Sat Mar 7 2020

I have 2 sniper bids placed on Buyee for a bunch of P-Memories card lots, and other unique Japanese cards.

I won the auction for the lot pictured in the large image, as well as the lot with the GSPO cards. The other two lots have about a day left before i find out if I win them or not.

I used buyee for placing my orders. They make the purchases on my behalf and receive the items at their warehouse. Then, they photograph the items and optionally consolidate them into a single box, and then ship them to me. The downside is their fees and their shipping costs, but the upside is that I have access to what once was a Japan-only market. Very cool indeed.

I started up a spreadsheet to keep track of my return on Investment.

This is all an experiment and I plan on losing everything, but I hope for the opposite– that I can make my money back, and then some. I’m shooting for a 30% gain after all is said and done. My plan is to repeat what I’ve been doing with my Precious Memories cards and listing them individually on eBay for at least $7. I’m not trying to appeal to deckmakers who want to expand their decks, I’m trying to appeal to hardcore collectors who may not even play the game.

I started waifu categories on my eBay store. This was opposite of what I did in the beginning. In the beginning of my eBay store, I started making categories like Weiss Schwarz cards and P-Memories cards. That’s a category tuned for a deckbuilder, it’s predictable and not exciting. Instead, I’m starting to categorize cards in waifu categories, so I can optimize my listings for people who love a certain character. They can jump straight to a category with their favorite character and see everything I have available across all card games for their specific waifu.

I’ve already proven that there are some obsessed motherfuckers who are willing to pay $25 for four common-rarity trading cards. I don’t know if that person was looking for the specific cards, or they just happened to see them and it was an impulse purchase, but they bought Detective Miku, Detective Luka, Detective Rin, and Detective Len, each for $6 plus $1.10 shipping. Amazing!

This leads me to wonder… Is there a Detective KAITO and MEIKO? If such a card exists, I don’t have a copy, but I wonder if they’re missing the full set! Hmm, actually, I don’t have to wonder. I made precious-data so I can simply take a look through all the images on disk and find out!

There is no such cards! The buyer got the whole set of VOCALOID Detectives. Good for them!

Someone bought a Yowane Haku card for $7 plus $1.10 shipping.

VOCALOID Yowane Haku

The power of the otaku is great!

I think on average, I’m getting about 2 sales a week for P-Memories cards. I’m wanting to get a more variety of collectible cards from Japan and increase that number to like 50 sales a week. Yeah, that’s a good number. I’m going to print that goal out on a piece of paper and put it in a place I see often so I can try to reach that goal.

I printed that out on a 4×6 shipping label and affixed it to a piece of paper which I pinned to my wall. I put week numbers on it, which I get from my Pop_OS! Calendar. So this week I figure I got 7 card sales which is a great start!

I’m excited to get the new card lots which I bought on yahoo auctions via buyee. I just wanna see the cards and feel them and put them in sleeves then never think about them again. LOOL, this job kicks ass. I get to play with new shit all the time then I get rid of it for $$$. I just hope I can make it work out.

Here, have a cute video.

I just ate dinner. I had a good time at Nerds United board game day. We played a battle bots game which is a lot like Tug-a-turtle, the game which helped teach me Ruby.

I think it would be a really great game to recreate during Ludum Dare. Like a multiplayer Tug-a-turtle. It requires putting a lot of thought into your next 5 moves, and there’s a lot that can go wrong, like the other players pushing you, the conveyer belts or the map throwing a wrench in your plans, etc. etc.

We played a 2.5 hour game and we were only about half done. I ended up winning when we called it quits because I had the most flags.

Then we played Villainous. I almost won, then N. figured out a way to stop me. I had a card in my hand that cancelled his effort by allowing me to optionally discard a card which would eliminate my win condition. The next cards in my deck contained the same damned card! I was sunk, and J. ended up winning.

I now know how to play, and there’s a lot to the game. I don’t know if I want to play again… I think I’d rather play Mahjong. Perhaps I will go to Mahjong Sundays instead of board game Saturdays? I should probably do both, rather than excluding one or the other. I could definitely use the social practice.

9:26PM. I joined the Nerds United Discord. There’s a channel just for puns, LOL.

I’m so distracted. 2000 words is going to be difficult today. I’m watching Mushroom Blading Commentary now.

This channel is so dope. The skaters are so good at what they do. Really amazing moves and flow and style.

I’m also talking to B. about rollerblades. He got some new skates ordered.

I want a lazer cutter! I could prototype so fucking quickly with such a thing. Then I could figure out some good things to make and sell, like my Lucidity board organizer.

I wanna play Squad. I don’t think B. will play with me though, so I’ll probably just play by myself. I had a good time yesterday playing with the Fear and Terror guys.

15 9 17 is a really good score for me. I was playing as rifleman so this time I didn’t have to pay attention to healing people like I normally do. I probably play medic 90% of my time in Squad. This time I was rifleman and I put all my focus into seeking and destroying the enemy!

Ok so I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. I didn’t get to 2000 words today, but it’s almost 10PM and I’m half in, half out of everything I’m doing. I want to be in the moment and have some fun before I go to bed, so I’m going to focus on that.

I’m grateful for Nerds United because it’s a fun time and there’s a lot of people with weird quirks and oddities that I can relate to. Lots of IT guys and programmers which is nice.

Hmm, what else…

I’m grateful for YouTube because it’s a great website with a huge selection of videos to watch and learn from.

I’m grateful for Instant Messengers because it’s fun and shit. And I can keep in touch and it’s like I’m tapping in to other people’s brains and they’re tapping into mine.

95. I choose to approach my problems with a calm heart and mind.
96. I trust myself.
100. I can change my life.

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