Sat May 22 2021



I think I’m going to shut down I don’t have the bandwidth to do video capture and processing at home so I have to rent servers for that + IPFS pinning.. The price is going up every month and I can’t sustain that on my current income.

There’s also a maintenance requirement that is hard to satisfy because I’m trying to run an eBay store… There are also other sites which do what futureporn does, but for chaturbate as a whole… Futureporn is a bit redundant.

It was a challenge and fun to make, but I think I have to focus on things that can give me a return on investment. As of now, I my analytics say that 0 people (other than myself) use futureporn, and there is no realistic or respectful way to monetize the site

What am I doing spending $$ every month if I’m the only user? In that case, it might as well be a bash script. The web UI is unnecessary. Ahhhg this is frustrating. I wanted to provide a service to Madlads who couldn’t get on OF…

Okee dokee. This is hard to let go of but I think it’s the right thing to drop this project and move onto greener pastures. I’m struggling financially and I love VTubers and I still have lots of hope that I can provide my programming skills to the community for *something* useful

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