Sat Mar 14 2020

I’m stoked, I just figured out how to get trackable first class Letters! This will be a great help for when I send trading cards via letter, and it should save me money as well!

Previously, if I wanted trackable letters, I would just have to pay for a parcel instead, because letters can’t be tracked unless they have some special barcode which I don’t have the ability to create. solves this issue for me. They don’t create postage, they simply create the little tracking number/barcode which is printed onto the letter.

Pretty cool, huh? They charge as little as $0.18 per transactions. To get that rate, I have to prepay $180 to get 1000 transactions. I’m doing their free trial right now, which gives me 5 free transactions. I’ll make my decision after that, but it makes complete sense at this moment to go ahead and pay them.

I think USPS Label 400 tracking by itself cost $1.15. Or it’s free for parcels. So do I want to pay $1.15 and slap a 400 tracking sticker on a letter, or do I want to pay $0.18 and not have to worry about printing my own mailing label? It’s such a good deal to simply pay lettertrackpro!

I think I have some opportunity to reduce my shipping cost further. Right now I just affix two forever stamps to the letters I send. One for the weight, and one extra for the rigid contents. I’m overpaying at present because the cost estimate is $0.85 but the combined value of the two forever stamps is $1.10.

I need some of these!

Also I just realized that the First Class Fact Sheet I had been referring to is way out of date! I found that the price list I should be referring to is in the Postal Explorer section of USPS’s website.

Very cool, I’m all up-to-date! Now I just gotta get me some of those sweet sweet additional ounce stamps, and I’ll be all set for increased profits! I’m very pleased to have looked all this stuff up and trying out lettertrack.

I ordered x100 additional ounce stamps from USPS. There are a ton of sellers on eBay just completely gouging with the additional ounce stamps! Some sellers are selling 3 stamps for $3. And they actually sold one or more listings at that price! Amazing what sort of markup people can achieve, if their customer base is desperate enough.

Speaking of gouging, I listed a Kagamine Rin trading card for $500 yesterday. I couldn’t find a single one online at either littleakiba, tcgplayer, amazon or eBay, so I simply put down what I would like to receive. I wonder if there are any hardcore Rin fans who would pay that price!

It’s apparent that the two boxes I opened in the past two days are first edition. It’s apparent because I found more than one errata cards, cards containing errors which were corrected in later printings.

So the Rin foil card has been sitting in that box for many years. I released it to the wild, and let’s see what the wild Otakus do about it!

OMG, I just noticed the hair in the upper right corner. And there’s also a speck on Rin’s tummy. Holy fucking shit, I hope I didn’t just devalue this card. I literally can’t find the card for sale anywhere. Not even Yuyutei has it in stock.

I wonder what people are willing to pay? Time will tell. I just cross-promoted the card on Reddit. I just cleared the speck but I did so unsatisfactorily. It’s still there, just less prominent.

Goddamn, I’m psyching myself out because I’m putting this card in a high value category, and I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up. I double sleeved the card just now.

I need to go for a run. I’m feeling antsy and jittery. But I also need to finish writing because if I don’t write first thing, I end up not finishing at all. Like yesterday I got 2000 words, but I didn’t put down affirmations or words of gratitude, or a featured image or tags. The tags and featured image are less so, but those things are important things!

Fuck, my internet is flaking out. It has been flaking hardcore lately. Centurylink will go down, then come back up. Ptera is just down. I wonder if my dad unplugged the Ptera modem or some shit. Our whole network is fucked up because of the shitty RV042 acting as gateway/router/dhcp server. That shit is so garbage. It’s supposed to be a dual WAN router, but the thing has always had problems and only ever got like 2 updates. Now it’s in end of life (EOL) status and it’s probably getting remotely hacked every other day.

In future setups, It’s going to be pfsense or GTFO. That’s what I think. pfsense does dual WAN setups much better than cisco, and it gets updates regularly.

I have no idea what I’m talking about. I haven’t been in IT for like 3 years and my knowledge is outdated and based on emotion. Fuck!

I wish I had got up earlier. I’m going to be late to game day at this rate, but my self-care comes first. I need to exercise beforehand, or my anxiety levels will be out of this world.

I’m overwhelmed. I’m not going. I will keep this mindset until after I exercise, at which point I will choose whether or not to go.

It would be nice to pick up some additional Dragon Shield sleeves, as I am out, but then again, THAT’S NOT IN THE BUDGET, YOU FUCK!

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