Sat Jun 20 2020

I’m bored.

Today I awoke and shipped 10 trading cards! The weekends really are the best for my eBay store.

I finally sold the stupid RC airplane that I was dreading to pack and ship. The winning buyer apid after my shipping cutoff time, so I still haven’t packed and shipped.

I probably wouldn’t have shipped it this morning even if the buyer paid before my shipping cutoff time. I am dreading it that much!

It isn’t going to fit in the mailbox. That means I have to put it near the mailbox, bicycle it down to the post office, or schedule a pickup where I have to inconvenience the driver by having them drive down my parent’s 700′ gravel driveway and locate the package somewhere on my parent’s patio. None of those options are pleasing.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to ship the airplane wing, while ensuring that it doesn’t bend. It’s gotta be around three feet long and I don’t have any wood sticks or anything so rigid to prevent a box from flexing.

I’ll figure out a way. It’s Saturday and I have until Monday morning to figure it out. I’ll take care of it this evening or sometime tomorrow and it’ll turn out just fine!

There’s some idiot named Matt who lives in Spokane and used to have the same phone number as me. I get texts messages from his family every few weeks. I text them back, reminding them that this is Chris, not Matt.

Apparently Matt is into marijuana, as indicated by The Green Nugget rewards program I just got invited to. I’m going to create an account and see if the rewards start stacking up!

Well that was a huge waste of time. Protonmail seems broken. E-mails such as are taken!

Then when I finally got an account created which was really just an unintelligible mixture of letters, underscores, and numbers, I couldn’t log in. The spinner spun, then it stopped spinning. No toasts, no nothing.

I said fuck it and I made a hotmail account.

So Matthew is using his old number as the worst burner ever. He can’t access the text messages sent to it, but they’re still going through to me!

I assume this will keep up for much time to come. It’s not an annoyance at this point, but with every text I get, I’m slowly getting more information about this Matthew. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to try and figure out his last name. Maybe then I can contact Matthew and urge him to stop using his old number!

Maybe we can meet up and smoke pot. LOL

I think the wedding has started. I’ve heard a bunch of car doors closing outside.

I locked my door earlier. I don’t want drunk fucks stumbling in here, or any curious kids trying the door. To the untrained eye, my apartment could be a shed or workshop.

There’s a couple getting married in my parent’s back yard. Family and friends of extended family. I checked out the scene this morning after I walked mailings to the mailbox.

It was sprinkling lightly at that time. There were two sections of chairs lined neatly. There was a portable stage and one of those wood frame thingies with flowers. There were a bunch of tables set up to the side.

A table full of drinks was set up on one of the tables at my parent’s campfire. Lots of soda and some booze too!

I wonder what my square parents think. They probably hate the idea of alcohol in their backyard. LOL that’s just funny.

So yep, I had a brief walk then I decided to go inside and lock myself down in order to avoid human interaction. I wanted to walk but I felt like someone might show up at any time to begin preparations.

There have been so many preparations leading up to this day. Lots of field improvements, mowing, pruning. Lots of clearing out old junk and airsoft relics.

I didn’t help a damn bit and I don’t feel guilty at all about it. It’s not my wedding, not my friends, not my backyard, not my job.

I put some rice & beans on the stove.

I should have bought food for one dish yesterday. Instead, I bought some ingredients for two dishes and they’re both going to be meh because of the lack of focus.

Rice, beans, & potato. Literally nothing else and no seasonings, salt or sauce. this meal is going to suck so hard!

I got oatmeal but that’s going to suck as well. I suppose it’ll be mediocre. I got bananas, apple, oatmeal, and peanutbutter. I already have a lot of coconut milk. That much makes an okay meal.


I’m so bored!

YouTube and e-mail and hackernews don’t have enough fresh new and exciting content to satisfy me.

I suppose I could work or exercise.

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