ll open a booster pack.

After looking at my inventory, I’m having second thoughts. I know! I’ll open a Starter Deck which has already been opened!


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