Sat May 23 2020

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I’m going to spend my 2000 words on writing a non-journal post today. How to close Firefox from the ubuntu commandline

That post was only 667 words so I’m going to write 1333 words here.

What a trip that was though. I forgot I even answered that question in 2015. I saw the notification in my inbox that said something about closing firefox via CLI and I was like, “oooh, that sounds interesting!” I go and read the answer and that’s when I realized that I was the author!

It’s amazing how some things just come and go, and leave no trace of memory.

I felt a little offended by the suggested edit that another user made.

First of all, this is a necropost if I’ve ever seen one. I had completely forgotten about it but here I am looking at an edit a user had suggested.

I’m not really being fair. It’s not like it’s a problem which is specific to the year 2015. Today I could think of several reasons why someone would want to close firefox via the commandline interface. Especially workflow automators or frontend testers or someone who works with a similar development process.

“but more likely it’d fail.” Um, no? It all depends on the user’s Firefox settings. I think the default is to warn before closing, but there’s a checkbox there that people can uncheck and firefox will never warn the user again. What’s a more popular configuration for Firefox’s browser.tabs.warnOnClose?

I don’t know. I don’t have those stats. So maybe it is more likely. But I don’t know and poige probably doesn’t either. What poige could have said is that, “it failed for me because I have browser.tabs.warnOnClose set to true” but instead they just went ahead and tried to modify my solution.

Grrr, this is such an ego trip I’m having. I’m assuming ill intent for no good reason. I’m having a power trip in that I know more than a person who is reading my question.

Now I understand why some professors are dicks with ego problems and talk down to their students– I’m one of those dicks with ego problems now!

Well, I edited my answer to include caveats to my originally proposed solution, as well as a second option which is to use xdotool to detect and dismiss the warning dialog if it appears.

I’m completely obsessing over this. The reason I wrote a blog post about it was because I think answering questions on Stackexchange is a waste of time. I could be doing something profitable such as working on a website for a customer or listing shit on eBay, but instead I’m tending to my inflated ego and one little thread on the internet that I have control of.

My answer got selected as the best answer on Stackoverflow! It got the most number of upvotes as well! Five years later, here I am realizing that my answer has a flaw. Here I am spending hours of my time and energy writing and testing a script which I’ll never use.

I just did free labor for someone.


Here I am unable to pay my rent or buy toilet paper or buy bar soap… And I’m doing free labor.

For fucks sake.

Stackexchange is bullshit. They’re making millions of dollars from people like me, and what do I get? Reputation.

It’s not like the reputation follows me around, either. I have to drag that reputation around with me and show people my little badge if I want that.

Oh, I should put that badge on my /about page.

Or maybe not? Is doing such a thing just showing everyone how much of a chump I am?

Madness. I must be mad. Passion for code is not enough to survive on. I actually have to apply that passion in a way that is mutual.

Mutual as in, I get something out of the exchange of information. I don’t get that with Stackexchange. I don’t get money for the commercial problems I might have helped solved. I don’t get to shake hands or accept gratitude from the people I help. I don’t get even get “thank yous”. I get a number representing reputation which gets assigned to me by an algorithm.


I need money.

I need to sell out.

What do I even have worth selling?

It’s hard to gauge such a thing without peers.

I have an idea to join Liberty Lake coworking space once COVID-19 Phase 4 comes around. I’d join and work on my own projects, with the goal of networking and getting a gig doing paid website work for someone else.

Maybe I could get of the Facebook employees to subcontract work out to me or something like that. Haha that would be funny.

Buy on fear, sell on greed.

Some rich asshole

The fear is high right now. The fear that economic shit is going to collapse and we’re all going to starve.

Apparently there is a meat shortage right now, due to COVID-19 lockdowns and workers having to stay home. The shortage is because of processing plants not producing, not that there’s a shortage of animals to slaughter.

I’m just hearing this from Joe Rogan Experience. It’s mostly irrelevant to me since I don’t eat meat, but I thought it was worth nothing.

I read that quote about buying on fear, selling on greed which I have posted on my wall. Fear is pretty obvious. It’s obvious that we are experiencing a high degree of fear right now. But I wonder, how does one recognize greed in a market?

How do I know when to sell if I don’t know how to identify market greed? Maybe it’ll be obvious when the time comes.

“That CEO is just being greedy!”

My future self???

Maybe it’ll be like that. Maybe it’ll be less blatant. IDK. I have lots to learn.

I’m cranky. I wasn’t going to get up at 8 this morning until I realized that I had a card sale. I sold my first waifu pack!

Technically this is a husbando pack, but you get the idea. Item sold! And the nice thing about this is that I can make another one just like it by simply selecting 8 cards out of my hundreds of reserve VOCALOID cards.

I mailed the cards to a customer in the UK. The cards with sleeves and protective packaging were just barely thin enough to fit within the 1/4″ limit for letters.

I’m a little worried about how I packaged them up. I normally put two layers of cardboard to protect the cards against bending, but since there are 8 cards in this lot, I could only fit 1 cardboard layer while staying under the 1/4″ limit for letter mail pieces.

The most troubling thing is that I think the cards are able to shift around in the envelope. There’s a possibility that they will get bent. Especially with this longer travel distance than normal, I think the concern is warranted.

I feel pretty guilty about this. I didn’t take enough time as I think I should have. I didn’t bundle the cards together with anything, they’re able to move back and forth in the envelope.

To be clear, I always use double envelopes. I use a 3 3/8″ x 6″ coin envelope to hold the (sleeved) cards. Next I sandwich the coin envelope between two pieces of cardboard. The non-corrugated thin stuff, like from a cereal box. Then that card sandwich is placed into an outer 3 5/8″ x 6 1/2″ envelope.

I’m not going to take another chance in the future for the cards to slip & slide around on the inside of the inner envelope. I’m going to take measures to secure the cards.

Ideally I’d use some saran wrap on the cards so they stay all as one. I don’t have any of that saran wrap and I can’t afford to buy any. I think the next best thing would be to use a small bag and some electrical tape to hold all the cardsleeves together. Yeah. I think I’ll go with that.

This is my third or fourth yoga session today. It’s been mostly gread stuff but this one hurt my back a little bit, during the pose that had me reach over my head and draw circles. Ouch.

I’m going to jump into some therapy homework now.

DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Workshop

4 horsemen of the Apocalypse

This skill involves identifying the 4 destructive forces each person brings into relationships. Horsemen are things that cause stress and damage relationships.

My horseman

  • not communicating
  • dishonesty
  • credit card debt
  • compulsive and addictive behaviors

Ways I can identify when these forces have snuck in

  • I’ve shut down
  • I’m stuck in shame
  • I avoid my budgeting software
  • I can’t disconnect from the computer

Strategies that I can use to keep these forces out of my relationships:

  • “Choose the middle way” (moderate)
  • Plan ahead (moderate)
  • Call a friend to discuss (feel & work it out)
  • Stand up & drink 2 glasses of water (break the viscous cycle– moderation technique)

I’m grateful for my therapist K. who has been working with me and helping me identify things I can work on.

I’m grateful for free yoga lessons on youtube

I’m grateful for plastic bags

55. I choose to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow.
56. I will step out of my comfort zone and try something new today.
57. I am a success: I can make this day great.

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