Sat Mar 21 2020

Greetings and salutations. Today I woke up at around 10:30 am. I had taken extra care the night before to set do not disturb mode (DND) on my phone because I didn’t want to be awoken by telemarketers as has been the norm for the past week. I slept well and I woke up refreshed.

I checked my phone and realized that DND was automatically disabled by my phone’s operating system earlier in the morning. It was just a fluke that telemarketers did not call me on this day, a fluke it was that I was able to sleep in and not awake prematurely by the phone.

I packaged up the jigsaw puzzle and the trading card that I sold. The jigsaw puzzle is one I received from my mom for free. The card was P-Memories 02-015.

This brings my weekly total of card sales this week up to 4. It’s not quite as good as two weeks ago when my total was 7, but 4 is a good number nonetheless. I figure covid-19 has a lot to do with the dip in sales. People are saving their money rather than spending. I do think there are a number of people who can still afford to make frivolous purchases during this time, and do so in higher amounts than normal due to their being out of work. Perhaps there are some people who buy as a way to comfort themselves. Regardless of their reason, it’s those people who I can thank for their support as I go full steam ahead in trying to bootstrap my business.

I have been going through card lot ID# h457751778. It’s all P-Memories cards, and there are a staggering number of foil cards. I appreciate the foil cards because those usually sell slightly better than their non-foil counterparts.

I’m burning through the 1000ct UltraPro card sleeves I just purchased. I should have bought more! I was pleased to receive a little piece of paper in the envelope which advertised the seller’s website. I will be purchasing directly from their website in the future, as their prices there are somewhat lower than their eBay store.

It makes sense for bucks card shop to run their own store, independent of eBay. With an independent webstore, I’m sure they save hundreds of dollars a month because they don’t have to put up with eBay’s 24% seller fees. It’s really crazy how much eBay takes, and how poorly their website is designed.

I’m just so used to eBay’s website being a clunky pile of junk. I’m so used to it that it doesn’t even bother me. I’ve been conditioned to the suck.

Buck’s card shop has some card sleeves which beat even UltraPro penny sleeves. I’m starting to realize that with the amount of cards I’m sleeving, it makes complete sense to buy in bulk. I remember Dick Ackerman would always praise buying in large quantities. It’s a higher cost up front, but over time it saves hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It’s only logical. Would you rather pay $0.01 per sleeve, or $0.004 per sleeve? The choice when presented this way is obvious. 1 cent a sleeve means I get 1000 sleeves and pay ten dollars. $0.0004 per sleeves means I get 10,000 sleeves and pay $40. Given time, I’m going to go through all of those sleeves, so I might as well pay more up front and spend over half less per sleeve.

I have gone through 500 sleeves in one day. 100 of those I traded to Michael for some top loaders, but my point is that I’m halfway out. I’ll have to re-order in the next few days!

I’m going to try a bulk order of a competing brand called Pro Safe. They offer sleeves with the lowest price I have seen, $0.003 per sleeve. @ 10,000 sleeves, it’s 31.99. Shipping is 10.99. That’s a fucking fantastic price, and it’s what I’m going with next.

I just hope the sleeves don’t suck. I guess I could buy 10,000 UltraPro sleeves and get a small size of Pro Safe sleeves to test.. I really can’t find any reviews on Pro Safe sleeves, so I’m rather hesitant to buy.

I found a review via Amazon.

The topmost reviewer is just an idiot. They must have saw the clear sleeves and assumed they were the type of inner sleeves meant for double sleeving. Wrong!

I’m assuming what that reviewer assumed, but I’m confident that I’m right.

The second review confirms that the sleeves aren’t terrible, so I might as well take the risk and order 10,000 of them! If they do suck, I can always keep them around for cards not good enough for ultrapro sleeves, but not bad enough to not sleeve at all.

Speaking of cards not worth sleeving at all… Pokemon cards! I haven’t sold a single one of those. I think there are just too many in circulation for them to be sought after at all. My prices aren’t competitive either. Speaking of prices, I’m going to price drop all my pokemon cards right meow.

Oh, another cool thing. eBay bumped up the amount of free insertions I can make, from 1500 to 10000. Very cool and very appreciated! I was over my limit and having to pay 10 cents per card, which was a real bummer. I’m at 1065 listings right now, and I was not planning on slowing down at all. I’m simply eating that 10 cent insertion fee and hoping to receive many dollars of profit per card in the future. It’s working so far, as I sold 4 cards this week.

Week 13 of year 2020 starts tomorrow! A fresh week and a clean slate for my sales. Let’s see if I can beat my personal best of 7 card sales in a week!

To accomplish this goal, I think all I can do is list a lot of cards every single day. I think the saying, “list more to sell more” which I’ve heard from more experienced eBay sellers, is partially due to the flooding of product that occurs when I list a lot. Buyers who are browsing will have a higher chance of seeing my items, as opposed to my competitor’s items, and therefore click on my listings.

It’s just a numbers game, and I can raise my odds of a sale just by spamming the system with my little collectible cards!

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

Ok then, Pokemon card prices reduced from $7 to $4.

This morning after I packaged up my overnight sales, I went outside and did some walking and stretching/yoga. I ended with some meditation as I sat in the trail which loops around the firepit. I meditated thinking about the lasts in my life which will eventually occur. My last day. My last meal. My last jizz. My last hug. My last kiss. My last sunlight. My last drive. My last fight. My last run. My last stretch… This idea comes from one of the guided meditations found in Waking Up (app) by Sam Harris.

Eventually, I’ll experience my last breath, and this is inevitable. Therefore, the now is important, to be cherished, and appreciated.

I concluded my meditation and stood up. I took a few moments to think thoughts of gratitude. I was grateful for the forest, for the trail, for the experience.

I heard voices in the distance, and it ended up being my sister in law with her two dogs and her friend. I became very anxious but didn’t walk away in the opposite direction as I had the urge to do. Instead, I continued on the path in the direction I was facing. Siggy ran up to me, ahead of J. and her friend and I briefly greeted Siggy with a pat.

I walked towards the path and it was obvious that I would meet up with J. and her friend. I was nervous. Had they seen me? Am I going to startle them? Are we going to cross paths and have an uncomfortable conversation? I just kept walking, even though my fear of social contact was increasing.

J. called out to me and waved. “hi chris!” I said hi in return and waved back. I paused for a second to smile and wave, then I continued walking. J. and her friend changed course. I wasn’t sure if they were walking towards me. They ended up doing a course correct so we wouldn’t cross paths. I walked back to my apartment to hide.

As I walked back, I took a moment to try and feel what I was feeling. I had felt so wonderful just minutes before as I stretched, walked, and meditated, but this miniscule social interaction left me feeling jealous and fearful.

I was afraid I would make them uncomfortable. I probably did that because neither of them know me very well and I’m tall and have a resting murder face.

I was jealous because I was leaving the back yard and surrendering it to them before I had walked my desired number of laps. I think I got 15 laps in, but I wanted 20. I was jealous that they wanted to use the area that I was using.

I thought about what I would say if they had not course corrected and we crossed paths. I wanted to say, “Hi, nice to see you! How are you doing during this pandemic?”

I wanted to ask them if they knew of any stores which had rice in stock, since I was low and I hadn’t found any at URM.

Instead, both parties kept their distance and I went to hide inside.

It’s hard to change people’s perception of me. I think I am perceived as creepy and shy and antisocial. I’m not antisocial, I have a social phobia. I experience intense shame when I’m in social situations, and I don’t feel like I’m allowed to have an opinion, or allowed to speak unless spoken to.

I’m afraid of the disconnection that would come from forming a relationship, only to have the other person be offended of my opinion. I’m afraid of being judgemental and doing the same to others.

I’m afraid that the person will touch me, be it a handshake or a hug or an arm touch. I’m afraid I’ll want to touch them. I’m not talking about COVID-19 fears, this fear of physical contact has been a constant for my whole life.

When it comes to COVID-19, I believe that I can fight it off just through good nutrition, physical exercise, and good sleep. This fear of social contact is more frightening than the fear of an illness.

So that’s what happened this morning. After that, I went in side and showered, then I decided to go out and find some rice and drop off the packages. Package. One package and one letter.

I went outside and immediately saw my mom on the back patio looking at the birds. It’s a sunny nice day today. I talked to her for a few minutes about the different breeds of finches which were gathered around the bird feeder in a tree. I brought up the hawks that I have been seeing in the trees on the neighbor’s hill. I also brought up an interesting fact I learned about coyotes which I found out about on JRE– Coyotes howl/bark at night as a way of role-calling. The females will produce a larger litter if the pack’s numbers are low. This is how coyotes exist throughout the entire USA and have adapted to being hunted– when hunted, the females just produce more babies!

I went to Safeway and they had rice! Small 5lbs bags though, and they had a limit due to the corona virus panic– 2 per customer. I’m well stocked now. More stocked than I have been in probably the last year! Thanks, taxpayers! I did really good too, I only bought 1 salty junk food (Chex Mix) compared to the dozen or so healthy food I purchased! I’m going to use the energy from this food to produce a top rated card shop on eBay, discover a great way to turn a profit on my investments, and rinse and repeat.

Alpha Investments, I’m coming for you! I’ll be the Alpha Investments of otaku culture! Haha! Excelsior!

28. I choose to see the good in the people I interact with today.
59. I can control my breathing.
50. I will do my absolute best in all things.

I’m grateful for my body which carries me when I walk or run. I’m grateful for it’s incredible strength which I am learning more about every day that I put it to the test.

I’m grateful for my sister in law. She has a wonderful, bubbly personality and I appreciate the stories she shares with me when we meet at family gatherings.

I’m grateful for card sleeves which protect my investments and are fun to slide cards into.

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