Sat Sep 12 2020

Where did the time go? It feels like it should be 5 in the afternoon, but it’s 11:10PM.

I got my Sihouette CAMEO 3 today. Holy shit this thing is amazing!

It’s faster than I though it would be. And wow is the quality top notch! The biggest problem I have isn’t with the machine or the prints, it’s with keeping my work area dust-free! The tiniest speck of dust can ruin the professional look.

OH, another complaint is how bowed the vinyl is, because of how it doesn’t stay flat when I’m trying to take photos. I think the best thing to do would be to somehow flatten the vinyl before I cut it, so that way it’s flat for when I go to weed, and when I stick the application tape on it, the application tape won’t have any bias for curvature.

I’m dealing with my favorite customer again. He said he’s finally ready to buy “page2” of the K-ON cards that he keeps backing out on buying 😆

We’ll see. So far he’s been really good at making promises, but really bad at following through.

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