Sat Oct 24 2020

Melody debuted a new outfit, and it’s a completely broken outfit! Look at her skirt and how it’s clipping through her thigh. Look ather hoodie and how the drawstrings are clipping through her breasts. These clippings are not corner cases, they are cases that occur on a majority of the frames. Bad artist, bad!

I’ve watched for about 15 minutes and I haven’t heard any audio issues yet. I have that to be grateful for! GJ Melody for fixing the audio issues! Perhaps sometime down the line, Melody will fix her clothing clipping issues. Or not. Maybe she’s so used to the bulk of videos on and how clothes and hands clip through bodies on the regular.

It’s just this tiny detail that gets glossed over by so many artists. Making clothing is artistic, making collision physics is mathtastic and not everybody is open to delve into that world.

1 eBay sale going out today. I’m grateful to have the sale.

On a similar note, financials! I checked my bank account yesterday to see how I was doing on getting enough money for rent. It’s not good! LOL I’ll be lucky to have $200 at the end of the month. I’m definitely going to have to dip into my stock market portfolio or something. My financial situation is getting kinda desperate. I’m running out of backup plans for when I don’t make enough money from eBay sales.

I’m not complaining. I quit selling so many junk electronics items that were paying the bills. I haven’t been replenishing that inventory because they were never meant to be in my store in the first place– I was just getting rid of junk!

Well, the reason I’m not complaining is because I need this feeling of desperation to drive me forward. I need this feeling to keep up the velocity of my productivity.

I know sales aren’t that good right now, but they can become infinitely higher when I grow my target audience, and provide them a shopping experience that is better than eBay.

Also there’s the whole thing with people not having money due to the covy fear virus that 100% of all people have.

holy shit, the outside world is a winter wonderland. There’s a good 6 inches of snow, tree branches are broken, the mailbox flag is frozen to the side of the mailbox… wow. Usually the snow doesn’t dump all at once like it did yesterday. It was a picturesque scene with how the snow seemed to load up the evergreen tree branches to the point where they sagged and clumped together. Even the power lines were frosted and sagging from the ice. You’ll just have to take my word for the strange beauty of it all, since I’ve already doffed my winter clothing and I’m back inside where it’s warm and the happenings are consistently boring.

Dude, the trees are a danger to us all! They could fall and break my house and there’s nothing I can do about it!

I’m on a mission to end trees once and for all! Level them all!!


oh shit, I just realized that there’s a slash (/) command thing in WordPress that brings up a block picker

There’s a calendar block! I had no idea there was one of those. It’s completely inconfigurable though. The question is, will it stay on October 2020 as I see it now, or is it going to update to show the same calendar month that the viewer is currently existing in?

I read some wild thing about how space and time work. The example was ball throwing. When someone throws a ball and the ball travels in an arc, the arc is observed by us, but from the perspective of time, the ball is traveling in a straight line.

This is a really great interactive chart! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and trying to wrap my head around the concept. I still don’t get it, but I’ll keep pondering until I do!

I set this tweet as my background. I like the message. I’m not giving up on my dreams of bringing Prememo TCG to the USA! (and getting paid for it)

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