Sat Jun 27 2020

I didn’t write 2000 words yesterday. Whoops.

I’m not going to worry about it. Same thing goes for the day that I didn’t write anything.

No worries! Life happens. I’m a busy business owner and sometimes there are days when I have other things I want to focus on.

I shut off my computer at around 9 last night. Then I had a bunch of ideas flowing in and I wrote them down.

The first thing was that I felt compelled once again to initiate a Buyee shipment. I wrote, “Buyee– ship it!”

I thought that shipping now is the best idea, and needs to happen ASAP, because the shipping length is going to be around 60 days. I don’t have any shipments inbound at this moment. That clock is not ticking.

My idea is to initiate a new Buyee shipment every 2 weeks. That way, I always have a constant stream of new product on the way, and I won’t have to go long, 60 day periods without having any new product.

But then I did some thinking about it, and I decided that no, shipping now is not the best idea. The following paragraphs summarize my reasoning.

I have plenty of sealed product to work through. I think opening sealed product rather than selling the sealed product is more lucrative, and I have months worth of product to open and list.

My downsizing efforts due to eBay’s 50,000 free insertions promotion is going to take a lot of time. Even if I get all the downsizing done before July 1, my inventory is going to be drastically different. I think there might be many time-consuming tasks which will need to occur to get physical and virtual inventory squared away.

I have an upcoming expense which I want to reserve funds for. I am thinking of starting a subscription at 3D Sellers, to optimize my artificial scarcity sales tactics, and solicit buyers to send me feedback at the end of sale.

sbtp-loyalty, my rewards program, is going to take a lot of time to work on. This is one more thing that will keep me occupied during July, while I wait for that new incoming shipment.

Air freight might become available in the time that I’m delaying initiating shipment. The price for air vs. the price for shipping + protective packaging may be negligible.

I have a plan. I have an event on the calendar for initiating shipments which repeats every 2 weeks. “Stick to the plan, Val!”

I have a process, and in investing business, it’s important to rely on processes, not emotion.

I walked today’s 4 shipments to the mailbox, and did some walking in the backyard.

Yesterday I discovered that there were three blind mice in the backyard.

They look exactly like this

Plywood cutouts with painted features. LOL, what an unexpected and charming thing they were to see!

I thought of taking a picture and sending it to family, but I decided not to, because of how oppose to texting I am nowadays. Texting is a good way to schedule a meetup. Beyond that, I find texting for conversations offensive, as it is the least human way to communicate.

Ok maybe not offensive. But near to it. I don’t have any problem with Discord, but if I have to reach over and grab my phone, swipe through several screens to read a conversation, that is where I draw the line.

I don’t like touchscreen interfaces. I don’t like pointless lock screens. I don’t like strange gesture controls for something that I use so sparingly.

If it doesn’t run in desktop Firefox, I’m not going to like it. That’s pretty much how I feel about computing, the internet, and apps.

I wanna have a campfire tomorrow. I guess I have to send a text.

I wish I could text via my laptop. I wish my phone was just a modem, and everything I could do through it, I could do on my laptop.

I had some snack.

Now I’m figuring out if my family wants to have a campfire tomorrow night. I reconfigured my Signal app to use my new phone number. I also set up a family group text because I want everyone to hate me.

Actually I have some common decency and I’m sending out a broadcast, not a conversation.

It seems that yes, many of them would like to have a camp fire. The campfire is on!

The problem for me comes to money. I want to make things easy for people so I would like to pick up food items for them, but I can’t afford to pay for the food. Is it wrong to ask for money for such a thing?

I think it would be wrong to ask for that, because I get so much free food from my family members. I’m likely to not even offer, which reduces the chance of people showing up.

Well fuck.

I guess I have to fall back to what makes sense for me. It makes sense that everyone just brings their own food, because I’m not in a position to offer to pay for anybody but myself.

Ok then.

I’m getting a little stressed out about this planning thing. I can see why people don’t like organizing get-togethers!

I sent the text at 10:15AM. I will wait 3 hours for responses, after which I will send another broadcast with a message saying that the dinner is on and that they are invited.

Here’s the message I sent at around 10:15–

I want to have a campfire tomorrow evening. What do you think?

I realized after sending the message that nobody can tell the other recipients. To them, it looks like I sent a text message to them only. I guess there are a lot of tradeoffs between annoying the fuck out of everybody with a group conversation, vs. not having the whole dialog with a group broadcast.

My dad replied, “That is ok”

I think he might have assumed that I’m having friends over or something? I don’t think that response seems like something he would say if he knew he was invited.

I’ll clear that up in the next broadcast. Maybe I’ll switch it to a conversation. Ehh… No. I’ll just do another broadcast because I hate SMS group conversations with a passion!

SMS group conversations are like forcing everybody to sit in a room together and listen to the conversation between only two people. That’s how it always is. Everybody who isn’t willingly participating in the conversation just has to sit there and listen and be annoyed.

So no. I’ll just send another broadcast, and people can send followup questions directly to me if they have them.

It’s settled! Here’s what I think I’ll send–

Family campfire tomorrow at 6PM. Fruit arrangement provided. Bring your own main dish.

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